Sunday, December 21, 2008

Loving and Hating Kovy - Habs 4, Sabres 3 (OT)

Let's go to the videotape as we continue with the love and hate theme we've got going around here. Oh Kovy, how we love you. Oh Kovy, how we hate you.

Love: The work he did on Little Tits' tying goal (4:40 mark of the video)
Hate: We wouldn't have needed a fucking tying goal if you didn't take a stupid fucking penalty in the FUCKING OFFENSIVE ZONE with less than 10 minutes to play in the game, leading to a PP goal. If I may repeat my comment from the open thread, AARRRGHHHHHHH.

Love: The classic Kovy wrister from his office in the left face-off circle that won it in OT (6:05 mark). Fuck, he put that puck through a hole the size of a stripper's Youppi! And I'm talking about a stripper that works at a classy club, not one where they are really hookers.
Hate: The fact that the Habs PP doesn't take advantage of Kovy's abilities from his office on a regular basis. Forget setting up from the point, GIVE IT TO FUCKING KOVY. Jeebus Carbo do some coaching.

Love: As LG77 pointed out, Kovy's elevated play when he is wearing the "C". Eight friggin' shots on goal and all sorts of jump last night. Goals in 3 straight games.
Hate: Why the fuck can't he be like that all the time??? I know we ask that question on a daily basis, but fuck. Seriously, if he had played with that same passion throughout his career, he would have ended up in the Top 10 career scoring. Maybe Top 5.

Love: The way he seems to be elevating Little Tits' game.
Hate: The way he has no effect whatsoever on Zombie Pleks' game.

Love: The Habs tuque he was wearing in his post game interview.
Hate: What's not to love?

Other things to love about the game: The fourth line especially Bégin and BGL smiling broadly during a fight, Jaro, and our third period play.
To hate about the game: less than 24 hours to enjoy it. Canes tonight.

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Van Hab said...

There's something awkward about taking a stripper/hooker home from a strip club. I feel like strippers are meant to e enjoyed in the context of the bar. Ass soon as it becomes apparent that they can be brought home, the in-club experience is cheapened, and so are you.

It's kind of like taking a doggie bag home from a classy restaurant. That rack of lamb doesn't taste the same off a paper plate at home at 3AM as it did under the mood lighting and fancy plates of the restaurant. Plus, everyone disapprovingly watched you carry it out of the restaurant with a guilty, cheap look on your face.