Friday, December 03, 2010

The Morning Skate for Sexy Friday, December 3

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of celebrating CHanukkah with Bar Rafaeli...
  • Well that was better. Apparently the Devils are the cure for crappy play now. Habs 5, Devils 1. Goals for all sorts of people, including even Tom Pyatt! Lego was the first star, and that makes us happy. Chokula will soon fuck him up somehow. More later today;
  • Dany Heatley heads back to Ottawa, fans boo and toss Heatley merchandise on the ice. Sharks are playing much better again though, so they win, 4-0. Wouldn't want to be the team that plays the Sharks next. [checks schedule] Okay, then;
  • Plenty of booing in Toronto too, but it was at their own team, players, and coaches as the Oil win 5-0. Taylor Hall had 2, OMG!
  • Marc Savard returns to the lineup and the Bs crush the Bolts 8-1. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Bruins? Us, us!
  • Gaborik had a hat trick in a wild one as the Rangers win 6-5 over the Isles;
  • Not to be outdone by some foreigner, Sid the Kid has a natural hat trick to help cool off the Thrashers in a 3-2 win;
  • Some of the stuff stolen from Pat Burns' widow has been recovered. Now if only we can catch the thief.
Can I interest you in some long form video highlights after a win? Or perhaps you would prefer the 2010 Victoria's Secret Holiday commercial? No need to choose, you can have both.


moeman said...

Its Friday and its sexy.

Steve said...

Is Bar Rafaeli a new CH ice girl, I sure hope so. Still mad PFK cant be cocky this sexy Friday.

Moey said...

I'm not afraid of the big bad Bruins. They're overhyped, just like the Canucks. Both teams never get past the second playoff round. Let them win all they want during the regular season. Meh.

Hadulf said...

I don't know. Fake boobs and bony (sp?) asses...No thanks.

The Habs win was sexier!

Steve said...

@Hadulf dont let the possible stand in the way of perfection

Kmaxx said...

@29 Very nice Sexy Friday - well doneand believe when I say that I needed that today! The UK has had about 50cm's of snow this week and the entire infrastructure has collapsed. Trains don't work in the "Extreme cold" that is -5C. The roads are gridlocked because there is no salting (called Grit over here) done during the storms - "Health and safety deems it too dangerous for them to operate during snow storm" So sometime next week it might rain and things return to as normal as they can. And a 2 pm game on Saturday meansit's a 7.00 pm game for me - Woo Hoo - GYFH!

@Hadulf - "Fake boobs and bony (sp?) asses...No thanks." - I couldn't have described the big bad bruins any better!

soperman said...

Good Work 29, you recovered well for coming in after the game was over.

I am not afraid of the big bad broons but then again, I am not on the ice with them. (Aren't they supposed to be under some Jersey-like cap pressure?)

We need PK in the lineup on Saturday night.

WV - "equipe" for all of you who doubted my assertion that Word Verification was coming after French next. said...

I've been wondering whether the sexy Friday manner represents the female equivalent of FHF or their dream dates?

(I'm petrified of the Bruins but not as much as the f'in Fleyrs)

HabsFan29 said...

@bea - dream dates. we're a butt-ugly lot. GG11 excepted

Habsfan10 said...

Hey, speak for yourself, fella. I'm ruggedly handsome.

moeman said...

Hey, speak for yourself, fella. I'm handsomely rugged.

Bill 101 said...

phew! just got back from reHab. Some so-called friends threw me in the back of a van after the Atlanta game muttering something about my "destructive fhf addiction."

Woke up in a clean place that smelled bad & served bad coffee. Lots of board games with guys with serious problems. Had to do a lot of talking but, dont worry, I kept my fingers crossed when I had to promise not to mock leaf fans nor ever think about Pronger and the Phucktards. so we're good.

Getting caught up: Smack down of the dEvils, Gomez is a PP monster, PFK a healthy scratch adn Squid is working on his lil Tits impersonation.


Maybe it's just that.. hey! what's that new scar on my forehead?

the Maritimer said...

The Broons don't scare me at all. The Habs, except for one brief period when the B's had one Cameron Neely in their line-up, have owned them for decades.

I'm with Moey. Those Phuckin' Phlyer assholes bother me a whole lot more. With, apparently, Vodkov done long term, the Goat can go get a nuclear weapon to take the Phuckers out.

I hope.

the Maritimer said...

OOOps! Wrong FHFemale. It was bea that was nervous of the Phlyers. My apologies bea.

Steve said...

@marintimer, Chocula is sure to bring back the uroligist to mentor PFK, can anyone remember the urologist being benched for a giveawy and he made like 6 every shift.

Steve said...

There might be some protest from the Devils about last nights huge victory. Lego scored and "Referee Mike Leggo originally waved off the goal,"

Read more:

Steve said...

Saturday is PFK day for Chocula, and that means another day in the press box. Choucula is going to break this stallion like Pretzl Lucic in a fight with KommiIsuck.

moeman said...

Reason # ___ to love PFK;

"You want to play," he said. "But it's not really about me, it's about the team. The team won (on Thursday) and that's really what we should be talking about, but I know you guys aren't going to let me talk about that."

Subban added that being sat against the Devils is all part of the learning process in his first full season in the NHL.

"The coaching staff comes together and they put together the lineup everyday," he continued. "If I can't help the team win then I don't deserve to be in the lineup."

Subban also said that he did not think that being made a scratch was that big of a deal and that he would learn from the experience.

"I wouldn't be the first rookie to be a healthy scratch in his first year."

While Martin would not tip his hand and say whether Subban would be in the lineup Saturday when the Canadiens host the San Jose Sharks, he said that he would be ready if he got the call.

"All the distractions don't matter to me," he said. "I know what I can do on the ice and I know what I have to do to get the job done, I just have to go and do it. All I need is the opportunity to do it."

Steve said...

@momeman with that washing Choculas car and cleaning the urinals with a toothbrush he might get 6 mins.

Its hard to compare Spezza to PFK, but the situation is similar and he whipped Spezza and I dont think he ever fulfilled his potential.

moeman said...


HabsFan29 said...

i was waiting for someone to say something bout vodkov. i wasn't going to do it. meh

Steve said...

Bobby Orr made it.
Pavel (the rocket) never blasted off
Vodkov may be another Soviet who never became a true communist.

Play Isnit it a pity by George Harrison now.

Mr. natural said...

@vingt-neuf: This sexy Friday's a really ....Ooops! Sorry sprung a boner in mid-sentence.

Now listen and listen good or I'll bring my Irish Mum down to the Pub and I'll wager she will kick the shit out of all of you, she's IRISH, balls this Phucken big!

Every team plays shit off and on, the PHucken season is too loooooong and meaningless.

The Bruins couldn't win two cups in a row when the had one of the five greatest teams in the history of hockey and even with Cam Neely they still managed to lose with some pretty good teams but the PHucktards, they are something else, in the east the road to the Stanley cup will go through PHilly so we need to play them on our terms and for sixty PHucken'minutes. Speed Baby Speed!

Defense wins CHampionships even in the NHL, we've got that and TFS certainly looks for PHucking real and I mean REALLY real.

We will be fine, my biggest worry is Chocula, he might start thinking...

Now I'm feeling a little PsyCHotic and have just opened another bottle of vino so don't PHucken piss me off, my Mum has more moves, punching power and athletic ability that every person named in "A Collection of the World's Greatest Jewish Athletes" another in a series of the world's thinnest books!

Happy CHanukah to you crazy PHucks.

Drink up Shriners!

Valerie Valera Valerie Valerah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Dear lord giveth us this day our daily bread and MURDER the PHucktards in a very painful and gruesome fashion,


moeman said...

Orangeman said...

I'm thinking of mashing Mr. natural's and my postings together and notifying the Louvre.

"Naturally Orange, naturally"

At the same time, I think in person we'd be the most sane and reasonable posters here. And that is why we have no real life friends to keep us from posting this verbal Cubism.

When I read Mr. natural it's like a Dali painting coming alive to kick me in the nuts, then making sweet love to those nuts and when I wake up after being strangled it's a group of care bears sleeping next to me, purring.

In 100 years when teenagers look up "MrOrangism" on their iThinks to do an art class paper, they will learn a group of four (give or take a moe) men (give or take a GG11) gave space for what was considered radical, and in most circles, nonsensical rantings from lunatics.

We are all part of history. Or something.

/cuts off ear


HabsFan29 said...

o'man and natural are drunk and hilarious

yeah sorry about the game review. there was a miscommunication. i said i would write it, and i didnt write it. everyone else communicated with me that i was an idiot.

Number31 said...

Yo. I'm here. And I love that menorah!

And FREE PK! Fucking hell what the fuck is wrong with this coach... Just proved what Pacioretty was talking about. Similarly who knew playing Weber as a defenseman works? Shocking! Wait, HE IS A DEFENSEMAN duh. With Markov out, they're going to need these kids out there.

I'll go out on a limb and say that maybe Cammy should take a game in the press box. You know, to get his head out of his ass... It's not all Gomez's fault he's not scoring.