Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, March 1

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of being as delusional (i.e. full of blow and porn stars) as Charlie Sheen...
  • As the Goat said "There were only 16 trades today and four of them didn’t even include any NHL players. That’s not very many." Though we're not sure calling your team "competent" is a ringing endorsement. So enjoy your Habs kids, they are what they are, Mexican and all;
  • The Goat's blockbuster was shoring up the goalie situation in Hamilton;
  • Here's a trade roundup. The only "big" deal (and we use that term loosely) was Dustin Penner to the Kings. Maybe Jason Arnott to the Caps, but he's well past his due date. The Nucks stocked up on ex-Habs to create a 4th line, Higgins and Mad Max;
  • Oh look, a TSN panel member picked the Habs as trade deadline losers. Puck Daddy gave us a B-;
  • From around the Habosphere: Number31 writes my favourite sentence of the year: "So in your fat face, Randy Tieman" and All Habs accurately describes Habs fans as restless. They must have been reading squidly77's comments yesterday;
  • Just two games last night, both in the West so we don't care.
OK, it's MARCH for fucks's sake. Lousy Smarch weather. That means the season is almost over! Gah! Anyway, your old-look Habs begin the stretch run tonight with the first of three games from warmer climes, in Atlanta.


moeman said...

"and whatnot" ~ dreger

They pay for that kind of wisdumb.

Le Douze said...

Geez, not too many comments on TMS, even with that exciting trade roundup. At this rate we'll have trouble getting to meth-flavoured ice cream. Guess we'll need to convince squidly77 to come back and flame lg77 or something.

Or maybe we could have an actual game?

lawyergirl77 said...

L12 - I'm writing the game preview today. I'll put my flame retardent (or rather, retard retardent) suit on right now... :)

moeman said...

Speaking of fucktards, mcsplooge was just on Ottawa radio ripping the Habs, again and again and again. That fucker is seriously pissed off the Canadiens spurned his advances.

Kmaxx said...

I think everyone is a little gun shy after Squidly's ranting yesterday - but full marks to you all here at FHF - you ran the game the way a very good ref would have. You gave him/her enough rope to hang him/herself - when things got out of line you dished out a fair but stern warning. When it continued you issued a "last chance" warning, all the while letting the play flow naturally. You let the players decide the outcome, which is how things should be. Now if the Habs could get some reffing like that tonight, things might be looking up for them. But I'm not holding my breath.

wv. LG - what's your aingl gonna be for the preview?

Steve said...

Three Strikes against Goat

1) No Malkin
2) No Shea Weber
3)Still have Mex

I cant wait to see how the new look Habs perform.


Moey said...

McSplooge can just fuck off and die. Who were we supposed to give up and for whom? Price/Subban/Patches? Fuck that shit.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't say it any better myself. As much as I wanted to move the Mex I didn't want us to fuck ourselves like LA did for Penner.

moeman said...

Spacek operated on, might be back for the playoffs.