Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crosby Conspiracy Time!

You know, it's pretty amazing how this video of Sidney sucker punching Boris Valabek in the groin (repeatedly! from behind!) has been pretty much ignored. It made it onto Deadspin over the weekend and Puck Daddy spoke out yesterday, but generally this story has not really been discussed heavily in the MSM (if at all), and it looks like the NHL is going to do absolutely nothing about it.

There is no doubt Bettman has silenced everyone. Except us! Fuck you, Gary. Stop playing favourites and take a stand. We will not stand for groin shenanigans unless strippers are involved.


Montréaliste1 said...

Nice find. You should also insurge against an obvious electoral fraud going on. Its impossible that more people are actually voting for Fleury, Malkin and (injured) Gonchar.

And you are right, eat a dick Gary.

Montréaliste1 said...

Meanwhile, good news for Ovechkin...

HabsFan29 said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Classic. Man I love The Onion

Baroque said...

I was more upset about the groin punching until it turns out that Boris didn't even notice until he saw the video.

A punch that weak is just funny. :)

Habitforming said...

Crosby takes more abuse then any other player in the league....good for Sid, give it any way you can my boy.
Valabik is a dirty SOB as well so I don't have any sympathy for him.

gillis said...

Wow, it seems like its been so long since ive commented.

Anyway, I managed to watch the Canes game while in Tremblant. I think the league should put a cap on how much the canes are allowed to pay the refs.

whatever, I agree with Tom K.

Crosby's a pussy. I just read in "the hockey news" thinger that they consider Crosby the "face" of the NHL, and Ovechkin the "skateboarder" type of player. I don't get it. How does tinted visors and yellow laces make you a skateboarder?

Ovechkin would never do anything like what Crosby did. Ovies a beast. He'd just crush him on the boards, instead of going for the cheap shot.

The league may gain some viewers by clinging on to Crosby, but in the mean time, they're pissing off real hockey fans that know just how Crosby plays.

Whatever, they'll be clingin onto Price soon enough as the goalie of the NHL.

And I know this is no biggy but the sll-star thing pissed me off. I mean, there is no way that Crosby's vote totals were going up at 300 votes per second. The league definetly stepped in on the Montreal thinger that was happenning. It's not right. They should be counting only "real" votes. its bullshit. but like i said. its no big deal

i heart ovechkin

Number31 said...

Crosby conspiracy #2! Robbed the Buffaslugs of a win with an OT goal on a very clear over-the-crossbar high stick. Review says: weakass tip-in goal by Crosby to stop his 9 game scoring slump.

And then Lindy Ruff exploded.


Van Hab said...

What, no happy ending?
This porn sucks.

Anonymous said...

@Van Hab
I bow to your genius

What game was it that Markov's goal was disallowed because of that "high stick"? He made contact with the puck much lower than when Crosby "scored" the other night.

LiLL said...

@HF29..funny word(s) of the day.
"disco sod"......

aka, 70's 'bush',,which I think is in fashion at Supersexe????
along with the gunt....

DC said...

"Sloppy seconds" = 6 games
Groin punching = 0 games

Proof that the NHL is run by a bunch of bondage freaks into genital stomping.