Monday, December 22, 2008

Greek Lightning Speaks the Truth - Canes 3, Habs 2 (OT)

"It would be easy to blame it (on the disallowed goals), but we didn't deserve to win"
- Tom Kostopolous, Gazette story about the game

Absolutely fucking right Tom. Habs played 10 minutes of hockey, the second half of the third period. Blame the refs all you want, and yes the refs may have crapped the bed, but that doesn't excuse 50 minutes of completely lifeless play. There were only really two or three players making any sort of effort. Price played decently once he got his sea legs back, and Mad Max and Gui! had some French Connection chemistry. Otherwise, we sucked for most of the game.

That is all.


Panic Mode said...

In all fairness it's difficult to look good against trapping lunch-pail type teams.

Anonymous said...

fuck the lunch-pail,consistency and not putting in the effort. it turning into a 100 Reasons to hate this seasons. my god, what is wrong with this team? fuck me if carbo even knows. what is it gonna take for them to wake up?

Number31 said...

Gotta love the Zombie Pleks.

copyranter said...

Agreed. Their forwards consistently get out-skated. What is that? Effort? Conditioning? Faulty skate sharpener?

lostinleafland said...

I'm feeling festive. Let's look on the bright side.
Our PP is near the bottom of the league, our defense has been crippled with injuries, our #1 goalie has been average, our coach hasn't kept a line together for more than three games, our most talented player is on track for 20 goals,,,all this shit and we still have 42 pts at the break.
If any of the above turn it around, we're in good shape.
Now back to the rum & eggnog..
Festivus for the rest of us.

fezworth said...

May I also point out (and I think this was true last season, correct me if I'm wrong), that we haven't gone more than 3 games without losing, this season or last.

orangeman said...

I just want Saku back. He always brings it.

I think Begin has been playing well recently, too. At least Kovy is mostly out of his funk and ready to explode at any moment. I think this break is a good thing.