Friday, December 24, 2010

Habs 3, Canes 2: Whaddya mean it's Christmas Eve??!!

LG77 would post this, but her house is still a mess, gifts aren't wrapped, cookies ain't baked, and HOLY HELL HOW IS IT ALREADY CHRISTMAS EVE.

She hears that the Habs performed a minor miracle last night, thanks to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Price... And the fact that they somehow stayed off the refs' naughty list.

But she was too busy actively contemplating acts of homicide at the mall/grocery store so she missed the blessed event.

So, in lieu of an actual game review, here are her tourtières that are about to go into the oven... And that should have been in there two hours ago if the lineup at the SAQ hadn't been 45 minutes long.


Edited by LG77 to fix iPhone typos... Doh!


moeman said...

Those tartes look FHFantastic!

Joyeux Noël LG et GG.

Moey said...

Torture pie! Pass the ketchup please.

moeman said...

Sympathies to Pierre Turgeon on the
tragic loss of his daughter.

May she rest in peace.

HabsFan29 said...

i am friggin hungry now. merry CHristmas bitCHes!!!

Number31 said...

Happy holidays! And now, to the movies!