Sunday, March 06, 2011

IRIE MONtréal ~ Habs 4 - Bolts 2 ~ Game review and Open sand bar

Revered Habs performer Carey 'TFS™' Price strung together some nice wins giving up but three goals in a three game road streak. As the face and voice of our 2011 Canadiens, credit him for spreading the wealth of winning ways to his teammates. Light one up, pass it around, chill out and savour the splendour. Others, finally are. We've been forever loving him.

Stir it Up ~ Nice try refs, did bettman call or did Stamkos' mom text him?

Get Up Stand Up ~ Look Up, Gill's goal total rises from the ashes.

I Shot the Sheriff ~ But The Urologist didn't shoot on their PP but he sure did have a few shots to take at the Habs organization. Suck it in.

Lively Up Yourself ~ Skillsie is on fire, PatCHes pots two beauties. DDD encore. Merci Mr. BouCHer, I'm forever loving' Ja!cques' new system.

No Woman No Cry ~ lg'll be back boys. Bonus, tan lines.

Positive Vibration ~ 4 straight wins, 15 GF, 6 GA.

Natural Mystic ~ TFS™'s game has some serious buzz. 43 more saves. 3 goals in 3 games.

So MuCH Things to Say ~ About the solid D.

Guiltiness ~ I have some seeing Le Cave's non-Habs career collapse. Um, not really.

The Heathen ~ don said something on Crotch's Corner, I missed it, maybe I'll go to hell for it. I'll CatCH a fire!

Exodus ~ Out of Florida, comin' home to face the fucking Bruins. That VISA hockey hurts ad can go blow itself.

Jammin' ~ the front of the net, nets you goals.

Waiting in Vain ~ for IRiRi's streakin' video.

One Love/People ~ Let's get together and feel allright. Anyone else miss 29?

Uprising ~ In the standings.

Coming in from the Cold ~ Good guy Dominictrix seems to be enjoying sunny FLA. Don't want to face him in the playoffs.

Could you be Loved ~ The Fucking System™ needs some love FHFers. Its working'. I'm renaming it The CHannabis System™ cuz it makes me feel high, so high.

Buffalo Soldier(s) ~ Spliffin' Sabres beat the PHucktards to keep the leaf from buzzing. Their crash back to reality is gonna hurt.

Satisfy My Soul ~ GG is back.

Oh Stamkos, yes, I rob thy
Sold it to the merchant refs
Minutes after you took a dive
From their bottomless gifts
But my glove hand was made strong
By the hand of the almighty
We forward in this goalie generation

Won't you help to CHeer
These saves of freedom?
'Cause all TFS™ ever have
Redemption saves
Redemption saves

Emancipate yourselves from System™ slavery
None but our coaCH can free our lines
Have no fear for atomic Guy Boucher
'Cause none of his stares can stop the time
How long shall our PK skill profit
While we FHFers stand aside and look? Ooh
Some say it's just a part of it
We've got to fullfil the book
Won't you help to sing OLÉ
During these wins of freedom?

'Cause all TFS™ ever have
Redemption saves
Redemption saves
Redemption saves

Emancipate yourselves from System™ slavery
None but our coaCH can free our lines
Have no fear for atomic Guy Boucher
'Cause none of his stares can stop the time
How long shall our PP lines skill profit
While we FHFers stand aside and toke? Ooh
Some say it's just a part of it
We've got to fullfil the poke
Won't iRiRi help and streak
During these wins of freedom?

'Cause all TFS™ ever has
Redemption saves
All TFS™ ever has
Redemption saves
These saves of freedom
Saves of freedom


They call me Reef Halliday said...

Wake and Bake!!!

They call me Reef Halliday said...

Nice job Moeman, and smoke or pass dammit.

HabsFan29 said...

Irie indeed moe.

is it 4:20 yet?

McPhee said...

According to computers who know their shizzy from their mint-flavored thyme, Habs are 98.9% in while the potentless Leaf is at 2%. What else is new?

Buffalo soldier's fighting for survival.

WV: slitrutt, i.e., what the Phucktards will do to whoever has the audacity of placing 8th this year.


FHF has indeed lost its' way.

Steve said...

In the name of the everloving Jah, Rastafari Positive, ever living ever faithful, TFS the first and PFK second Habitat Vibration Positive.

One love for sure, that Redemption song has to be put to music and on U TUBE, Giller prize work Moeman.

One Draw, every game starts with one draw, now thats profound,man.

Now we shift to the Eve of Destruction. said...

I'm floating on the clouds Moe; a win will do that so imagine 4 in a row ...
course today it's a bit frozen - we could have used some of that FLA warmth

Steve said...

At 6.3" bent over and over 7ft if he could straighten out, Pretzel Lucic is the power forward that Cam Neely pretended to be. A fearsome fighter and all round mean badass, a cage fight to the death between him and Pronger is something Habs fans can only wish for. So what have we got?

Gill - to bad he does not want to fuck up his hot streak, and he would be on his third paragraph about the time Prezel clocked him.

Mara - no arms on this plyon

Sopel on a rope - if only his wife would quit blogging about how Pretzel destroyed Douche$ucks manhood and carrer, leaving him with a problem that celebrex and Viagra together can not cure.

The answer is going to have to be found on the farm.

Ian Schultz your moment of destiny has arrived. Your still consider part of a bag of pucks, your time has come to punch your way out of that.

Steve said...

I must be on the pipe, the Rangers are manhandling Philly and that gutless coward Richards just got his yellow ass beaten to a pulp.

Mr.natural said...

"Don't bogart that joint my friend.."

Verily as spoken here, all is well, though PHucktards do reelith as do all of Bettman's children and TFS said "bringith the Broons unto me and I shall deny them their victory, revenge is mine"


This team will be fine, make the playoffs (pray that Lemaire doesn't)and know that somehow the PHucktards need to get beat by soemone else, CHrist we did all the heavy lifting last year.

Know this the Hawks are in MUCH tougher against either the Caps or Pens last year with the Habs.

I and I *EEFFFFTTT* see the way of Jah and strike at these white devil PHucktards.

That is all.

ti-cul said...

@ Mr. Natural, re-joy, phucktards getting their asses shellacked right now. Jah rule!

Steve said...

This team is willing

moeman said...

Nice win Bulldogs. Fuck you leaf and the cbc ahl marlies loving sickos.

Mr. natural said...


PHucktards lost 7-0!!!!!!!

Happy yet confused 7 PHucken'zip!!

iRiRi said...

Ha! This one made me CHuckle! Not to worry, the video is on its way. I'm just, um, editing it and playing with the effects. Yeah, that's it.


iRiRi said...

Oh, PFK!

Steve said...

Celine Dion, I gotta be wondering about his mental state, the rest of the questions okay.

the Maritimer said...

I'm back! After 7 glorious sunny, warm days in the high in Florida, got to experience a Habs home/road game in Sunrise, holy crap, there had to be at least 10,000 Habs fans in attendance. TFS basically had his way with the toothless Panthers. Bonus, Habs win in Tampa and get their revenge on the Vinnie and the Homeboys. Then, I get home and bonus again, the Phucktards get torn a new one. To quote Charlie Sheen: "Duh, winning!"

Number31 said...

That Visa Hockey Love Hurts ad is hilarious because the Habs won that game 3-1. If they wanted a true "hockey love hurts" moment, it would be the fans of a visiting team hooting and hollering among a sea of upset Bruins fans as Rask gives up the knuckleball from Gomez.

Schultz isn't ready yet but did you see his hit today? I think he broke the Ricoh. Was also hilarious to see the "pugnacious and truculent" Marlies run away from him and Bonneau all game, only to have Mitchell fight spunky little Gabby "Yappy 2.0" Dumont. (And Dumont kicked his ass).