Sunday, December 14, 2008

TMS Seeks Suicide Assistance

For two games in a row, our only offense has come from Patrice Fucking Brisebois.

Kill me now.


Baroque said...

What if Brisebois gets a hat-trick in Carolina? Surely you want to see that before you kick the bucket. :)

lawyergirl77 said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing last night.

However, Carbo's press conference yesterday concerns me. He said that the players have to learn how to put the puck on net and shoot, and that while you can teach defence, you can't teach offence. (Not an exact quote, but it's what he was saying - check it out on Habs I/O)

That may explain why our defence is solid, but that we can't get it together and score. The players aren't being taught the system, and are just being left to their own devices. Not cool...

Pass the whiskey, 29.

Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't actually believe that offense is unteachable. The Red Wings' coaching staff would disagree on that point.

Sure, some players are more offensively talented than others from the start, but practice and teaching can help any player to put himself in a position to use the offensive talents he has - or compensate for his flaws. Jiri Hudler isn't the best skater in the world (although he has been working on it and the improvements are visible) but he's smart and gutsy enough to go to the areas where he is likely to get a puck. Usually the guys who go to the front of the net are these big behemoths, but he will be there often as well - despite the fact that he's probably about 5' 6" no matter what the "official" numbers are.

Teaching and coaching will never make a lousy offensive player into a goal-scoring machine, but it can make him better. To just throw up your hands and figure that offense is some innate ability that you can't change in any positive way, so why bother even trying - that's just a loser attitude.

gillis said...

I hate Brisebois
I hate Turtleplek
I hate Tanguay
I hate Gui!

now they should all score

Baroque said...

Hate Lang, too.

That will make two of us. He should go on a tear! :)

Panic Mode said...

Brisebois, 37 and playing every game, is one of the better performers recently.

gillis said...

@PM: Ya but I gotta hate him so that he keeps on scoring

Anonymous said...

We held a Hot team and a Hot scorer to a cpl goals..defence is being perfected with each game..Kommie is around the corner..Offence will come..and Mr Gainey is assessing our needs, certainly..just need it all gelling come April..

Anonymous said...

Breezer is my hero

Van Hab said...

The Collapse is upon us! here's to not winning another game in 2008! Wooooooooooooooo

But seriously who are we kidding? Everyone knows the Habs won't turn it on until after the All-Star Game. we'll flounder between 4th and 6th until then, make a trade just before the deadline, then get everyone's hopes up before losing in the second round.

Why is everyone getting all worked up? It's like getting all worked up for your seventh blind date in a row. Primp all you want but you're still ugly. There comes a time when one must realize that it's easier just to pay for sex. Ask Brisebois, he knows.

Limerick Dude said...

I 'may' be partially to blame for these losses. Remember when we thought 29 was jinxing the team by watching cuz when he missed a couple, the boys started winning. Well i missed the last 2 games (first 2 this year). Damned holiday gatherings!
No matter what I will not miss the next 2.

I'm sure this is the problem, not the plethora of injuries or the fact that you "can teach defense, but you cannot teach a player to score". I saw the interview, I'm pretty sure those were Carbo's exact words.
I think he was referring to missing the gaping open nets specifically. Perhaps they need to do 15 minutes of shooting at open nets from 10 feet out each practice.

Anyway, I'll be watching on Tuesday.

gillis said...

you guys should also put "Consecutive games without Kovalev scoring a goal" in the Habs Record section.

I think it'll stay up for a long time.

gillis said...

I still have my poll on "Should breezebye go on a permanent ski trip in france?" up at

I wonder what the results would be if I were to reset it

Baroque said...

you guys should also put "Consecutive games without Kovalev scoring a goal" in the Habs Record section.

I think it'll stay up for a long time.


It will "jinx" Kovalev and he will begin scoring immediately.

This team makes me feel like a cartoon character with a big, giant "?" floating over my head sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Breezer is a burgeoning cult hero.