Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Joe Sakic fails to learn lesson #1 about snowblowing - when you're rich, hire someone to do it

Joe Sakic, like all good Canadians, knows what it takes to clear the snow. Unfortunately, he seems to have not read the safety manual on his snowblower, 'cause he broke 3 fingers in a snow blower accident and will be out 3 months.

Of all the Joe Sakic injuries, there is no doubt this is our favourite. Though tearing your rotator cuff while cleaning your own fireplace flue was good too.*

*possibly made up, unlike snowblower story


lostinleafland said...

Dandy has a broken arm, so I'm assuming that means he's out for 4-6 weeks?
Is Bobby G now looking for defensemen via a trade?
What is the status with Higgins? I'm hoping he's gone for 6-8 months,,that's right,,6-8 months. We don't need him.
Chips and Dagger can fill in nicely.

gillis said...

wow... that sucks for him.

What an idiot.

He should have been snowblowing the 40 so I couldve gotten to the game on time.

Took me half an hour just to get from one side of Sources, to the other

Van Hab said...

I don't miss living in Montreal when I read about horrendous snowstorms like that.
I do, however, miss living in Montreal when I turn on my radio to hear non-stop sucking sounds of the sports commentators fellating Roberto Luongo.

Habsfan1993 said...

I always liked the injury Brian Leetch got when he slipped on the ice, fell, and broke his ankle...outside his apartment.