Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, December 7

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of the first snowstorm of the year...
Sens at the Bell tonight. Yours truly will be in attendance with Mom of TMS in tow. Look for our sacrilege half-red half-white Habs jersey in Section 106, Row O. Mom is the hot drunken chick next to us.


soperman said...

C'mon Chocula put PFK back in! Shut up Don Cherry and the whole F'n crew of TSN Twits.

moeman said...

GO 29s MOM!

Steve said...

PFK has a real shot at rookie of the year, get him back on the ice Chocula, all you are doing now is motivating Spezza.

Hadulf said...

Seems like PFK is a scratch again (as per RDS.ca). I hope he makes it back soon...

Even if the Sens are not even close to us in points, winning this one is a MUST for the division lead...we need to keep atop the division!

Come on boys! GYFH(G)

Mr. natural said...

Hey Hey Hey!

Word verification is working again at the office, how happy am I?!

So is PFK in or out, where are the managers of this site! Why must I suffer conflicting reports?!

Heads are gonna roll.

Gotta leave early to get downtown for the game but have some Tronna turd coming to my office at 2:00 well I guess he better not be late and hoping for a long meeting.

Die PHucktards Die!

PHuck the Laffs.

Kill the Sens (especially Kovy, pray for bad game).