Friday, December 31, 2010

"Like we won the Cup" - Habs 3, Panthers 2 (OT); and Happy New Year from FHF

GG11 was thrilled(-ish) to take in tonight's game with the entire GG clan in Florida. She shot this video after CHeez Whiz scored to win it for the Habs in OT, sending it to me in an email with the subject "like we won the Cup." Hey, two points is two points. I would tell you how exciting it was to win in OT, but RDS is still having teCHnical difficulties.

Happy New Year FHF'ers! Get out there and drink like I know FHF'ers can. From moeman, reproduced without permission:

Should Auld's acquaintance be not forgot,
And road trip never brought to mind?
Should Auld's acquaintance be not forgot,
With Whiz twanging twyne!


For Auld tween twyne, my Esther,
For Auld tween twyne.
We'll take a Cup o' Stanley yet,
With Whiz twanging twyne!

Happy New Year ~ Bonne Année bitCHEs!

Play safe. Drive safe. Wear a safe. 

Hungover update: here's the long for video highlights after a win. How often do I get to post these anymore? And I really wanted to see that OT goal. It was pretty good! Go to the net, goddammit, things will happen.


soperman said...

Don't you remember the old CHeez Whiz commercials which espoused the virtues of heating up your CHeez Whiz?

Fuckin Eh?

Number31 said...

CheezWiz adds personality! (Oooh!)

My friend is now a very happy ex-Montrealer-now-Floridian to have witnessed this win live.

Here's to 2011, and hoping the Mayans are wrong about it being our last year in existence. (I'm thinking they just ran out of calendar space anyway).

b said...

Is this now the team with the least number of Francophone Quebecois ever? Max had passion. Try a Little Tenderness had Brio. What I know see is a team from the States playing so so hockey and a mercurial Franco-Ontarien whose in is having gone to the coach's summer hockey school. Max was right he should have had more ice time. Last year and this, if you look at the ice time numbers Chocula's two line approach is wearing out his troops. Nobody is fast when they are tired. As Carbo said last night, why can't you have three lines that score? (At which point the Bleuet patted him on the knee). The dang system is so slow moving that they are always trying to break through five guys. Each pivot takes up precious time. Wouldn't it be nice to somebody attack with speed, or dump it into a corner and then beat the other team to the puck with speed?

Word verification:

The situation is so tortable it is just plain wrong.

Orangeman said...

For a few minutes, maybe hours, we get to believe that everything will change. It'll be better.

Happy New Year, let's hope it's one without fear. /Lennon

I'm incredibly happy to this close to my healthy friends and family in 2011. The Habs win is nice too. And, well, you guys are cool too.

Thank you FHF for giving me this outlet, for putting up with me. Like you had a choice. For a minute there I thought things could change. And maybe they can.


I promise not to mention Lennon again. Or maybe I more. Like I said, anything is possible.

Plus rootbeer amareto shots. Didn't even know those existed. Anything is possible.

Now being beckoned back. Happy New Year FHF.

Mr. natural said...

root beer & amaretto!!??!?!

I'll stick to scotch, neat.

Or red wine, I've got a growing cellar these past 10 + years, Mrs. natural is supportive in the planned expansion and she doesn't drink! What a trooper!

Look this team will be fine, we've got the core players and some very interesting youngsters.

I think we may well miss Max come the playoffs though...

Chocula I once opined when he was announced as coach, he had the best line up of talent several years in a row in Ottawa and could never get past the Laffs. A minimum of two years the Sens had a talent pool that measured up to some of the great teams of all times but.........

All the best to everyone in 2011, may you and all you're loved ones have a healthy year, everything else will fall into place.

Go You Mother PHucken' Habs GO!!!

Moey said...

Ha! It just goes to show you that none of us know anything when it comes to our Habs. Who would have thought that this losing streak was all Lapierre's fault?

But I am jealous, I wish my boss would trade me to Anaheim. *sigh*

Number31 said...

Oh look. Winter Classic on a slip'n'slide.