Sunday, December 05, 2010

Oh the Sharks Bite ~ Game review

Bobby Darin's original.

Louis Armstrong's jazzy rendition.

Nope, not posting the Bublé version.

~ ~ ~

Finger snap.

Wake up bob cold.

17, 8, 2 . . .  1, 3, 4

Oh the Sharks wear pretty teal dear
And it slowed up on Montréal's pearly white ice

CoaCH Jacques-knife he sat Subban dear
And Kid Weber played +3 out of sight

When the Sharks bite with their PP dear
Pyatt, Gorges and Gill start to spread

Fancy gloves though wears TFS™ dear
So there's not a trace of red light

On RDS' Habs Express, Sunday morning
Lies the first goal still oozing DarCHe

Someone's sneaking 'round the corner

We know the someone is Plek the Knife

From a blocked shot by the blueline
Hamr's bags it and rushes down

Squid is there for the sweet rebound dear

Bet you Bob Gainey is really proud

Big Joe Thornton disappeared dear

After drawing out all his cash

On Heatley SJ spends like a sailor

Did Ottawa boy do something rash?

Marleau Tawdry, Danny Diver
Polly Pavelski, Lucy Braun

Oh the line forms on Lego's right dear
Now that CHicken's back in town

Yes its cold outside today dear
Click Connie Nielsen to warm up

Oh Happy Days were in 29's fun preview
But were was Pinky Tuscadero?

Oh our Vodkov, gone for the year dear
Will he be back for a playoff round?

Pacioretty is burning up the AHL dear
Dye his hair he thinks he's Le Démon Blond

All together, we all  GG!
She the best blog artist around!

Put on your Pants! FHFers
Back to back wins are baaaaaaack iiiiiiiin towwwwwwwn!

G Y F H G!


Mr. natural said...

@moeman: Love the post çause I LUV dat tune!

Consider Nos Glorieux:

- #1 PK, only team with a PK % over 90.

- PP has moved up 10 spots to 12th best, now at 17.9% and improving.

- Third best win % in entire league at 0.667%.

- at 8 losses to date, only 4 teams have fewer losses Detroit 4 and three teams at 7.

--------NOW THE GOOD PARTS-------

- Under 2 GA average per game 1.96, only Broons at 1.88 are better, miles ahead of the rest of the league.

- Fifth best even strength goals for against.

- TFS, wadda ya want to say about this guy now! PHuck he is playing unreal and statistically the best or near best in every category.

- Lego, CHicken, Weber, other "secondary", coming through developing nicely.

At this point we would have to pull a monumental tanking job to not make the payoffs, not that it's impossible but highly unlikely as they actually believe that they are good and their goalie is great, 90% of this game is half mental.

Never mind about CHocula.

Ya gotta believe, GYMFHG.

PHuck the Laffs (at least their win yesterday keeps the Broons back a bit.

Oh ya, did I mention the PHucktards, how I hate them? No, you missed it, well then allow mo to reiterate:

PHuck the PHucken'PHucktards, I would like to see them contract excruciatingly painful terminal illness that drag out for years after running their NHL careers and maybe spreading to certain members of their families, oh what too far?! TOO PHuCken' BAD, DIE PHucktards DIE!!!!!

Hail Mary full of grace,
The Lord is with Habs,
Blessed art thou among all teams,
And blessed is the fruit of thy efforts.

DIE PHucktards DIE!


Orangeman said...

You forgot the part about the Habs being the only team to not have surrendered more than 3 goals in regulation.

As per usual I'm reserving my predictions for this team until after the annual Christmas road trip of death. When you combine the back-to-back Bs and Phs games right before that, I think it'll be the real test. As much as I am positive, we have to remember the Habs haven't played much against the top teams in the East yet (Bs x1, Pens x1, Phs x2, Caps+NYR x0). But seeing as the NE division is terrible this year, as long as they can stay ahead of the Bs they'll get in.

Steve said...

If the Burns cant beat the Leafs, they will never beat the Habs, the Leafs might have and NHL goalie and might have one forward that should be top six, thats it, maybe two top 6 defence, we should call up the whole bulldogs team next time they play,

HabsFan29 said...

i am grooving to this review and the Habs place in the Eastern Conf

HabsFan29 said...

and as i pointed out in my tags to the post yesterday, Leather was the sexier Tuscadero sister

moeman said...

I forgot, Tags are my friend.

HabsFan29 said...

moe don't get me wrong, any linked pic of Pinkie is aok in my book. she was awwwwwrite

soperman said...

Very good post on a very good day. Plek the Knife, that is hilarious.

It was funny to listen to the CBC crew after the Laffs game last night. "Everybody is back on the bandwagon!" After one win? That is really lame. I watched the Tronna - Broons game, wishing there was a way they could both lose the game.

Mr. natural said...

PHucken' Jack Todd, thinks he's writing about TFS but starts every PHucken' sentence with "I", what an egocentric asshole.

That is all!

ti-cul said...

Jack Ass le Turd vomits again...