Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, September 23rd

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of sleeping with your dad...
  • Leafs beat the Pens 3-2, Komi wins a TKO over noted hevyweight pugilist Jordan Staal;
  • Four out of ten Quebecers think Bob sucks;
  • Boone has a good About camp... feature, but it's so positive it's like he got into the FHF liquor cabinet.
Be sure to come back soon for today's adventures in our "four lawyers flaunt the libel laws" preview. It's comment! Fair use! Satire! You reading this, future judge?


moeman said...

As N31 mentioned last night, maguire knows which side of his bald head is buttered by burke.

James Duthie is the fly in true and knowledgeable fan's chardonnay when he says "is the heralded Big 4 leaf D overhyped".

bertrand raymond has uglier (and orangier) hair than Donald Trump. Also, who knew that a Nordiques steamrollering of a Habs jersey cartoon won the Habs the Cup in 1993. Fucktard.

Boob Gainey said...

I caught 2 min of the Leafs game last night.

Gotta hand it to Maguire: it's not easy talking when you have the entire Maple Leaf organization's dicks in your mouth.

Is he angling for the coaching job when Wilson gets fired?

J.T. said...

I'm guessing Bob thinks four out of ten Quebecers suck too.

As for McGuru, I watch only because the level of hubris to which he's rapidly ascending will make for such a mortifying fall when the real season starts. Hopefully ending in a nice, bald-headed splat.

Michael said...

Ix-nay on the drug references, guys.
My parole officer reads FHF.
And if you can't be positive in September ...
As for last night's Leafapalooza, the best, FHF-worthy descriptions of my man Pierre's fellatial praise of number 8 are "Komo-erotic" and the "Komo-sutra."
Peace out, my brothers. Gotta do a couple lines and get ready for work.

HabsFan29 said...

ok Mike, changed it just this once. much more appropriate for old school journalists anyway

eyebleaf said...

Komisarek hit Cooke. Staal came to the bitch Cooke's aid. Komisarek proceeded to pound his ass, because that's when you do when a lightweight wants to step up out of his weight class.

I am already in love with Komisarek. He's a fucking jerk. And you want the jerk on your team.

Boob Gainey said...

Check out this statistical analysis of Komisarek.

League worst in giveaways per 60 min played, league worst in ratio of giveaways to takeaways, only d-man to decrease Markov's stats when he played with him.

Yeah, he blocks shots. But do you want a defenceman to block shots? Ask Don Cherry.