Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Game Day Skate drags his sorry ass out of bed for the first time in a week for Tuesday, February 1st

NHL Guardian Project villain, The Jackass... er, Jackal
Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of a march of millions...
  • Squid! SQUEEE!!!!! Squid looking good to return pretty soon. Maybe. Possibly. He might even be back for the twin Super Bowl matinees this weekend;
  • In that same article, it was pointed out CHokula played with the lines at practice, switching up Plexxxe's and Gomez' wingers. At least he's doing, uh, something? How about adjusting the system coach?
  • The NHLPA and CBC conducted a players poll, and the Bell Centre was voted favourite building to play in, yet also has the 2nd-worst boards and glass, though with good ice;
  • And Plexxxe made the most underrated players list;
  • And the Habs are 3rd-most overrated team;
  • Coach players would least like to play for? Ron Wilson. At what point does it become piling on to the Leaf? Ever?
  • Power rankings roundup: ESPN (Habs 11th), The Hockey News (11th), TSN (15th). No bias there;
  • Props to Number31 who had the stomach to watch the whole ASG. You have more guts than us;
  • We wanted to link to the Habs' Stan Lee Guardian story which was published over the weekend, but it was so mind-numbingly bad we are now seeing this: I cannot connect to the database because: Unknown MySQL server host 'mysql50-65.wc2.dfw1.stabletransit.com' (2). Trust us, that was more entertaining than the actual story about the Guardian chasing motorcycles at the Grand Prix (seriously). UPDATE - seems to be fixed. Read it if you dare.
OK hockey tonight! Caps! Offense maybe!


HabsFan29 said...

this thing on? you guys know there's a game tonight?

L Dude said...

Hi 29. Hear the crickets?

I'm scared in here. It's like the first time I had sex. I was all alone.
Hmm. I guess that would make it like the last time too.

Anyway, GYMFHG!!!

HabsFan29 said...

Jebus thank you L Dude. I was beginning to fear some freakish plague (from Philly) that wipes out all FHF commentors

Kmaxx said...


HabsFan29 said...

great pic add to TMS GG. I may never sleep again, thanks alot

lawyergirl77 said...

From the Canadiens Guardian page:

Strawberry blonde with pointy tits and fuck me boots: "Is that a MAN?"
Loser dude losing his cap: "Or a DYNAMO?"
Kid latching on to loser dude: "I think it's BOTH!"


None of them are smoking. Not a realistic depiction of the Grand Prix, IMHO.

soperman said...

I enjoyed the All-star weekend. Subban was hilarious putting on a 'Canes sweater to get a cheer from the crowd, I used to hate the 'Canes but they are too lame to hate now. Price played well, truly deserved to be there (so did Plexxxe but what are you gonna do?) McLame and "Heel"ly were hilarious defending Leafdom from the NHLPA survey. "That was a nasty question about not wanting to play for Ron Wilson." Suck it up, Leaf. And my personal favourite answer for which Canadian city deserves an NHL team? Number two - Toronto. Maybe they deserve an NHL team, too bad they don't have one. :o):o)

The game was pond hockey but hey, it was more entertaining than some games that should mean something.

As for the "Guardian Project". It's a fucking comic book, it is for kids, not just immature adults like me.

Orangeman said...

How can the Habs be so overrated? They squeaked into the playoffs last year and make it to the ECF. They were predicted to finish 11th this year and are in the mix for 5-8 place, and even possibly the lead in the NE. How is that overrated? I'm honestly confused by that answer.

Le Douze said...

I missed most of the All Star weekend due to various T&E commitments (unfortunately not T&A). I did see period 1 of the ASG while waiting for a plane and it reminded me of the dads vs. kids games we used to play when my kid was about 10. Everybody holding back and just passing the puck around and having fun. Anyway, can't say that I'm too upset about missing the ASG coverage, other than PFK's antics and Carey's good work.

My #1 son and Mrs. Le12 are off to see the NHL hype (ice) machine at our local Canadian Tire this afternoon thanks to tip in HIO. The perks of living in CoTU...

the Maritimer said...

I wonder how much time and energy McSplooge will spend on telling the listeners how great Washington D-man John Carlson is. Every time the Habs play these shithead Craps that's all he wants to scream about. Carlson! Gold medal game winner! Blammo!

Fuck off Pierre, you're an idiot.

L Dude said...

The best part about the ASG and PK wearing Skinner's sweater was when he was interviewed about it and he said "It was Mr. Boyle's idea."

I thought 'who the fuck is Mr. Boyle? Does he own the Canes or something?'. Then it hit me he was talking about Dan Boyle. What a great kid! This ASG may be the best thing that could have happened for PK and the Habs. I've seen numerous positive reports the past few days.
Hopefully all of the foolish unwarranted shit by arsepicks like Richards and Cherry are behind us.