Friday, February 25, 2011

The Morning Skate for Sexy Friday, February 25th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Scarlett Johansson doing things with a champagne bottle...
  • Sigh. Leaf 5, Habs 4. Fuck the Ke$$elTracker. Fuck the refs. Fuck JM. OK we better stop before our anger takes over Sexy Friday. No doubt HF10's review later today will be angry enough for all of us;
  • Flyers need OT to beat the Isles;
  • The rest of the games were all in the West so we don't care. The only one that moderately holds our interest is the Stars ending their 5-game losing streak against the Wings no less;
  • Kovy goes to the Pens as the Pens hope to turn back the clock 10 years. Though for a conditional 7th rounder, why the hell not, we would have taken him for that. But the Goat is dead;
  • Wait, the Goat is not dead! Ben Maxwell to the Thrash for Brent Sopel and Nigel Dawes. Hmm, not quite the blockbuster we need. The good news on that trade is that Brent Sopel's wife is a blogger, so we like him already.
That's two weeks in a row of Sexy Friday being tainted by a loss the night before. Blech. Anyway, you need something extra special, so how about a new Megan Fox Armani underwear ad. Unfortunately it's just a teaser, the whole vid only comes out next week. But I'm teased.


L Dude said...

Congrats to the leaf on their cup winning game last night! Big assists to the on ice officials and JM for starting Alex Fucking Auld instead of, you know, the guy who shut the fuckers out TWICE already. Good job by all.
Fuck. said...

all TSN could talk about (ad nauseum) this morning was how the Leafs are now 4 pts back from 8th place !!!!
they must be shutting downtown TO for the parade this WE.

Le Douze said...

@bea - yeah, even the Globe and Mail on my breakfast table this morning was gushing about that ... could barely hold down my eggs & toast.

I sure hope Mrs. Sopes is cute and/or great in bed, because based on the evidence of her blog, she's a fucking crazy bitch. Still an interesting insight into the personal side of the NHL transaction log.

LG, did you manage to make it through the game without biting any of your firm's clients? Without punching out the managing partner? If so, you're a better man than I. Or something.

I can't decide which was worse, the officiating or the penalty kill. I'm leaning toward the PK.

Steve said...

The good news is the slump stud did not work, hopefully such perversion will not sully the blog again for a long time.

This is what went down last night.

To: Chocula
From. Basketball Commish

Chocky, can you play Auld, we need the Leafs in the playoffs, were trying to get a network deal and no one there has ever heard of Montreal. I have been trying to destroy the team for years, but they just wont die. Now about the refs, yeah there going throw the game, but dont get mad, dont show any emotion okay.

Love Gary.

P.S Look for a case of trublood in your trunk.

Steve said...

I am going to have some trouble commenting today, as usual being sexy Friday the laptop does not want to sit flat, and like Mrs Sopes, my nanny is in Hawaii, and she usually takes care of leveling things out.

Kmaxx said...

I watched the first twi last night then had to call it a night - I had a bad feeling (but it was 2.30 am! I thought it would be 5-3 (empty net)when I checked this morning BUT 5-4 FELT EVEN WORSE!. The reffing was abysmal last night - for both sides - I think I would prefer they played on shitty outdoor ice in sub zero temperatures to not knowing what was going to cause the referee to blow his whistle (or not!) next. I'd like to look at it as a Price win - 3-2 - but can't. Your preview yesterday said it all - "Never Fuck With A Winning Streak" - so why start AA? Made no sense and it kinda sums up Chocula - he knows his "system" but his "system" is not going to win us the cup back. It will get us into the playoffs and maybe into the second round - but that is it. It's late in the season but they need to move him NOW!!!!! Let's not waste the season - because that is what we will be doing. We can see what happens when the Habs skate and hit and shoot. We also see what ends up happening when they stop skating and hitting and shooting. They cycle and cycle and eventually the opponents score and we lose and can't figure out how we lost because we played so well - load of bollock! The Habs need to skate and hit and shootm and score and win.

God I hate a loss to the leaf - it completely ruins my day - I don't give a shit about the circumstances - we should never lose to the leaf. Right now I am so glad I don't live in Toronto - so I don't have to listen to their delusions of grandeur. It was bad enough listening to Sportsnet last night - God that was awful! i'M RAMBLING i KNOW BUT A LEAF LOSS DOES THAT TO ME! On a positive, I read Sopel's wife's blog - she sounds fit and interesting. She's already got his nickname sorted - refers to him as "Sopes" - ok -it's not creative but at this point in the season it's easy - only time will tell if he sticks with the team and thus becomes worthy of a proper FHF tagname!

That's my rant for Friday.

Steve said...

Sopes is fine, for your consideration Soaps or Soap on a Rope, cause you dont want to be bending over in the communal shower(see Midnight Express) and that could be shortened to Rope, now rope is made from Hemp, so logically his name is MJ for Mary Jane.

Kmaxx said...

@Steve - Awesome!

Steve said...

Chocula got a Tweet from Gary between first and second period.

Can yeah play Mex like 40 min.Sucking you Gary.

Hadulf said...

@Steve - that was twisted! +1

lawyergirl77 said...

Douze - sorta. I got to see most of the Habs' goals, at least. Mostly, I was trying not to pay attention when things were starting to get bad for fear of letting loose an epic rant the likes of which would have gotten me fired.

So, basically, I had to schmooze for most of the game. One of those "adding insult to injury" situations.

I will admit, however, that loges are REALLY fucking nice. Wow. Still not worth the obscene price tag, but still. Very nice.

the Maritimer said...

I'm not watching anymore Habs-leaf games until Chokula is shown the door. Fuck him and his fucking system. You don't need a system to beat the leaf. Just start your best goalie and let your best players (Gomez not included) play to their capabilities and the leaf will fall apart automatically.

JT is right, Chokula doesn't trust his young players and only coaches to try not to lose badly. By next Christmas Geoff Molson will hopefully fire his sorry ass and burn his notebook.

the Maritimer said...

Count me among the trade Gomez crowd as well. He's fucking useless. A 7th round pick will be sufficient.

Steve said...

@maritimer, outcoached by the most hated coach in the league. Four lines playing offense hockey beat us, although we might consider Riemer as a backup and donut boy would be a good rental until we found a man, the rest could not make the bulldogs.