Monday, December 20, 2010

PFK's Road Trip Diary Game 1 - Avs 3, Habs 2

Location: Somewhere between Denver and Dallas
Weather: surprisingly mild in Denver
Team road trip record so far: 0-1-0
Road beef hitting on me so far: 2. Said they liked my cockiness.

Dear Diary,

I know everyone around here complains about the big Christmas road trip, but it's my first one and I am SO excited! We're going to Florida! Maybe I'll get to Disney World!

Well this epic road trip started off well. We had a nice charter flight out of Montreal. Everyone in high spirits after ending our 3-game losing streak against those nasty Bruins. Me and AK played some gin rummy. Took him for five hundred Benjamins. Andrei is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I kept telling him it takes three cards to make a run. He just didn't understand the concept. Or maybe he just doesn't understand English.

Things even started off well in the game last night. We may have started off a bit slow, but I thought we played a fine first period. Came up with a power play goal (nice shot Mikey!) and everything. We were even doing great killing a penalty late in the first. Then I could have sworn we heard a horn go off there, with about 10 seconds left in the period. Why else would we have just stopped playing like that? Ah well. Late period goals aren't really a problem for us, are they?

Oh diary, I really messed it up there in the second didn't I. I tried to clear the puck and it wasn't very good, and they scored the go-ahead goal. The problem is I was thinking too much. SO many thoughts in my head! I know coach was right to put all those thoughts in there, but sometimes they're just a bit too much. I just want to play! This is just between you and me, diary, but I am not sure coach knows how to help develop young players. I seem to be getting worse, not better. But I'm still smiling!

But then again, all of our defense seems to be struggling. I love the Captain, and it was great to see him get a goal, but he also had a bad play that led to a goal. As a unit, we just don't seem to be so good anymore. I wonder if Marky's absence has anything to do with it? Boy I miss him. We're all just gonna have to work harder I guess.

But then, what a third period! We had all sorts of chances. Sure, we couldn't score, but we had so many chances! I counted at least three wide open nets we could have scored on in the last minute or two. And we had six forwards on there. I was SURE we were gonna score! If only my gin rummy sucker buddy Andrei had been on the ice, he could have buried one of those. I figured if you wanted a goal you'd put out your scoring forwards, but I am sure coach knows better than me. He's always right. At least that's what I keep telling the media.

OK on to Dallas! Texas, yeehaw!!!!!


hockeyzombie said...

Kinda boring....

HabsFan29 said...

they can't all be gems. when we lose in really crappy fashion i'll do better

Mr. natural said...

OK PHuck everybody and everything!

EXCEPTION: FHF, all thing Habs related, Mrs. natural and the little naturalites (both bigger than the old man),

DIE PHucktards DIE!


@29: been meaning to ask this forever, why does the bookmark in favorites sometimes show the big B for blogger and at other times some dudes face and who is this mysterious dude?

HJey just PHucken'asking ya know...

Habswede said...

Four Habs Fan is the first thing I read in the morning. Four Habs Fan is the last thing I read before bedtime.
And in between? Just processing.

Cheers from Sweden
(Favourite players are Lego and Engqvist.)

HabsFan29 said...

thx Habswede. your dedication is noted

Mr n, you should see the dude's head all the time. may depend on your security settings though. also, the dude is BR

Number31 said...

Hey Habswede! Engqvist scored the other night. Love that guy. I believe he said he will make the Habs one day or die trying. Alas too little too late and the Dogs lost 5-4. Stupid BabyCoyotes. Can you believe RYAN FUCKING HOLLWEG IS THEIR CAPTAIN?! Fine fucking goon for a captain got a game misconduct at the end. Jokes.

PK's diary needs more "like I said" ;D

Mr. natural said...

@29: Weird that I only get to gaze upon his genius intermittently.

Tks for answer.


In pain, 3 hours at dentist, just took a something Mrs. natural had leftover, she told me I would pass out, so of course I'm on my third scotch.

Hey does Meth help? Bet it can't hurt.

OK enough another scotch and a lie down.

Later dudes.

Steve said...

@29 as a avid reader I am noticing a trend, Choucula Sucks, but what else can a Vampire do.

I heard Bobby Hull on the radio and he echoes what most pros say about coaching, highly overated, you dont have time to think just act. If your a good actor you make lots of money, if your a bad one you play for the Leafs. said...

missed the game I never seem to be home in this pre-holiday season.
thnak God for this site kepeping me updated.
love you guys
now if only I could say the same about the habs, hope the game against the Avs is NOT the beginning of a pattern.


moeman said...

Fun read, cool pic, great tag (glossary entry worthy?)

moeman said...

Need a laff?

Steve said...

all your fucking nudity and irrelevance, baby jesus might need meth as a premie, I meen come on. There are Jews on this site as well and I reported it to Jason Kenney, yes I have loose lips. I expect by now you have all recieved a Christmas Card, I did not sign it but.

Raise the dogs of hell and let us go forth with a new way to lose close games. But the thing I think everyone understands is that if you are not a perfect machine, the regular season is like a credit report from the Bank of America where your tip was not enough.

Can we beat Philty and can we beat Obama. I am sorry to bring some meth to the meth. iTS NO. We hardley toched Philly. Against the Hawks we had statistical promise.

So in this year where we have this team what to do? I say stay pat, we have a 3 year window, and no matter how you punch the numbers, this tea m is a very long shot, after two rounds of victory.

Number31 said...

Louis with a goal, assist, drew a penalty, and a very Plekian two-way play skating all the way back to help break up a play. Plan the (future) parade!

Waffles thrown on the ice during play in Toronto and they had to stop to clean it up. (Isn't that a penalty)? Now 5-3 ATL. If this were TSN, the TSN turning point may have been the waffles. Also they pulled the Munster for Reimer lol.

moeman said...

Refs were Greg Kimmerly, Kevin Pollock, two 'local' boys. They tried.

Number31 said...

I swear I heard a gun shot on that empty net goal...

High Glove Side said...

Phlyers & B's lost ok

rest of east standings ick

moeman said...

The Toronto Monster is 36th in GAA and 40th in Save %. Scary stuff.

Number31 said...

Ducks saved our Habs' bacon. Two points tomorrow would be HUGE. If they seriously don't have the standings under everyone's pillow tonight, it'll be a sad lonely dip to 8th.