Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, March 29th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of what could have been...
  • HUGE night in the N last night, with uh, hmmm, a couple of games out West. Was there Monday night football or something? Forty year old Finnish Flash had a hat trick for the Ducks, and Todd Bertuzzi had an incident;
  • Ovie was back at practice following his "rest" for "undisclosed injuries" to "get better for the playoffs" (i.e. community service for killing a Russian hooker);
  • Sports Club Stats has the Habs at 98.5% to make the playoffs. Sounds good! And here's some magic numbers table, which after 10 minutes we have yet to figure out. We've put both these links in a new box on the right so you can check them every minute to raise your blood pressure;
  • Your power rankings roundup see the Habs take some very expected drops: 8 to 17 (ESPN), 8 to 15 (THN) and 11 to 14 (TSN). Uh, thanks TSN?
Thrashers tonight. One goal, pretty please?


Moey said...

The Habs only won four of their last ten games of the season in 1993. Maybe their being superstitious and trying to repeat that? *sighs* *grasps at another straw*

Moey said...

s/b they're.

bea.habs.fan said...

@ Moey - love the way you think.
can you give me some of what you're on?
(I know it's not meth ice cream from 29)

WV: guys would love to have a dexessi Tuesday in addition to Fridays

Chester said...

Ya know ... FUCK
It's simple ..
1. Take puck.
2. Put in net.
3. Repeat.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

So it a game against the Coalition Nordiques. They are trying to get into the playoffs and make the local sports pages for the first time in history. Iggy, Jack and Jill, are trying to stop this run, they want the Nordiques to have a high draft pick and take the best Francophone. Of course Harpo is with Buttman, this game will decide the election.

Steve said...

Game Day CH puck bunny Peta She is pouting because she does not want to wait forever for income spliting, and she still misses the Expos.

Hadulf said...

Anyone see the Bertuzzi hit? Seriously, I don't think that was a head shot in the dirty sense. Don't shoot me now, but I don't think he should be suspended. The 5 minute penalty is good though. Accidental or not he did hit the head.

So now, the real issue. We have a game. No go out and score ONE goal. Then another...Then another...Then...you see where I'm going here Habs???


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Seriously, Zorak's site is so easy even a Habs fan can understand it.

The tables work like this: The teams down the left side have the magic number in the middle to finish ahead of the teams up top. So, to pick a random example, let's look at the Bruins. If you look at the 9th team over, you see that they've clinched. Now if you look across the table at the next-highest divisional team, you see that the Bruins only need 6 points between Montreal losses and Bruins wins to win the division.

Which is less than Montreal needs to clinch a playoff spot.

See? Easy!

Steve said...

Hi Cornelius Hardenbergh

Nice to see you stop by. And doubly nice of you not to mention recent history.

As Barbie said " Math is hard"

ti-cul said...

isn't 5 and 6 the same number in Boston just like up 3-0 equal down 4-3 or shove someones head in a metal post a hockey play?

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...


C- for effort

ti-cul said...

That's math that even a Broons fan can understand.

Steve said...

@Cornelius Hardenbergh

That magic number blog is a SMART BOMB, it has likely brought Habs Nation to a state of paralysis as we try to figure out the infinite number of permutations and possibilities.
Go long on Advil, as headaches soar.

Daddy Says said...

I used to hate this time of year for the math that I would try to do and the infinte amount of times I'd say if we win and these three lose or they lose to and we tie....
Now I hate this time of year cause we go on losing skids that make the math secondary.
Only math that matters tonight is this. We score +1 goal to whatever hotalanta scores and that's that.

ti-cul said...

c- in math is enough for a broons fan to pass as daddy Cambell would take care of it...

Kmaxx said...

For the love of God - Just score a fuckin' goal!

Dainer's Hubris said...

I'm going tonight. Converted my most recent EI cheque into blue-line reds, with just enough left over to get 4 tickets to the Black Joe Lewis show tomorrow. They've been shut-out the last two games I've seen, so if it happens again (it won't, it can't), I'll be the guy throwing crepes onto the playing surface - because throwing actual crap would be unhygienic.

Le Douze said...

I'm missing the Habs girls from Habsordie.com. They made my head hurt much less than the magic number page.

Are there any Habs boys for the FHFemmes?

Boob Gainey said...

The Atlanta Thrashers are named after the Georgia state bird. Unfortunately, the ease with which the first 'h' can be dropped from the team name invites a prejudicial misconception.

I propose that the Atlanta franchise be renamed, using a name that is equally evocative of the local culture. Some suggestions:

1. The Bigots.
2. The Incestuous.
3. The Genetically-challenged Offspring of Incestuous Relationships.
4. The Religious Conservatives.
5. The Quebec Nordiques.

Steve said...

@L Douze 31 is a girl?

Steve said...

@Boob Gainey - The Qc

Next year we can look forward to headlines like

Habs Chase Tail

Tail fail for Mexican't

McSplooge likes Tail

Tail Story Positive

TFS shuts out Tail

Patches has first triple Tail experience

Le Douze said...

@Steve - As far as I know Number31 is indeed a girl, as her Blogger profile suggests. And unless my eyes deceive me the Habs girl whose photo I posted is also a girl. I refuse to get into any speculations about the personal life of the #31 that plays on the Habs. It's good enough for me that that #31 is in contention for the Vezina this year.

Steve said...

I am really poor at math, cant tell 29 from 31.

Chester said...

@ Boob
Another really good name would be The Run Out of Water During the Summer Team ...

L Dude said...

One more time. It's simple.
Habs win tonight and tomorrow.
Canes lose tonight and tomorrow (against Habs).
Habs secure playoff spot.

Habs will score 5 tonight.
Including Gomez and Squid.

Tonight, it looks like we'll have a Giant Mexican Darche Vader.
Welcome to de dark side.