Friday, March 25, 2011

The Morning Sexy Friday Skate for March 25th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Alessandra Ambrosio in GQ Brazil...
  • Ugh. Well that was. um, pathetic? Embarrassing? Hell? Thank goodness we could switch to our awesome Gators winning in OT and forget about that crap. More later today;
  • The Rangers only managed a point from the Sens, but that's enough to get them to 2 points behind the Habs for 6th;
  • Tronna is planning the parade after their 4-3 win over the Avs;
  • Somehow Pittsburgh could still finish first in the East after beating the Flyers in a shootout;
  • Atlanta still with a shot at the playoffs, maybe, a long one, after a 2-1 win over the Isles;
  • Your token West game has the Preds solidifying their position with a 5-4 win over the Ducks.
Id' like to say let's forget about last night and get on with Sexy Friday, but that's gonna be a tough one to forget. But Sexy Friday goes on dammit. In our continuing quest to bring you all the best Megan Fox Armani underwear news, we've got the behind the scenes video of the ad we've showed you twice already. Happy (as much as that's possible) Sexy Friday everyone.


Kmaxx said...

Really really should have listened to Steve and gone to bed after the second...WTF possessed me to stay up watching that shit last night...Oh yeah - it was that stupid little voice in the back of my head that kept saying "there's no way they'll continue playing this shit all night - this is the bruins for fuck sake. Sooner or later they'll score a couple and we'll have a good game. They have pride and won't just lie back and take it - these are the Habs - they will turn it around" And so I stayed up waiting...and waiting...

After the last bruins game I felt really bad for a lot of different reasons...this morning I just feel like shit - and I know exactly why!

Orangeman said...

At least we can look forward to a rant from Cherry about how disrespectful it was for the Bruins to keep pressing while leading 7-0, especially going in to score at the buzzer like that.

I stand by my statement that while Saku led some pretty terrible teams talent-wise, he would have never allowed them to embarrass the franchise like those bums did last night.

Mostly I just feel stupid for caring so much about a team that obviously cares so little about itself. And for that reason I've decided not to give any more shits than I already have about last night. I probably slept worse than anyone on that team, except for maybe Price. I'll probably keep watching but I think I'll approach it differently from now on. Treat it like reality TV. I have my favourites, but in the end I forget who wins 10 minutes after I shut off the TV.

Mr. natural said...

"...he beheld the city and wept over it".

Ugh, I felt sick to my stomach.

Hopefully that gets the Jekyll (or is it Hyde) out of our system and we can get to the playoffs with less B-dogs and more Habs.

Too depressed to say anything else, I leave it to the classier wordsmiths than I populating this fine site.


Well at least I'm off tomorrow AM for a week in DR.

Adios amigos, Hasta la proxima.

moeman said...


iRiRi said...

What freaks me out is how much character everyone says this team has. Character this, leadership that. How many times have they come out astonishingly flat in an important game? It's ridiculous.

They had so many reasons to win the game: doing it for PatCHes, going for the division lead or just beating the Bruins FFS. Instead, they didn't even put up a fight. I just don't get it.

Steve said...

Todays CH puck bunny named Danni, she hates the Bruins thinks it was bad cricket and loves a sticky wicket.

Steve said...

Sure the boys were flatter than an Iggy punchline, but look at the soulsucking penalties they took early and often, and questionable. When you go into a game knowing the mans son has zebra's in his pocket, what you gonna do bad boy.

I am in the positive camp, the last two games are a systems check, and Choucula is going to have to coach some offense.

Start using PFK to set up TiTs and Squid. Practice some 3 on 2 rushes for GODS sake, practice being alone in front of the net, four fucks sake. Sit The Mexican't send a message to the team.

Steve said...

@Kmaxx I was doubly devastated last night, the BBC has pulled the plug on Outcasts, IMHO one of the best Sci Fi series that was available.

the Maritimer said...

Make PleXXXe, DDD and Lego your top 3 centers. Let Fuckface Gomez play 4th line minutes and kill penalties so PleXXXe doesn't have to. Make it so Chokula.

Steve said...

Its going to be a 12 step process.

1)Taste the shise "That’s when Boston fans showered their Canadien brethren with chants of “USA, USA.’’ The Bruins have scored 15 goals in their last two Garden games against the Habs.

Enter old friend Alex Auld and another Bruins goal, this one by Tomas Kaberle. Then came the unthinkable. Campbell scored on a breakaway when the Bruins were playing two men short. Derek Sanderson must have been smiling. What a beating.

In one final act of Montreal-baiting, Chara was awarded the No. 1 star of the night."

2)look for excuses

3)Give up looking for excuses

4)Focus on Sexy Friday to remove all shrinkage.

5)Re read Lions in the Winter

6)Watch the Rocket over and over.

7)Wear all your Habs clothes at the same time.

8)Fly your Habs flag upside down.

9)Read old sports articles about Louis Le Blanc

10)Start Drinking and smoking

11)repeat 10

12) Through your tears repeat the mantra "its only a fucking regular season game"

Hadulf said...

Gomez is ruining a lot on this team...I'm with Steve. 4th line minutes, PK, no PP...fuck it.

The Habs should just take the fucking cap hit and buy him out...or at least try to trade him, if they can't, buy him the fuck out...take the hit.

And Squid needs roids or something...Holy shit does he give the puck away. Don't try to doodle Cammy, you just can't. SHOOT IT!

All in all, the worst game of the season (if not the decade).

Hadulf said...

Meant to say I'm with the Maritimer...

Chester said...

You know, I have tried to be a don't knock the Gomer kind of fan, but Jebus he takes the most fucking brain dead penalties and leaves us short too often. You can understand the kids taking a bad one cause their kids FFS but I've just fucking had it with Gomer sitting in the box while the Fucking Beaners fill up the net. We can file this one as our fucking wakeup call cause as we saw last night apparently we are a-fucking-sleep. We had better beat the living shit out of Warshington and that fucking Ruski OverChicken.... fucking fuck fuckity fuck fuck ...shit fuck.

Benoît said...

WTF is it going to take for Gomez to sit on the fucking bench?

Dumbass penalties? Check.
Brutal giveaways on the PP? Check.
Lazy? Check.
losing faceoffs? Check.

You know it's a bad fucking game when you're going into the third losing 3 nothing and the RDS clowns are going "well, Price is keeping them in the game once again."


PS. Has anyone seen Gio or Cammalleri lately? I sure as hell haven't.

Alan said...

Can someone please explain to me how you can get a high sticking call against you when your stick is level with your waste? I mean what the fuck?

Le Douze said...

I bailed after the first 3rd period goal - it was too painful. I too heard the RDS comment about TFS keeping them in despite the score, and I kept thinking, yeah, but even TFS looks a tad shaky tonight, with less than fully controlled rebounds, and with searching the sky for errant pucks etc.

Not much of a welcome back for Plexxxe, with -2 on the first 2 goals and in the box for the third. Sigh.

Was there anything good about last night's game?

b said...

Last night is when the trading of Mad Max is seen as a mistake. All it takes is one guy with some pride. As for the Mexican, what was he doing trying to be the assassin of justice with that high stick on Chara? He has great speed, but he can't use it with the system. He doesn't use it consistently. All in all, for a night like that I need to stock up on some good whiskey.

Kmaxx said...

Because I'm still too pissed off to talk hockey I'm going to go down this murky path for a bit...

@Steve - sorry mate - never watched the Outcasts but if you say it's the bollocks - I agree 100% - it it now and forever the bollocks!

On another note, your choice of CH Bunny of the day is somewhat lacking. While most of the chicks posted on the Page 3 website and in the paper we all get in our homes and schools (British bylaw btw)have a proper set - but I'm afraid that poor Danni appears to be blessed with a...shall we say..."Canadian size" pair. And before you all rally around and start with the "more than a handful is a waste" bullshit, let me just say that anyone who truly believes that is either a chick with small tits or a guy who has never had the pleasure of experiencing a full, healthy pair. (There I said it - go on - debate me on it...I dare you! I double D dare fact I double G dare you!)

Dainer's Hubris said...

Forgetting about 7 goals against, what made me angriest was seeing little fuckity fuck 2.0 Barfchand still trying to stretcherize Habs with high hits late in the third.

The game could have ended on an almost positive note, if only PK had connected on his Subbang attempt minutes later. But he missed, and that perfectly encapsulated that utter embarrassment.

Steve said...

For our German fans an alternative CH puck bunny "mit gross brust"

Just like sex there are no bad tits.

Kmaxx said...


Curtis said...

@Alan: I know man! It's the Refs.

Just like in '06 when Justin Williams intentionally tried to blind Koivu and was never called!

Habs are historically injured by other teams' players that get off scot free than any other team.

Alan said...

@Curtis I think i sense a bit of sarcasm there and if i do you can go fuck yourself