Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, February 15th

Today's Heritage Classic alternate jersey is all like, woah, dude, is it 4:20 already?
Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of being indicted on soliciting a minor prostitute charges while you're the PM...
  • FIFTH FUCKING PLACE, bitCHes, thanks to the Caps' 3-2 loss to the Yotes;
  • Jaro beats Luongo, and Luongo did a nice favour to the Blues and handed them a goal (video);
  • Flames crush the Avs 9-1;
  • The Avs were without Peter Forsberg, who retired again. We'd say something nice about him, but we'll probably get another chance;
  • Brian Burke trying to make the CotU media love him by keeping busy with trades. Versteeg to Flyers for 2011 picks including a first-rounder;
  • TSN continues their PFK piling-on;
  • Squid was at practice yesterday with the team and may be back for the Heritage Classic;
  • The Power Rankings roundup has the Habs in 10th (ESPN), 7th (!) (The Hockey News), and 13th (guess who).
Buffalo comes a-callin' tonight. While you wait, lap dance to iRiRi who keeps pointing us to awesome Habs video. Today's question is about crushes when they were 10 years old. Hal Gill at the 1:22 mark rules as always.


Mr.natural said...

Not having read all the comments in yesterday's debate so at the risk of repeating what has already been said:

2 points for any kind of win.
1 point for an overtime loss
0 points for a shootout loss

That way you still have to PLAY to win and the 4 on 4 overtime would be awesome.

moeman said...

Halpern FTW.

Steve said...

I am getting very tired of the Leafs building up the Bruins and Flyers. I demand Nashville become our bitch.

Kmaxx said...

I'm getting pretty fuckin' fed up with all this PFK hate that TSN keeps laying on us. If they want to hightlight something and pass it on to the masses, how about this quote..."I just go out there and play hard and work hard for my teammates and the coaching staff. It's about the Montreal Canadiens. It's not about me or about anyone else. It's what's best for the organization. As long as I keep that in my head and not get sucked into it, I think everything should be fine."

That is what makes PFK the envy of all the teams that are knocking him, and especially the asswipes in leaf nation who only wish they had a rookie who showed so much spirit, talent and class.

So I say - Enough already!!


Steve said...

I am mystified by the hate on for PFK. I cant believe its racial. I think its a combo of fear and jealousness. Until Chocula yanked on the chocker chain PFK was developing into a game changing defenseman like Orr, Coffey or Savard.

While Chocula will not destroy him, he is now another trained plyon, why make the quick outlet pass to Mex and watch him lose it every time at the blue line?

soperman said...

In the TSN rankings they say about the Habs, "Shut out Toronto Saturday to snap a three-game slide, but they're getting a big contribution out of diminutive C David Desharnais, who has six points in the last three games."

Does this mean getting a big contribution from a smaller player is a bad thing? With this logic Chara, Boogard and Gill are better players than Crosby, Ovechkin and Kane.

Complete shitheads.

Steve said...

@soperman, DDD looks great, I was impressed at how strong he is on his skates,you see him running into guys and its the other guy who goes down.

Steve said...

How about 3D as moniker for DD?

In three D he is over 6 ft!

soperman said...

@ steve

You are absolutely right, 3D is playing great! the geeks at TSN never said a word about Blake's height when he played for the Leaves ... until they realized he sucked.

iRiRi said...

That lap dance is a day late... but I'll take it!

Habs face Jhonas Enroth tonight. Brendon Nash called up *says a prayer for Gill* GYFHG!

Hadulf said...

Ok, I hate myself for saying this. But I wish TO wins tonight.

Steve said...

@Hadulf I want the leafs to win win win and make the playoffs, and we get them first round, same as a bye. And we fuck Boston out of another top draft pick. FUCK BOSTON, FUCK PHILLY, and I dont care about the fucking leafs and likely wont in my lifetime.

Orangeman said...

The good thing about the TSN hatefest is if you scroll through the comments 90% of the people disagree with it. Alot of them admit being leaf or broons fans or hating the Habs, but saying enough is enough. Hopefully that'll be a hint to TSN to shut up already. But probably not. Afterall, this is the site who yesterday printed a story saying that because the Pen/NYI game page got the most hits last Friday most fans disagree with Mario and want more brawls. Because, as you know, when people slow down to look at a car crash they are supporting car crashes. Morons.

the Maritimer said...

Somebody yesterday said the Habs points record would stand if the league went to a 3 point regulation win because it would be understood it was under a different system. If that's so, how come there is not an asterix by Barry Bond's name? As far as I'm concerned I don't trust the morons that run the NHL to do the Montreal Canadiens any favours. They'll fuck them any chance they can get.
It's getting really discouraging to listen to all the crap that is said about Montreal by CBC and TSN's hockey personnel. They gag anytime they have to say anything positive about the team or any player when they are successful. Moeman has a great time ripping on them for all that crap and I admit I get enjoyment reading it, but really it's a shame the Canadiens don't seem to get their just due.