Monday, December 06, 2010

The Noontime Skate salutes Bill Guerin for Monday, December 6

Bullet points for what you missed while wondering where 29 was all morning. That meth possession charge isn't going away by itself, people...
  • Sens get hot in advance of playing the Habs tomorrow. Pascal Leclaire is great and Chirs Kelly had all 3 goals in a 3-1 win over the Rangers;
  • Flyers almost lose to the Isles, but pull it out in the end to win 3-2;
  • Jaro got back into the win column with a 3-2 Blues' win over the Nucks;
  • Patrick Kane went down with a leg injury in the first minute but the Hawks still manage to beat the Flames 4-2;
  • We really wanted to write this post to say goodbye to Bill Guerin, who is retiring today after 18 seasons, at the age of 40. Despite playing for several teams we hate (Pens, Bs) he was an all-around good guy. Classy, good teammate kind of dude. We like those;
  • Here's the Jack Todd piece from this morning you kids are talking about where he tries to cover his own ass about his previous opinion on Price. Blech.
Please carry on about your business.


Steve said...

I dont care about the Senators, I would rather watch Choucula run a practice, with PFK tied to a chair and TFS with a noose to the crossbar to keep him from going down.

Most of all the Senators are the last team Choucula ruined, and harbingers scare me.

moeman said...

Go Caps, put one in the leaf ass.

soperman said...

Chris Kelly had all three goals? I would be worried if I were a Sens fan. Kelly scoring three goals does not address the Sens fundamental problem which is their best goal scorers are not scoring. Not some of their best goal scorers aren't scoring or their best goal scorers aren't scoring enough. They are not scoring. It seems unlikely that Kelly will have two big games in a row, so l'Artiste, Spazzo and that red-haired guy with the really bad temper will have to start scoring if they expect to have a chance against Montréal. The will fix this, but not tomorrow night.

soperman said...

They will fix...

Le Douze said...

with respect to the Stubbs-generated brouhaha about PFK's security guard... The man doesn't need a security guard in the press box; he needs a security guard on the ice. Who will it be? Travis Moen?

Orangeman said...

I don't read Jack Todd often (ever, unless directed by this site), but I don't know what the big deal is. I was a skeptic about Price, but he's proven me wrong, very very wrong, so far this season. But that's not to say that Price was always Hart trophy material and just didn't get the chance.

He did live the 'high life' and was lazy at first. It was precisely seeing his big chance slipping away from him that apparently gave him the kick in the butt he obviously needed. Even in his darkest days I would have never booed the guy (I don't boo the CH ever, despite what I might say here), but people weren't wrong to be weary of Price at that time because, AT THAT TIME, he wasn't very good. Full of potential? Of course, but the NHL isn`t high school and there aren`t teachers willing to sit with you after class and parents ready to give out hugs. You have to work hard to stay in there. At the time, Price was not willing to do this. Hockey at this level is largely skill for sure, but also mental. Price didn`t appear to have the mental down yet, and after a few years seemed like he was never going to.

However, this season he has obviously dedicated himself to his craft and now we`re seeing him realize his potential. I am very happy, incredibly happy, to say I was wrong. I will, and have with the help of vodka, done cartwheels down St. Cats declaring this fact. But that`s not to say that all the negativity and doubt that surrounded him did not actually contribute positively to his development. Now he can know he, and everyone else, can know that he hasn`t been handed the keys to the Canadiens tradition, he`s actually earning them through trial by fire. His name has already been cemented in Habs lore and he is probably the most beloved Hab there is right now.

And that is how you procastinate from studying for you final exam tomorrow, my friends.

Gee, this floor looks like it could use a washing....

Steve said...

Fuck Jack Todd, lots of money at the Gazette cause they get paid for stating the obvious, on the other hand the story about Lafleur had me crying like Burka every time he spots donut boy at Tim Hortons.

Also interesting to see what GOAT does about Vodkov. Hopefully he uses Mex as an benchmark and signs him to $10 million a year.

lawyergirl77 said...

De-lurkifying to say WORD to your entire post, Orangeman. Exactly how I felt and feel about Pricey.

(I would add my own insight and commentary, but I've got a fever and my mommy wrote me a note, excusing me from doing any actual thought today. As anyone could see from looking at my billables sheet... *shudder*)

moeman said...

R.I.P. Dandy Don Meredith. Turn out the lights...

moeman said...

Quotes that makes one love PFK, even more;

"If he wants me to watch from the press box, that's what I'm going to have to do," said Subban. "He's a guy that's been around for a long time, he's a guy that's been successful in the National Hockey League and is well respected. I'm not going to dissect or analyze what he's telling me to do; I'm just going to follow instructions."

Mr. natural said...

@orange: I see your point and raise you a PHuck Jack Todd in the ass.

You state that you rarely read his column (which instantly makes you smarter than I)so I frame your context based on that, whereas I have been torturing myself with his inanities for so many years I would be embarrassed to state it in public here (though outside of the 10 or so regular drunks and meth addicts I highly doubt anyone else is reading this shit) anyway I digress, what I want to say is if you had read enough of his navel gazing, backpedaling, self aggrandizing crap your opinion would certainly be closer to the "mainstream' views stated by your peers (LOL) here in FHFland.

Kisses to all,


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

And into the darkness he did cast the PHucktards and saw that this too was good.

But the slimy PHucks crawled out as they are want to do.

So it is up to us, Man especially Habs fans, to smote them back into the slimy darkness from once they crawled.

DIE PHucktards DIE!


Moey said...

@Mr. Natural,

But how can you kill something that's descended from cockroaches? Those PHuckers can survive anything.

Steve said...


I love PFk, but I wonder about someone who always says the right thing.

Those are exactly the right words, and I am not saying those are not his, but it would be a first time, ask Tiger Woods to explain in detail

iRiRi said...

Well said, orangeman.

McSplooge thinks we should bring back Kovalev. I'm torn on the idea. What do you guys think?

High Glove Side said...

No Loafalev!!!

need big guy - think Phucktard!!!

Mr. natural said...

@moey: You Sir have blackened the good name of cockroaches everywhere!

@iriri & high glove side:PHucken' Kovalev!!!!! Guy's a heartless piece of shit.

Stops in the middle of a turnover during a playoff game, skates back towards the defensive zone, while the play is moving into the offensive zone, to pick up his PHucking helmet!!!

I do not want him on my team.

Has 7 + 7 for 14 points to date this season, it'll be downhill from here. Last year he had 18 goals in 77 games last year, this includes one game of 4 goals and one 3, so that leaves 11 goals in 75 games and invisible every playoff year.

He never gets a key goal, Phucken' Mad Max plays a more key role in the playoffs.

That is all.

Taking son #2 to see Sens tomorrow, hope we crush them and make Kovy look stupid.

Number31 said...

Of course Kovy is coming back. He'll be playing at the Bell Center tomorrow...

Jack Todd can fuck off. Newspaper Troll spent all of Koivu's tenure spiting on that good man's name every chance he got. Then he jumped on the back of a KID finding his way in the NHL. He dissed him when he was good. He destroyed him when he struggled. He wanted him traded before he could even prove himself ignoring something called "growth" or "natural development" because most of the young successful goalies in the NHL are still older than him, and those younger are usually injured. THAT is exactly the kind of fucktard Jack Todd is. Develop as quickly as Dryden? Wasn't Dryden like 24 when he entered as a rookie to steal the Cup from the Booins? After Roy won the Cup as a rookie, he let in stinky goal after stinky goal and wasn't lights out good until the Cup loss to Calgary or the win in 93...

And now he eats crow. HE WAS WROOOONG! But he never doubted the kid. Suuuure there, Todd. Do us a favour and stick to baseball.

JohnnyB said...

Jack Todd, really?!?!? Everybody's sucking TFS' Backwater cock now, eh?


Maple Laffs are winners in their last two games. Stupid Toronto's probably mapping out the parade route again. God they are worse than cancer!

Orangeman said...

@31 and everyone: Like I said, I'm not familiar with Todd so I don't know where he's coming from. But if he ever said anything bad about my man Saku...FUCK THAT GUY.

/scribbles hearts with 'Saku' written in them in his notebook.

Bill 101 said...

uggg. tough day in the habosphere when the big topics are what Todd & McSplooge are saying. bleah.

Isn't there a hockey game soon?