Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, February 22nd

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of being gouged by Apple...
  • Caps and Pens always manage a barnburner, so last night must have been... Caps 1, Pens 0. Wait, what?
  • Chicago takes care of the Blues 5-3, stays right in that gigantic clusterfuck for 8th in the East;
  • 5-3 Isles over the Panthers in a battle of Eastern conf titans, with Matt Moulsen getting a hat trick;
  • Plenty of teams trading, just not the Habs. Yesterday was Stars-Pens;
  • Sheldon Souray cleared waivers. Remember when he was a defenseman every man wanted to play with and every woman wanted to sleep with
  • Rejean Tremblay rips into Geoff Molson for, uh, having the American national anthem played at the THHC? And a lack of French at the game? Like that was his fault?
  • Your power rankings roundup could get ugly: ESPN has the Habs down to 17th, and in a crazy twist, both The Hockey News and TSN seem not to have published them yesterday as usual. Well that makes this easier.
Habs' 0-3 Western road trip concludes tonight in Vancouver.


moeman said...

G Y F H G !

Anonymous said...

Hey bitCHes...

NYR are playing Hurricanes tonite.
Two teams that are trailing no-good Habs.
More pressure...

the Maritimer said...

@Anon from last night, so Carey, PK and a few of the boys were out having a few last night until two a.m.
That shouldn't be a problem as their body clocks were telling them it was only 11:00pm EST. They weren't ready to go to sleep anyway.
Since the outcome of this game has been pre-determined by 29 (0-3 Western swing) and it starts at 11:00pm AST, I wasn't going to be watching anyway. Instead, I'm going to go down to the local rink and watch the No. 1 ranked junior team in Canada who have only lost 5 fucking games all year long and play a high octane offense take no prisoners style of game.
Tonight's punching bags will be Soperman's Halifax Mooseheads coached by the last big scoring center the Habs had, Bobby Smith.
Have fun tonight, I'll be reading all the comments tomorrow morning.

Steve said...

If TFS and PFK can play hungover, Mex can play on Acid. Give him the acid Chocula.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the French writer's thing about the anthems. I'm not sure 'who' is to blame, but surely many people have let the excision of the French verse AND the inclusion of an entire US anthem come into Calgary under the radar. I want answers- seriously. I want to know who's decision this was to play the US anthem. Bettman? The town (yes, town) of Calgary? The Flames owner? Who? Let's research this and get to the core. Aren't we all tired of being spineless Canadians? I know I am.

Steve said...

The league has got to review that Stars - Pens deal. Its bad enough to have Boston feed by the Laffs, now we have a effort to keep Pittsburg long in the playoffs, whats next the Thrashers building up Washington?

Steve said...

I have invented the Mex tracker, it keeps track of how far over the blue line Mex travels, latest results show to small a sample to be statistically significant.

moeman said...

Love these Lowe blows.

Kmaxx said...

So...Chocula has been fuckin' with the lines AGAIN...well let's make sure this is the last time. If Gomez and Tits can't produce to prove 29th theory about this road trip wrong, then leave them in Vancouver - they are of no use to us. The Habs really need to pull their shit together tonight. Like our learned colleague out East, I won't be watching (although if I get up early enough I might just catch the end!)but I'll read all about it in the morning. And I'm really missing the "highlights" video - haven't had one of them in bit have we!!

Mr.Natural said...

@29: I love what Maddux once said about Apple: "there is ONE thing that PC users can do that Mac users cannot... SHUT THE PHuck UP about their computers! God I hate the cult of Apple.

To all you posters today: You're a bucnh of PHunny PHucks!

Been a rough week for our beloved Bulld.. err Habs.


Get healthy get to the playoffs and PHucken' KILL!

On a lighter note, gotta take Ms. N out on Saturday, any suggestions on the better piano or Jazz clubs in Montreal?

I already have the following suggestions:

> Upstairs
> Modavie
> Le piano Rouge.


Steve said...

Its pretty fucking obvious this team is not going to win the cup, and I hate to say it let alone think it, but getting past the first round is going to be a hard as finding Mex's heart. So Blow it up real good. Aim for 2013.

Gill is good for a great prospect to all the contenders.

What the fuck is wrong with Tits that a good coach could not fix, look at little tits and Gravol, first rounder for him.

Mex to the minors, he played his way out of town in November.

Package Hammer and Pyatt and trade them to the Ice Capades for a skating coach.

Does Lego have an upside, dont know but Hamilton for you plastic man.

The bottom line it will not change the outcome in the playoffs at all.

the Maritimer said...

Fuck, Steve, you kill me! LMFAO!!!!