Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sCHtv - Farm Team Report ~ BUF 3 - Hamilton 2 (SO) ~ Horse Hooey Game Review

Well good afternoon' FHFers, I call you FHFers because who the hell else reads these game reviews? Its a bit past 5PM and this is your Farm Team Report featuring players drafted or acquired by Billy Bob Gainey and Trevor Sol Timmins. You almost need a programme or an AlmanaCH to figure out all those new CHaracters in their blue-blanc-rouge duds. Desharnais, Nash, Subban, Price, Pacioretty, White, Weber, Pyatt. Five of the Canadiens' 18 skaters began the season in the AHL.

CHicken elbows ~ Pouliot is proving it with his stick and his shoulders.

Ham-fisted hocks ~ Couldn't get more than two twine twinges on AHL call-up Jhonas Enroth.

JMs Jowels ~ Flappin' the 'System' after the 2nd period. Quit corralling them CHocula.

HatCHed CHickadee ~ DDD, so cute, so tiny, so diminutive you just want to squeeze him.

Turd Blockers ~ Looks like the Sabres figured out TFS™'s weak spot (I miss the days when mcsplooge said the book on Carey was high glove-hand). Lucky Craig 'Cowpie' Rivet didn't get a shot.

Buffalo Bellies ~ Holy cow can these bullshit artists milk it in a shootout or what?

Loose Lips ~ Winnipeg-based farmhand lehab took some of the blame but seeing as he's in Winnipeg we say he's suffered enough.

Magic Maple Beans ~ Someone gave them to the leaf, who beat the Bs, in regulation, allowing the Habs to be virtually tied for 1st. Orphaned Russian Habhand Gabrovski wins it. Forgotten son Guy BouCHer's team got a pity point too.

Inflatable Sheep ~ English cable tv sCHepherds tsn have lost their fucking way. Can we trade them?

High on the Hogs ~ Is it me or is Michel Bergeron (who has taken ownership of DDD's career) getting really fat? Speaking of fatheads, can Bluet embarrass himself more?

Goat Futures ~ Trade deadline is Feb 28th. Make some hay Pierre.

Fertilizer Sale ~ How many times must the Buffalo coach shoot shit at the refs? Enough for them to apparently apologize to him. Fuck that, time to blow up Lindy Ruff, real good.

Farmer's Daughter ~ Here she is. Don't touCH her!


Habswede said...

You really don't need a tag that neither says "Bruins suck" or "Maple Gleafs suck" - People already know this. Household name. =)

Cheers from Sweden once again.
/ André

bob cold formerly known as lehab said...

The fridge is full moeman, but leave some for 29 for calling me on that blunder. I will be back sometime Monday, so don't destroy the house too much. And can you feed the dog and cats. Also, did I mention..... oh forget it.. I have done enough jinxing the habs. GYFHG

the Maritimer said...

@moeman, you noticed the stick side thing as well. Carey, get off your knees man. Make yourself look bigger.

Steve said...

I like the farmers daughter, in fact its nothing new. Why give a fuck about the regular season. Unless your a giant turd covered in the runs you make the playoffs.

For the run, TFS is going to have to get off his fucking knees and watch some Jaro tapes. He is lazy on this, and it costs goals.

If Mex decides to play, and big tits gets over his brobramance, we really have a shot.

Of course someone will have to get some trublood into Choculas brain, that sitting on a lead is fucked.

Number31 said...

Shouldn't have gone to a shootout in the first place. Buffalo was aiming for that because they win shootouts. What are they now 7-0? Why can't our guys have any brains in shootouts. STUTTER STOP MOTHERFUCKERS! If Lapierre can figure it our, surely these guys can... Instead they is WEAK. Except the kids. The kids are alright.

Revenge: The Leaf is beating them (so far) now with YoMammaWeen in nets. They also appear to have caught Hamr's turnover disease.

kevincrumbs said...

Paul Mara back again? I'm okay with that for a fifth round pick, but it leads me to believe that Jaro 2.0's injury is worse than expected.

Le Douze said...

@kc - Definitely a bit of a surprise to see Mara back. He was a bit of a disappointment when he was healthy, seemed like he was -100 or so and taking lots of bad penalties, but maybe he was playing injured. He had seemed better when he was with the Rangers, so maybe he will have more success than the last time around. Still, maybe it's not a bad decision given that the current blueline's average NHL experience is probably about 1 year if Hamr goes down.

Number31 said...

The Beard! Frankly Mara > Picard.

Actually NASH > Picard.

Can they trade Picard back to Ottawa with a note saying "We sort of fixed him, we'll take a conditional pick"?

HabsFan29 said...

Go Bulldogs!

Boy some of you people are up early today