Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Captain Fantastic saved his team tonight - Habs 3, Caps 2 (SO)

I don't care if he's five foot fucking nothing, the Captain is a god who can do anything. His mere presence even allowed PFK to fly:


soperman said...

Great Pic, but are you guys even old enough to remember Elton John before he was a proud poppa and a wild single guy?

WV - "lerte" as in "Be alert, the world needs more lertes."

Kmaxx said...

@GG - Excellent work once again. I remember buying that album and playing it to death - I was only just in my teens - but what a great bunch of songs. I like the juxtaposition with Ovie trying to fuck PFK up the ass in front of the net after a half assed check that PFK made look spectacular. Still in his "Give me that piece of shit sweater" mode from the all star game, he basically jumped into Ovie's fat ass, did a 1/2 gainer with a twist, then got back up just in time to take a cheap shot from that fuckin' punk Ovie (and HE got the penalty !) I love PFK more every day. Ovie can suck it too!

Howie Feltersnatch said...

heh heh Brown Dirt Cowboy heh heh

soperman said...

@ Howie

That was the name of the album. It left a lot of people speculating about what Elton meant.

WV - "tersplak" as in "When PFK laid out Brad Marchand with a devastating check, Marchand could still hear the "tersplak" ringing in his ears as struggled to get to the bench."

GoldenGirl11 said...

I'm 4 years younger than you. The cool thing about where you're at though, is the 4 year old that hangs at your house goes home to his own house after you're finished riling him up. The one at my house stays at my house.

Kmaxx said...

I know I might just be stepping on scared ground here but I couldn't help apologies Moeman if this is out of order...

Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Goalie
Captain Fantastic raised in Rochester, now he’s our hero
Just someone New Jersey might know
Very clearly a case for CH and classics
Won the Cup back in 2003
When he played for New Jersey
While little Dirt goalies turned brown in their creases
Sweet Gainey signing… and 25 million’s a bargain
For it's “Hey Red” and "Hey Todd, “Can’t the papers write anything good?
Are there chances in life for HNIC Habs games
And can please make our way out of our zone…with the puck"
Brown Dirt Goalie, still green and smokin’
City slick Captain
Fantastic the CHeezwhiz
The money the Mexican’s stealin’
For our weak wingers ,young d-men starving this winter
Chockula’s system might not make us a winner
And the ninety-three summer Cup Riot memories are fading
For cheap easy women and hardly a fan in the stands
Just head down the road – the leaf has no desire to change
They’ve thrown in the towel so many times
Out for the count and staying down but
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Goalie
From the end of the world to our town
And all this talk of Kovy coming back to see us – Oh No
Couldn't fool us
With Cherry spinning out his bile, PJ talking shit as always
Hand in hand went Gio and PFK
The Captain and the Kid stepping in the ring
From here on PJ, PJ,PJ, it's a long and lovely climb

the Maritimer said...

@GG, I still have that album (the vinyl version) and Madman Across the Water (Tiny Dancer) as well. I've converted both to digital format with a USB turntable and got it on my iPod. You even get all the crackle sounds from the records. I like it, adds character when you listen to them.

What a great win last night. Those boobs on the TSN panel couldn't predict shit. I couldn't even get angry at Chokula last night. Thought he looked like a mortician though in that dark suit and matching accoutrements.

Man, we are getting whacked down here again, another 30cm of snow on top of the 100+ we already have on the ground. Can't wait to get to Florida in a month. Got my tickets bought yesterday to see the lads play the Panthers on March 3rd.


Steve said...

@maritimer, do you have Carbiou as well, tickn, the Brian Burka, KomiIsuck song.

The most obvious drug cover ever. Great Work GG11 poster worthy

HabsFan29 said...

that's great work GG and, uh, GG! we don't need no stinking writers

Kmaxxx that's great work too. I'm sure moeman approves

Orangeman said...

Who's Elton John? What's a vinyl version? What does Tiny Dancer mean? What the hell is a 1970s?

Mr. natural said...

@GG and all FHF, apologies for rarely commenting on the art work as it doesn't load here at the orifice.

Anyway great Phucken' night.

Gio 3 - Crapitals 0

French Connection 4 - Phucktards 0

My yougest has a buddy that calls from Vancouver to bust our balls, anyway he called at 1-0 and then again at 2-0, wait here's the punchline he's also a PHucktard PHan, so double whammy on him.


Die PHucktards Die!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell was with the ref calling out PK after what Ovie did to him by the net???

Please, please, as much as I love your blog, the "fuck" words are overkill. It was funny at first, but now it's just run its' course. Your blog is super funny without the swearing.

Dedicated reader

GoldenGirl11 said...

My apologies for swearing so early in the morning. Totally uncalled for.

Now back to my fucking 9,000 loads of laundry.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean you GoldenGirl11, I meant the writers...

soperman said...


He starts Timbits in the fall. I have already told him that if the Leaf draft him he is to go to the stage, refuse to put on the jersey and announce his retirement from hockey.

Younger brother is on the way in July, he will be told the same thing.

I always assumed you were a lot younger than I was. Enjoy the kids, they eventually grow up.

If they both get drafted by the Habs I promise there will be no Kostitsynish issues.

P.S. I do understand how remote the chances are that they will be drafted, I am just preparing for all contingencies.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I know. We posted at the same time. I was joking not answering you. Fluke.

2 weeks shy of 46. There are three others ages 11, 14 and 16.

soperman said...


I am sure your kids are great but I just had some horrific flashbacks when you mentioned their ages.