Monday, February 21, 2011

The Morning Skate for Monday, February 21st

Had to update the post with the mask that will devour your CHildren

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of being the highest-ranked Canadian tennis player ever...
  • Well that was disappointing. Flames 4, Habs Zip. Give some credit to Kipper we guess, blame the ice, blame the refs, blame Mrs. Panger, but really, just, sigh. This team is getting really frustrating now. Once again, we'll see what Panger has to say later today;
  • Rangers lose again too, tho. No one wants 6th place;
  • Caps win 2-1 over the Sabres. At least someone wants 5th place;
  • Wings win their fifth straight;
  • Chicago is struggling to get into a playoff position, beat Pens in a SO;
  • Let's see what Jack Todd has today: calls the THHC a marketing stunt (so he agrees with us), railing into Gomez (sounds good), and calling people who bashed PFK totally racist. Uh oh.
Man this soon to be 0-3 road trip will be the death of us.


moeman said...

"The Montreal Canadiens had just four wins in their past 25 games in British Columbia or Alberta heading into the Heritage Classic Sunday and ahead of the Habs’ game in Vancouver on Tuesday."

the Maritimer said...

I'm going to be at the game in Sunrise, Florida against the Panthers next week. I'll be the guy wearing the paper bag over his head. I can't speak for what the rest of my family will be wearing.

Anonymous said...

Steve said: Im done with Chocula, Mex, and Hammer.

What we learned, the system is really called a goalie playing out of his mind, it calls for lots of odd man rushes, and taking countless shots from the perimeter.

After puking on the ice for two straight games, bench Mex, Tits, Lego, Hammer against Vancouver.

Kmaxx said...

The more I watched that exhibition match last night - the more I hated it - because it wasn't an exhibition. Someone commented that the Habs were playing a team from McDonalds, as those uniforms were almost as hideous as the Habs Jailbird ones from the Centennial season of shame...and look who got their collectives handed to them AGAIN! Not looking forward to Tuesday at all. And while I'm on a roll here - Carey - wtf is with that mask? hopefully it's to confuse the shooter because I don't know where to look - maybe you'll look different when you don't wear eyeliner! And lastly - I'm with Steve and everyone else when I say - bench Tits and the Mexican! otherwise - there will be no motivation for them to improve. Better yet - get rid of them both - Hey - we could use a couple bags of pucks!

Anonymous said...

Excellent article by Jack Tods. Yes, agreed, Gomez sucks the big one. Yes, zeroing in on PK by assholes out there is purely a racist thing. And yes, who in their right fucking mind decided to play the Yankee anthem in Calgary??? Anyone out there know if they played ours in Pittsburgh?

Time for an all-Canadian league. Seriously. We Canadians need to grow us sone balls.

L Dude said...

With all due respect to our resident Prince of Parody, moeman:

Lyrics by Not Bob Cole:

Untradeable, that's what you are
Untradeable, you are a scar
Like a piece of shit that clings to me
How I wish that we could set you free
Never before has someone been more

Untradeable in every way
And for three more years, that's how you'll stay
That's why, Gomer, it's incredible
That someone so untradeable
Can be so hateable too

Untradeable in every way
And for three more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, Gomer, it's incredible
That someone so untradeable
Doesn't think that 8 mil per year is regrettable too!

moeman said...

Well done LDude.

Anonymous said...

Game was a joke. Only the All-Star game should be played out door, because at least there we expect a joke.

Anonymous said...

"Time for an all-Canadian league. Seriously. We Canadians need to grow us sone balls."

120% agreed.

We all know that habs in the NHL is a joke concept nowadays. Overpaid et al.

A All-canadian league. Comparable to the CFL.

A CHA if you will.
Normal market teams. ALL Canadian boys. Teams in good ol' cities such as Halifax, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Victoria, Saskatoon, London, Quebec city, etc.
Salary caps in effect, avg salary $200K Not $2.5M

Real working class families can attend at $20 a ticket. Not $200.

$5 a beer. Not $10.

That would be great!!!!

Kmaxx said...

@squidly - I'm not sure I agree with the whole "I Am Canadian" league idea - honestly here - the thing to do is to get rid of the fuckin' basketball commissioner we've had ruining the NHL since whenever it was he joined. He hates hockey and he hates Canadians. He's a fuckin' joke American Lawyer Basketball fan trying to make the NHL into something it's not. Get rid of him and you'll have a huge start to making things better. I also agree with whoever Anon is saying leave the outdoor game to the All Star game - two wrongs don't make aright but at least the regular season point total is not affected!

Hadulf said...


You're was up with the US Anthem? I was like, when did Alberta become a state??? Or is it Québec?

Moey said...

Souray clears waivers.

It's okay Shel, Moey still loves you. *hugs*

b said...

What? They played Gens du Pay in Alberta?

the Maritimer said...

@Kmaxx, agreed, time for the little yankee shyster to get the boot. I nominate Ken Dryden to replace Gary for NHL commissioner. Might be hard to get 24 American owners to agree though.