Saturday, September 19, 2009

The weekend open thread of stripperriffic love road trip preview of Scott Gomez

Buenos dias everyone! Fine morning for french toast and strippers. Habs beat the Sens last night. Undefeated baby! Gionta and Maxwell score, and some dude named Eric Neilson threw his fists around at a much cheaper price than BGL. But from most accounts the Habs looked pretty meh for 40 minutes. Elsewhere, Phil Kessel is a Leaf. UGH. Mike Comrie had 4 assists in his return to Edmonton, and the Sedins look good. I found a nice local piece on Saku, let's just be happy for him.

OK so while it is in fact TWOTOL, Scotty Hockey really ain't feeling the love for Gomez. Let's skip the formalities and get it over with:

I never liked Scott Gomez. Not one bit. For one, he was a Devil. For two, he was handed a seven-year deal worth $51.5 million. For that much money, you want a top 10, or even two 20 talent in the NHL. Gomez? Not even close. He was coming off of a season where he played 10 less games and scored 24 less points than the year before and had 13 goals. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to play better in a contract year, not worse. And yet he still was handed the keys to the castle (along with Chris Drury). Gomez was supposed to be the superstar center that would feed Jaromir Jagr the puck and raise the team to the next level. Instead, Jagr was pissed that Gomez replaced Nylander and the two never found any chemistry. In fact, in two seasons Gomez seemed to find no on--ice chemistry with anyone. True, he did put up 144 points in 175 games (including playoffs) but the expectations were so very much higher. The only time he came close to those was in the playoff series against the Devils where he simply dominated his former team. Seven points in five games where he consistently went to the net, he got his teammates involved and he played with passion. The next series against Cindy and the Pens he was a shadow of himself and we lost. The worst part about Gomez - in my opinion - was not that he didn't live up to expectations, not that he circled incessantly around the ice and often put linemates offsides, not that he avoided contact and dumped the puck into the corner rather than go into traffic - it was that he often smiled in postgame interviews. Sounds ridiculous, I know. But Gomez always came across as smug and arrogant, happy to cash his ridiculous paycheque, with little regard for whether the team won or lost. Gomez is proud of his Mexican heritage and more than earned the MexiCan't nickname I bestowed upon him.

Alrighty then.

Let's get back into TWOTOL mode, and there is plenty of shit going down to love like strippers sur le cuir. Habs go to Ottawa to see Kovy tonight and play the B's In Quebec City tomorrow. Tonight will have "limited action" (whatever that is) on RIS, and the Bs game is on RDS, presumably in full. Plenty of NFL, CFL, and NCAA (GO GATORS! Fuck you Lane Kiffin, but I'd like to fuck your wife). I'm sure there's Premier League to talk about, and motorsports, and locked out referees, and movies and Fringe and whatever your little hearts want to blah blah about. Let's love together.


GoldenGirl11 said...

(GO GATORS! Fuck you Lane Kiffin, but I'd like to fuck your wife)

EXACTLY what the rabbi said in his sermon last night. Freaky.

les_glorieux said...

Wow bitter much?

les_glorieux said...

Premier league: two massive games tomorrow: Chelsea v Tottenham, and Man City v Man United. And of course, my Fulham at Wolves. Seriously, it's going to be an awesome day tomorrow.

Beta169 said...


Enjoy the victory this year. You'll have to find someone else to lead the troops next year after the circumcision kid graduates and frankly, Brantley will disappoint. Also, cheer for Notre Dame HARD, because rumor has it that Wies is out if he can't get to a BCS game this year. I know, I know, Urban "dick with ears" Meyer, has said that he'll not leave UF, but, well, lets just ask Bowling Green and Utah fans how much credence you should put into Meyer's saying he's not leaving one school for another (especially if its a school he's claimed was his dream job).

Also, hate on Kiffin all you want, but he is out recruiting everyone in the SEC and the talent level disparity between UT and UF/UA is closing fast. Kiffin said a bunch of controversial stuff and as a result UT has been in the news every day since national signing day, and recruits love it. We are getting a great recruiting class because of Kiffin's bravado. The fact that it makes Meyer and Foley act like little girls and run tattle to Silve, for all the recruits to see, is just added benefit. Actually that's not fair, little girls don't cry as much as Foley and Meyer. I know, I have a 6 week old.

Vols, bitch!

Now, can't we put aside our petty differences regarding college football and focus on what's really important, hating the fucking Leafs? Do you think Lucic called up Douchesarik and told him that since Mikey will always and forever be his bitch, Lucic expects him to take over responsibility for massaging Kessel's one good ball?

In all seriousness though, I have been watching CFL games (on basic cable in SE Louisiana, go figure) and think that Teblow would actually be better suited for the style of game played there than in the NFL. Thoughts?

HabsFan29 said...

Beta, I certainly agree re Kiffin's recruiting. I'm not blind. He was a great hire for that at least.

Tebow is tailor-made for the CFL. He could be a star here. While I love him and his circumcision abilities, he'll be mediocre at best in the NFL imho.

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

You say he dumps the puck into the corner rather than going into traffic, eh?

Sounds like an improvement to me

Sheriff25 said...

I will be at the Bell Centre tonight rocking out to some Metallica.
I have a Bruins magnetic decal that is going to be left behind somewhere within the building.
Just wanted to provide some insight as to why the Habs will go 0-82 this year.

moeman said...

I'll be at The Bank tonight CHeering on our pre-season Habs. Pictures at 11.

Olivier said...

The game is broadcast on something called "Rogers 22".

I don't get it. What's up with that "partial diffusion" thing?

HFF33 aka Panger said...

If the worst thing about Gomez is a positive attitute, we might be ok. I don't want to incur LG77's wrath or anything, but Saku might have been wound a little too tight for Montreal. When you've got literally thousands of brain-dead "fans" whose major complaint is that the guy paid to put the puck in the net can't read Moliere in the original language, you've got to be able to put things in perspective and shrug such critics off (BTW, fuck you Bertrand Raymond). Guys like Gomez and TFS may get criticised for thier laid back nature when the Habs lose 4-1, but in the long run it might be benficial to the team. Only those in the locker room know for sure, but it seems like the Habs fell into a shame spiral after the all star game and a lack of confidence led to losses, which piled up like empty ice cream containers in a fat chick's apartment. They both knew better, but couldn't help themselves.

p.s. 29 couldn't agree with you more...about the wife. Yowza.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Rangers suck balls, but I'm kinda jealous right now... Russian centreman Artem Anisimov (6'4, 196lbs) has two goals and two assists in 3 preseason games (81 pts in 80 AHL games last year). Picked 54th overall in 2006... right after Mathieu Carle, who is now stuck behind Weber, O'Byrne, and Subban on the depth charts. Ah well.

And another Ottawa goal. Yikes.

HabsFan29 said...

just got home and checked the score. yikes. what happened?

lawyergirl77 said...

@ Panger - Now I'm insulted...

*runs off to hide the empty ice cream containers*

Yeah, I agree with you about Koivu. Much as I'm sad to see him go, I can't disagree with the fact that things were pretty frickin' toxic for him in this city. I just think it sucks that it had to come to that.

lawyergirl77 said...

29 - Short answer: We played like poo-ass. Except for Ryan White. I saw the first and second periods from a bar that was playing Rogers TV (glorified cable access TV).

Boob Gainey said...

Cancel the parade.

Beta169 said...

TFS speaks -

"There are things we are going to have to work on," Price said. "We need to prepare a little bit better and once we get down to normal numbers the guys will come together a little better. We're kind of on our own pages right now and once we cut down to our team, we'll get better."

So, not much changed since last year.

moeman said...

~ They played as bad as the score indicates, TFS™ included (he actually looked bored out there and was in a react mode most of the time, not good.

~ Kept my eye on Cammi all night, he is very vocal with his teammates on the ice. Always moving into a goal scoring position.

~ Only other notable, as in not sucking Hab, was a solid Spacek.

~ 60/40 split in Habs v. Sens fans. Most of the 60% booed Kovy (this won't happen in Montreal).

~ LeClaire was on his game and was the difference.

~ Gorgeous Habs logo adorned gals galore.

~ Here's my nephew Niko(valev) reigning supreme, YeouCH!

Number31 said...

Other honorable mentionables for last night:

- Mikael Johansson. What a beast. I can see he's getting used to the game and style quickly. And he also looks uh bigger than the size they list him at...

- Shawn Belle manhandled some Sens, broke up the PP when he got back on, played pretty solid defensively including an "I don't give a damn who you are" puck steal on a few guys.

- Stewie also showed he can play just as much as he can punch. Was looking rather Versteegish at times! But Nielson stole the guy he was about to fight. It was kind of funny.

- Sergei was working the rust out. He got better as the game went on. Played mostly a defensive game, but White missed all the lovely passes and setups he made. Even the boring Rogers guys were like "woah, how'd he do that, and what a waste that the other guy missed". Also got angry when he was flattened, came back around and butt-checked the guy. (Hey he didn't take any penalties either!)

- And Andrei was waking up. I saw Gomez and Cammy taking notes, 'cause like Sergei they missed cued off everything he did.

- And Patches destroyed Kovy lol.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Patches crushing Kovy was the highlight of the night... even better when you think that Kovy was his childhood idol.

Boob Gainey said...

Leafs - Flyers was a real goon-fest last night.

Players taking runs at each other. Fights with all ten players on the ice dancing with each other (twice).

Even Komi dropped the gloves but only within the safety of a scrum.

What a joke.

Gino Tomac said...

Wore my habs t-shirt today during a beautiful brooklyn afternoon.

Some guy walked by me and said, "Better be careful with that."

I don't know why I still find that funny. I guess I should be more careful when donning the t-shirt of a can-barely-make-the-playoffs team in a city with its own can-barely-make-the-playoffs team isn't even a rival.

And then, a few moments after it occurred, I thought, "Was that Chris Higgins?"

Van Hab said...

Hobo Phone Sex

lawyergirl77 said...

Good news: am at the Colisee in QC with my grandpa. First time I ever get to go to a hockey game with him.

Bad news- this place fucking SUCKS as a hockey building. Like, Verdun Auditorium but with more seats.


Would be better if the habs were winning. Fuck I hate the Broons.

HabsFan29 said...

w00t live reports from LG!

the Verdun Aud vibe comes through on TV

moeman said...

@HF29, the 'o' is right next to the 'i' on the clavier, your comment could've read "w00t love reports from LG!"

RDS is superbandé on having a new Nords team.

Also, hey, Habs, score, already.

HabsFan29 said...


HabsFan29 said...

"frustré par Tuukka Rask" is not a phrase you expect to hear

moeman said...

Réseau Des Séparatistes.

HabsFan29 said...

+1 moeman

i like this Glumac. GLUUUUUEEEEEEE

HabsFan29 said...

the fuck's a "pyatt"?

HabsFan29 said...

.500 in pre-season. sign of the season to come?

moeman said...

Benwhat Brewnut is in mid-season form. This is not good. (Point of reference, he 'adores' the Bs goalie mynameisTuuka'). eesh

Otherwise, where is da scoring Habs?

Où? Quand? Comment?

Boob Gainey said...

Disappointments so far:

Moen - I can see why the Sharks and Dicks passed.

Gorges - He is at best a 3rd pairing D.

Price - no sign that he has changed.

Stewart - I am not sure he'll play in the NHL.

Boob Gainey said...

I meant Ducks, of course.