Friday, March 18, 2011

The Morning Game Day Sexy Friday Skate for March 18th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Brooklyn Decker naked (lap dance to Steve we think it was)...
  • HELL to the yes. Hamilton 3, Bolts-Vinny 2 (SO). I have no idea why Dawges went first in the shootout, and from the 7th row behind the Habs bench I told CHokula as much and my section agreed. We all had a good laugh when he scored. Credit Carey and Gio and Tits and discredit CHickenshit, though in his defense there was a non-call on the Bolts right before he got snagged. Bulldogs now 3 points out of both fifth and third. On some personal TMS notes, gros merci à notre chum MC; and LG, sorry we missed you post-game. More later today;
  • The 3 points from 3rd is thanks to the Bs only managing a point against the Preds;
  • Good job wasting your chance to actually get somewhere in the standings, Leaf! Fla 4, TO 0;
  • Devils could have tied the Leaf but couldn't even beat the Sens;
  • The Leaf is down to 11th tho as the Thrash are in 10th after their win over the Phlyers in a shootout;
  • The Flames move back into 8th with a 5-2 win over the Avs;
  • The Stars also leap up in the West clusterfuck with a 5-0 win over the Hawks;
  • Dagger (2G) and Jaro lead the way in the Blues 4-0 win over the Kings;
  • We assume you know by now that PatCHes could be back for the playoffs;
  • 2 game suspension for a Bruin. See, it's possible!
  • In case you missed it in the comments yesterday, here's Boone (and yours truly) fawning over Jo- er, GG11 in the Gazette's special monthly HIO synergy thing.
Well, right back at it on a Friday night on Broadway. Before we get there, the TMS Sexy Friday multimedia exxxtravaganza starts with long form video highlights after a win and the best Australian real estate commercial you'll see this week (via). And because we canceled Sexy Friday last week, we'll give you a bonus random Jessica Biel pic, and even offer something for you ladies, hunky Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch. Happy Sexy Friday everyone.


soperman said...

Go Bulldogs! Big win.

WV - sative, actual word. I didn't know what it meant but it felt like a real word though apparently obscure.

Sa"tive\, a. [L. sativus, fr. serere, satum, to sow.] Sown; propagated by seed. [obs.]

GoldenGirl11 said...

Thanks for the sentiments yesterday everyone. I especially liked Steve's link name "Gold Jerry, pure Gold". My bubby used to say the same thing... although she didn't watch Seinfeld she was just biased... and a wordsmith... and she said it with a heavy accent.

Happy Purim!

HeadHunter said...

CHickoooon deserves a tiny break, he really stepped up that game. The late hit on Moore? Meh. Not smart but he did get raped in the offensive zone. CHokula's face didn't even get red on the call, just a tighting of the jaw. Good win, just hope the dogs can keep getting wins now that they have been strip-mined to keep the Habs alive

ezzeloharr said...

Congrats GG on your feature in the Gazette!


Chester said...

Hey Brooklyn has big feet and big hands ... I wonder what that means.

Steve said...

Why did I not stay in Australia, cause they got everything but hockey.

SEXY FRIDAY captures PMO office. Laurens banging some carpet munching Mountie (mountie how iroic), John and Jason have custom tailored suits with zippers on the back of the trousers, and my hacks are going all Charlie Sheen, (a Senate Seat for some naked pictures). So if you wonder why I am going all apeshit on Gadaffi, its because the only think I have been fucking for five years is Canada.

Steve said...

With the new Chanibis Chocula and the new Big Tits, I want little tits back.

You gotta know the Habs Ice is in bad shape today, all those yellow spots from the urologist. Steve Yzerman, your no fucking Sam Pollock. said...

thank God we have a win.
I was ready to lynch CHicken last night.
Loved the 2 new CHers - I felt they brought excitement.

Congrats GG - no more working in the obscurity of FHFland

moeman said...

GG is our Roundtine!

Steve said...

Trying hard not to get excited, and its not due to sexy friday, its that the east is our oyster, the Habs are the Pearl of the East. After the Hawks and Nuks dispsy doodle the shit out of each other, its a clear path to the cup.

Dont plan the parade, start drinking now!


Steve said...

Buttman in Wikileaks.

Its been 18 years of Butt rule, and now his master plan has been leaked.

NHL Strategic Plan & Baskets Gary Feb 3, 1993.

1)Eliminate all Canadian Teams except Toronto, because its on a big blue spot Americans can find it on a map.

2)Get the refs to start calling travelling.

3)Make sure Philly is continually stocked with psychopaths and let mayhem, maiming and with any luck decapitation rule.

4)Montreal will be the hardest team to destroy. Make Toronto the Farm team for Boston, there is no way Montreal can beat two NHL teams working together. Bribe someone to trade Patrick Roy. Tell Montreal there is a rule that average height and weight are restricted, so they mostly draft under 5'9' 170lbs. Plant a seed that Belaruss is full of superstars. Find a vampire and make him suck the lifeforce and joy out of the team.


Moey said...


You're right about Australia. They do have everything. Huge Jelly fish, blue-ringed octopus, hunstman spiders *shudder*, giant clams like you would see in a cartoon. Poisonous ferns in the rainforest....ahh the memories.

Chester said...

They have Sheilas too and they get off their face .... who the fuck gets off their face ?