Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Game Day Skate for St. Paddy's Day

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of MARCH MADNESS BABY!
  • The Leafs are in the playoffs!!! The Leafs are in the playoffs!!! Or so we've been told following their 3-1 win over Carolina;
  • It took the Wings to do it, but the Caps' winning streak is finally over;
  • The Canucks clinched a playoff berth with a win over the Avs. Seems pretty early for that, so well done Vancouver;
  • Saku's Ducks get to 8th in the West with a win over the Blues;
  • The NHL Wheel of Justice lands on 2 games for Dany Heatley for his elbow to Steve Ott. No word on Marchand yet, the league is still waiting for the envelope from the Bruins;
  • Looks like PleXXXe and CHala are day to day, but the Habs called up Nigel Dawes and Aaron Palushaj anyway;
  • An Angus Reid poll of Canadians shows that violence in hockey is a problem;
  • The biggest issue at the NHL GM meetings is spin-o-ramas on shootouts.
Bolts in town tonight. Yours truly will be in attendance (in excellent seats I believe) and given it's St Patrick's Day, pretty drunk. So be sure to look for a half red half white Habs jersey puking on people in suits in the reds.


Kmaxx said...



the Maritimer said...

May you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you are dead.
Old Irish saying.

Steve said...

Im drunk today and rarely sober Good thing the spin o rama or better savardian spinorama is still legal at work.

I thought you were fucking jokeing, what else did they discuss, how many ply the toilet paper should be in the luxury boxes. Answer, no paper Buttman will give it his personal attention.

The Laffs, all morning its playoff fever on the radio. Best season in 10 years already. Move over Bobby Orr the Phunf is now the iconic defenseman for the ages. Just wait a couple of shifts and he will start forgetting where his car keys are in mid stride.

Daddy Says said...

Marchand hit and Heaters hit were basically the same... he'll get 2 maybe. Only differences being, 1) Marchand did it from behind so he should get an extra, 2) He's a broon so I say maybe 1 game.
Feck the laffs they won't make it. Feck the broons.

"If you have to drink on St. Patty's day your missing out on the fun of being Irish... we do it the rest of the year too!"
get it into ya.
wv: suble, the goons onthe broons will have to start being more suble about being dirty

Caduceus said...

Nice profile on GG...

<3 FHF and especially GG11 :)

Chester said...

To quote Rick Mercer,
Anything is possible when you drink in the afternoon!
How do you this The Irish continue to rule the planet?

Steve said...

@Cade, your links broke, what are drunk at 10AM?

Steve said...

Gold, pure Gold

Caduceus said...

Thanks, Steve!
Yeah, I wish I what are drunk too at 10

iRiRi said...

Some good news: Habs just announced Max will start rehab in a week and could play in about 4-6 weeks.

Happy St-Patty's Day and GYFHG!

Nice feature on GG11!

Steve said...

Buttman the great destroyer. I think this makes 11 NHL teams out of 30 for sale, the Buttman has put the NHL under water.

Calling Big Jim, Blackbury Buttman!

soperman said...

Good props for GG, well deserved but I think old Boone has a crush on her!

Oops, that might get me banned from HI/O