Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Game Day Skate presents a TMS Review of Habs 3, Thrash 1

"Sorry my blind eyes cost you a shutout" "No worries, dude"
Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of a bunch of new condos around the Bell Centre...
  • Hallelujah! Praise Jebus! Praise Winnie! Habs score 3 goals (ok, two and a half, though the empty netter from 100 feet was probably the prettiest one) to snap out of their goalless streak that according to TSN was the LONGEST GOALLESS DROUGHT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE to beat the Thrashers and put a stake in the heart of their playoff hopes (like we care about that). We'd give you a full review with things like "thought" and "humour" but there's no time as we've got to turn around and attempt to score again this evening. So let's put a numbered list inside this bulleted list (a real risky move in the world of Blogger formatting and unprecedented in FHF history) for some game notes:
  1. All credit to the Mexican American! No really, he may have played his best game of the season, and helped make DarCHe not look out of place on his line. Great work behind the net and a nice pass to set up DarCHe's goal. He worked and skated all night. It's true, we swear!
  2. Love us some Tits! Throwing his body around! Getting his body thrown around! He was like a Weeble who wobbled and wouldn't fall down. No that's not right. He was like a bowling pin that gets knocked down over and over but keeps hopping back up and gets right back to work. Yes, that analogy is apt, Tits is a bowling pin;
  3. We have seen a lot of non-calls in our lifetime, but that missed high stick to Gill's face (pretty hard to do!) was an embarrassment to the refs or more in the Anti-Habs conspiracy, as it led to spoiling Carey's deserved shutout, changing a 2-0 cruising to a 2-1 clenching of our bowels for the rest of the game. TMI?
  4. Squid needs to go back to the training room and take some games off to get better. He must have come back too early, because he is just not right. We'd say the same of PleXXXe, but we need him in the lineup;
  5. Our PP continues to blow chunks. You know what our PP needs? A young energetic puck moving black man. If only we had one;
  6. We certainly feel better about our playoff chances this morning (up to 99.2%) and we think it was a pretty hard fought win, but at the risk of taunting McPhee, two in the crease goals in 11 seconds does not momentum into the playoffs make. The PleXXXe line is doing nothing, the PP sucks, and the D needed to be bailed out by Carey numerous times once again. We're taking a wait and see attitude until tonight.
  • Leafs! Greatest team in the universe! Nazem Kadri! The Next Great One! Leafs 4, Sabres 3;
  • The Phucktards keep the Pens at bay with a 5-2 win;
  • Give the WhalerCanes some credit for going into the 3rd down a goal with their playoff hopes on the line and beating the Caps in a SO;
  • The Bs shut out the Hawks, and they could easily make it to 2nd in the conference;
  • Tampa's 5-2 win over Ottawa keeps them 4 points ahead of the Habs for 5th;
  • The 'Nucks secure top spot in the West with a 3-1 win over the Preds;
  • Looks like Todd Bertuzzi won't be suspended for his elbow the other night.
OK like we said, right back at it tonight in Carolina. In the meantime, enjoy these long-from video highlights after a win. They feature actual goals! Scored by Habs!


soperman said...

"Our PP continues to blow chunks. You know what our PP needs? A young energetic puck moving black man. If only we had one;"


The world seems right again (except for the Laffs winning). The grass looks a little green and the coyotes are smiling. (not the hockey team but actual coyotes - there are officially more coyotes in Nova Scotia than people and guess what? they love Tim Hortons coffee too.)

BTW - Louis LeBlanc may become a great Hab, but he has looked mediocre every time I have seen him play the Mooseheads this season.

Curtis said...

You misspelled "humor."

iRiRi said...

That line about PFK made me LOL for real. I mean, it's not like he scored the last PP goal over a week ago or anything. This is killing me, it really is.


soperman said...

@ Curtis

In Canada, "humour" is spelled with a "our", as is neighbour, neighbour.

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought you wrote:

" a bunch of new CONDOMS around Bell Center"

I need my coffee...

the Maritimer said...

@Soperman, I haven't seen LL yet, hopefully they meet Saint John in the finals. I was actually thinking the other day that the best francophone in LL's draft was actually Simon Depres. Pittsburg took him 30th. He's the best skater I have seen live in quite a while. I think in a few years when he is paired with Kris Letang, the RDS gang will be mooning over them like that do presently with V4 and Marty in Tampa.

Where the hell is Steve? Did the Coalition cut off his internet feed?

Steve said...

Great summary 29, and since I could not see the game it was like live.

I hope someone is putting together a computational tape showing all the fucked up Buttman phone call ref shit. It needs to be played before every playoff games.

Canada is back

moeman said...

Nice non-call refs. Lucky it wasn't a season/playoff determining error. Love TFS™'s maturing and showing the CG class we have come to expect from our players/team/org, unlike say an arrogant little pissant like kadri who already things his shit doesn't stink but maybe thats because the CotU mediots all have their heads up there.


moeman said...


Steve said...

A score brings us a very special CH puck bunny, Kelly; Kelly can not do math like Winne but she has a keen legal mind " KELLY is perturbed that drug dealers are walking free. She said: "In the words of former Lord Chief Justice Gordon Hewart, 'It is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done'."

When FHF needs math relief Winne is a proven winner, maybe Kelly can help us with the legal robbery that Buttman and Collie inflict upon Montreal with extreme prejudice.

March 30, 2011 8:58 AM

soperman said...

@ the Maritimer

Did you guys kick Cape Breton's annoying ass yet? Thank you in advance.

I agree with you about Depres. I have only seen LL twice (tonight is number three). He could well play down to the level of his opposition. A habit he will have to break.

HeadHunter said...

I need to start Squidwatch '11. Any other time he would have buried that breakaway wrister top shelf. People have said he playing hurt or is lacking that jump and I think that opportunity was proof enough. Sure sure he was cold before the playoffs last year. I pray that is the case. But to me, that shot encapsulated a lot. Squidwatch is on!

Steve said...

On the scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being Habs10 vision of a slow motion nuclear meltdown at the Bell Center and McPhees groovy Karma woodstocks going to Go Down and Jimmy Hendrix is going to rise from the dead to play at the parade, I am at 5.1

the Maritimer said...

@soperman, should be the end of the road for Cape Breton tonight. Down 0-3 and outscored 22 - 2. I kind of feel sorry for Morgan Ellis a Habs prospect, he doesn't look bad.

Listening to Hockeycentral on the Fan590, Mallard, Maclean and moeman said : Nazem Kadri! Nazem Kadri! Nazem Kadri!!!!! Another fucking made in CotU superstar.

Alain said...

Brent Sopel and Paul Mara seem like a couple of really nice, kind of off-beat in a likable way, stand-up guys.

Kind of guys you'd want on your team, until you realized they can't pass a puck to a teammate.

I mean, were Yannick Weber and Alex Picard really that bad?

HabsFan29 said...

I mean, were Yannick Weber and Alex Picard really that bad?