Monday, December 13, 2010

The Morning Skate drops the gloves for Monday, December 13

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of your stadium roof collapsing. Hmm, maybe we shouldn't make fun, we're pretty sure that's happened around here...
  • If you're upset about the Habs crappy weekend, take solace we're not Caps fans, losers of six in a row thanks to Rangers 7, Caps 0. It was so bad for the Caps that Ovie got into a fight. Vid below;
  • Sedins all over both goals as the Nucks beat the Oil 2-1;
  • Corey Perry has a hat trick in the Ducks' 6-2 win over the Wild;
  • PatCHes gets called up from Hamilton. Perhaps we should have a contest predicting how Chokula will screw him up;
  • Leahy over at Puck Daddy sticks up for PFK.
OK so do we go with the "let's just forget the whole weekend ever happened" philosophy or the "let's drink ourselves blind to forget the whole weekend ever happened" philosophy? Except for LG77's excellent debut, this weekend was a joke. And not in the funny haha kind of way.


Moey said...

Sid rules, Ovie drools. Period.

L Dude said...

I think I speak for mostly everbody when I say Jack Todd is a douche, but bravo for his piece on Cherry

L Dude said...

Also, there's been talk of Brad Richards being the guy the Habs need to fill out the top 6 spot. Couldn't agree more, but doubt it will happen.
My question is whether anybody knows why Ron McLame has such a hard on for the guy? Seriously, it's beyond man-crush. Verging on creepy. I feel funny everytime they mention his name on the hotstove. Funny weird, not funny ha-ha.
And how would we feel having McLame having those feelings for a Hab? Or would a trade to the Habs cure him of those feelings? So many questions.

the Maritimer said...

If Brad Richards were ever traded to the Canadiens, you can rest assured McLame will never speak his name again.
Now, if Richards were traded to the Waffles, then it would be a love fest of unimaginable proportions for sidekick Ron.

BTW, did anyone else notice the CBC cameras at the end of the game Saturday night on a couple of young female fans wearing Leafs jerseys? They looked like Toronto had just won the Cup with the expressions on their faces! CBC was certainly lapping up the leaf victory. Oh well, they'll take any small win they can get, I guess.

Kmaxx said...

@L Dude - McLame is a company man and he's paid to blow Cherry in public - not so sure he's as "giving" when the camera is switched off.

Really don't know what to make of the weekend - a loss to the Laffs is always very upsetting - but I think I'm really more upset that we couldn't get the tying goal in Detroit on Friday. Flipping back to Saturday - I'm upset at how flat we came out against the Laffs - After picking it up against Detroit - just missing a tie - I was expecting more. And let's leave PFK alone for now - He's a fucking awesome player and he'll rise above this - in spite of what CHocula tries to do to him.

Steve said...

How to get called up, insist you do not want to get called up, way to go patches, be sure to wear a turtleneck at all times its how Plexxxe keeps Choucula out of his head.

I dont give a fuck about losing to AHL teams, we wont be seeing them in the playoffs anyway.

L Dude said...

@the Maritimer:

BTW, did anyone else notice the CBC cameras at the end of the game Saturday night on a couple of young female fans wearing Leafs jerseys?

Were they in 3D?

edit: by 'young', you mean early 20's right?

Hadulf said...

@the Maritimer

Yes, I did see that. And yes they did look like the Laffs just won the Cup. However, what do you think the people look like in the rafters of the Bell when the Habs kicks the Laffs' ass in the Bell? Exactly. I hate to see it too, though.


I'm all for it to leave PFK alone...And he will rise above this, but that empty netter on Saturday does come down on him...I have to agree with most of the hockey 'analysts', that wind up for the shot is just too much...And he should've been more patient on that play. I don't care though, let him make mistakes, BUT (Chokula) let the kid fucking play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eyebleaf said...

From today's Globe and Mail:

LeBrun also says that Thomas Kaberle has given no indication that he's any more willing now to waive his no-trade clause than he was before, even if there might be an opportunity to play in Montreal.

First of all, it's a shame that Kaberle's first name is spelled wrong. But, well, shit, that's not my fault. Anyway, interested in the faithful's thoughts re: what Montreal might give up were they interested in Kaberle, one sweet cross-ice passing mother fucker.

Also: Saturday night was AWESOME.

Steve said...

@eyebleaf, do you think Montreal wants to help Toronto in its crazy scheme to rebuild the Bruins? We dont want no Leaf disease in Montreal, suck on Kommi I SUCK.

Hadulf said...


Well said.


They still got him for a few years at a ridiculous salary!

@the leafs fan
That was Kaberle's first goal on Saturday. You can keep that one.

iRiRi said...

My prediction on how Chokula will screw up PatCHes: playing him as a D.

wv: patcha!! It's a sign!

eyebleaf said...

As if we don't know that Komisarek sucks. Thanks for the bloody update.

Kaberle's a helluva lot better than Spacek, who averages 19 minutes a night in Montreal. With Markov gone, Kaberle fits in on the point on the PP, and with actual goal scorers, something Montreal has and Toronto doesn't, that could be a lethal combination. Kaberle's a great skater, adding to Montreal's compliment of great skaters. I think it could be a great fit.

b said...

1) Caps miss the juice from the Chiropracter.

2) Saturday night was an example of how the system can fail. Had the Habs switched to dump and skate, they certainly could have out skated the Leafs. The Leafs are just slow enough to get in the way, and Kessel is just fast enough to get away when Gomez isn't around. The thing about Gomez is that he is really a short Mexican version of Bob Gainey.

Hadulf said...

Off topic but, did anyone notice, this morning, that there is a 7 point gap between 8th and 9th seed in the Eastern standings?

That is huge...

Hadulf said...

Oh...and I was looking because THE SKY IS FALLING!

No, but seriously, teams are closing in...Big 4 point game against Boston this week...

Steve said...

Finally a real game, not that the wings were not a test. Pretzel Lucic and the Slovak Mountain range.

I might trade MEX for Kaberle, just to see him and gravol do the dancing with the stars.

the Maritimer said...

@L Dude...yeah, I'm guessing the young ladies were in their 20's...jailbait pour moi.

@eyebleaf: agree that Kaberle would help the Habs Markovless powerplay, however he would be next to useless against the Phuckin' Phlyers, who Montreal will probably encounter the playoffs. He doesn't have to worry about that currently if he stays put.

wv = pershoo!!!!! Excuse me!!

HabsFan29 said...

today's lines at practice allegedly:


either totally brilliant or a disaster. i vote the latter

L Dude said...

Well, Jody "Dude with 2 girl names" Shelley won't be playing against the Habs. That's something I guess.

Steve said...

@29 I agree disaster, we dont need no stinking high skill line, we are all grinders shot blockers and if you dont like it we can replace you with a plyon.

I bet Choucula loved PFK last game, he was getting uroligist type numbers.

moeman said...

Praise for Price
Consider Red Wings coach Mike Babcock a fan of Carey Price, telling on Thursday that he believes the Habs netminder is the best in the business.

"Price has been the best so far this season," Babcock told me. "No one had more pressure starting the year. He's really impressed me."

Hadulf said...

@Steve re: PFK

Getting The Urologist numbers minus the point shot = not good on a resume!

Steve said...

@hadluf that was my point, read some comments about Paul Coffey being much like PFK, easily Runnymede by the wrong coach.

Steve said...

The Fucking honest truth is that with Price playing so well I could have the same record as Chocula and there would be acid and meth as a bonus.

moeman said...

This is funny.

Steve said...

How do yu play white. I think we saw it against the Laffs on Saturday. No talent in the NBA or NFL would have five seconds for Chouculas old school pylons win play.

Number31 said...

I have a question: What the FUCK is Andrei Kostitsyn doing on a line with Halpern and Lapierre?! I mean, what the fuck?! He scores like crazy the moment Pleky is by his side. He doesn't when Chocula takes him away from his hockey wife. Why is this so hard to understand?! (That better be practice lines only).

Same with Moen. I love Moen. You all know I love Moen. But what the FUCK is he still doing with Cammy? And now Pleky? Is this the big-dude on the top line thing for Philly plan?!

Sigh. Whatever. Do what you want, coach. I give up.