Thursday, December 18, 2008

Loving and Hating Philly - Game Preview and Open Thread

Yeah, I know I said no more hot chicks 'til we play better, but if you think I'm passing up a chance to feature the Eagles Cheerleaders in bikinis...

Go Philly! Your goal of having the sexiest cheerleaders in the NFL is a worthy one. Your ability to slap some fried meat and cheese on a bun is second to none. Your skills at throwing batteries from the 700 level are beyond reproach. You have a real kick-ass art museum and some awesome 18th century architecture in some cool neighbourhoods. We love you Philly. But we hate the Flyers. Let's get it on with some quick bullet points:
  • 7 PM start at the Phone Booth, first of 3 games in 4 nights here in Montreal;
  • It's on the CBC;
  • Habs have lost 3 straight, Flyers have won 5 straight. Oy;
  • While we hate the Flyers, we certainly love Flyers.Femme;
  • The only important piece of news you need about tonight is that DOOM will play!!! W00t!
  • Looks like Jaro will go again. And Ben Maxwell is back to Hamilton as BGL is back in the line-up;
  • As mentioned in TMS, the Danse à Dix line is back. Kovy is sort of hot (7 points in his last 7 games and finally a goal) so maybe he can revive the zombie Pleks;
  • I do very much like the Lang-Tangy-Dagger combo Carbo has come up with. I'm sure it will last 2 shifts, tops;
  • Plenty of hot Flyers to watch - Carter, Richards, Knuble, Timonen. And that doesn't even include their leading scorer (Gagné);
  • Habs PP 28th at 12.9% vs Flyers PP 2nd at 27%. Again, oy;
  • Still no post-game adult entertainment. Koran study for all.
Love/hate Philly? Let's hear your reasons in the comments.


HabsFan4 said...

Habs in 6.

Carry on.

Habsfan10 said...

Man, I wish we had a Zombie Pleks. That would be awesome.

Panic Mode said...

Philly Pros:

They booed Sarah Palin.
The Philadelphia Orchestra.
Some neighborhoods look like Manhattan but you can afford to live there.

Racist bigots everywhere.
The Flyers.
Murder rate 10 times Montreal's.
and of course:

Rick Santorum

gillis said...

DOOM= Hat trick + Knocks out little tits tonight in philly... just watch, it'll happen

flyers4love said...

Way cool neighborhoods-for a US city.
Fairmount Park
Wissahickon Gorge
Rittenhouse Square
Pat's Steaks
The Reading Terminal
Boathouse Row
The Parkway

Our fans can be dipsh**ts-then again we don't get much to cheer about so we have to be jerks when we can.

Philly Phacts to set things straight:
Most of our racist bigots are from the suburbs

Rick Santorum is from Pittsburgh.
He wants to hump Sid Crosby's dog

gillis said...

- cheese steak
- that cracked bell thing sounds like its pretty important

- sports fans are dicks to their teams
- i haven't liked philly since i was there, walking down the street and some hobo eating ketchip out of the bottle started chasing one of my friends. Philadelphians are weird.
- garbage everywhere

moeman said...

Habs Fans Calling

Habs fans calling to the faraway towns
Now the war is declared-and battle come down
Habs fans calling to the Danse à Dix world
Come out on the stage, all you beautiful girls
Habs fans calling, now don't look at us
All that phoney Stanleymania has bitten the dust
Habs fans calling, see we ain't got no swing
'Cept for the ring of a fucking goalpost ping

The ice age is coming, the Cup ain't zooming in
Engines stop running and the wins are growing thin
A powerplay error, and all we have is fear
Habs fan is drowning-and we live by the Breezer!

Habs fans calling to the limitation zone
Forget it, young brother, AK's going it alone
Habs fans calling upon our zombie Pleks
Quit holding out and gives us KRex
Habs fans calling-and I so want to shout
But when we're OLEing, I start to freak out
Habs fans calling, see we ain't got no highs
Except for the ones in those shootout ties

Now get this
Habs fans calling, yeah, I am there, too
An' you know what HF29 said? Well, some of it was true!
Habs fans calling at the top of the world
After this game, won't you give us some girls?

I never felt so much a' like ...

HabsFan29 said...

more brilliance from our in-house parody writer! im actually singing it in my head as i write this

scottie upshall said...

were coming to get you #27

HabsFan29 said...

k kids im off to my xmas party. be excellent to each other!

I'll leave you with this. the photo above is 24x "yes" and one "yes when drunk". try to guess the one...

The Habs-Man said...

Tonight's the night. Komo back... Kovy line reuninited... Yup, tonight's the night that everything, and yet nothing changes.

Also, hit my blog and leave some comments...

Limerick Dude said...

So, the bald fuck finally signed in Van City! Ciao.

So moeman, is that because it's the Clash of the Titans tonight?

Van Hab said...

Annnd Sundin is a Canuck.
Outside I hear the sickening squishy sound of the entire city of Vancouver jizzing in its pants.

Well, I guess it will make my local team that much more interesting to watch if the Habs continue to fellate themselves.

It does however, recall a time not so long ago when Vancouver spent $20 million on another aging 'legend'....

Anonymous said...

It's official, Sundin is a douche. He went for the cash grab and signed with the 'nucks. Once again, Fuck You Mats.

Van Hab said...


moeman I'm speechless.
fuckign incredible

gillis said...

Plekanec is finally playing with players that can receive his passes. Im so happy he's no longer stuck with the left overs.

Not only did Kovy score the other night, but it wasn't the prettiest goal so that should give him a bit more confidence. At least now he knows that its not impossible to score without trying to deke out the whole other team.

BGL better drop the gloves tonight. I haven't seen a fight in ages.

I'm guessing Biron is in nets for Philly? I hope he's not cause I have him in my pool. And I have Richards, shit.

DOOM= Hat trick + Knocks out little tits

Grrrreg said...

Biron is hurt, he's not supposed to play tonight.

moeman said...


moeman said...

Small Tits.


moeman said...



fezworth said...

Fuck me, what team are we watching?

This is like The Redemption Game. Dags, Lil, AND Begin. Wow.

moeman said...



Grrrreg said...

Exciting game so far. Until that goal, they played an almost perfect game.

gillis said...

@29: I'll say the "yes when i'm drunk" girl is furthest on the right in the 3rd row.

Soooo, the PP is finally starting to move, Sergei is finally starting to move, Dagger is still moving.

That was Daggers 5th in 9 games. At that pace, if he were to play a whole season, he'd score over 45 goals. But he's on pace to finish the seson with over 28. I love Dagger.

Good game so far. If they keep going like this, I might have to write something good about them in my blog.

moeman said...



Grrrreg said...

what a great atmosphere...

chris nilan said...

who the fuck is the colour guy with jim hughson?

Bryan said...

who's the cheesedick talking alongside jim hughson on CBC? his anti habs bias is sickening. i may have to switch to rds soon

moeman said...

Its mike milbury, enuff said about that sad sack.

fezworth said...

Is that the guy who just said that Kovy never really buys into the team plan, and can never really be a great player?

fezworth said...

ROFL... Brisebois keeps it in amazingly, then almost gives up a breakaway. It's as if he can't do something right without trying to balance it out somehow.

chris nilan said...

ah that makes sense then.

moeman said...

I know I said enuff but here's some milbury magic as the Isles GM;

To NYI: Trevor Linden
To Van: Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan McCabe, Pick (Jarkko Rutuu)

To NYI: Alexi Yashin
To Ott: Zdeno Chara, Bill Muckalt, Pick (Jason Spezza)

To NYI: Oleg Kvasha, Mark Parrish
To Florida: Roberto Luongo, Olli Jokinen

matt - fear the collapse said...

So, they can play? They had me fooled.

gillis said...

wow, their forechecking has been amazing. It seems that even when it would be impossible to steal the puck, they managed to do it.

Kovy is on fire? 900 points! shwing!

4-1, yet im still growing an ulcer everytime Halak gives up a juicy rebound. Scary.

Sergei is a goon.

gillis said...

I didnt know mad mike did colour commentary. I think it might be his first time.

Panic Mode said...

That goal reminds me of last year's playoffs.

matt - fear the collapse said...

Wow, this colour guy is quite the flyers fan.

Mike Milbury said...

Well Jim, it really wasn't that fluky of a goal. It was just a great effort by Philadelphia...they are just spectacular.

a philter said...

Be with me as this Philly girl sits in this Philly bar discussing this game of righteousness.

Let's pray that broken glass time where I can't keep my mouth shut does not = broken HabsGirl-in-Philly face.

mike milbury's thoughts said...

Wow, fuck. I really thought Philly was coming back. Wait until Boston comes here, they are screwed...Don Cherry is the man.

a philter said...


thank you. good night.

"don't get too cocky too soon, it's only one game"

matt - fear the collapse said...

hey, hrudey. they played the flyers, not the bruins. don't know if anyone caught that,

moeman said...

Nice win.

Bonus, no Humboiger.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

2-for-6 on the PP? Time to reset the counter, methinks.

Bryan said...

@ matt, yeah kelly can be a space case sometimes lol

gillis said...

I was about to list all the players that I thought were playing like a beast tonight, but then I realized that I would be listing the whole team.

They all played great. The Tangy-Lang-Dagger line is definetly staying together.

Anybody know what happened to Big Tits? Knee problems or something?

Anyway, Kovy scores... Habs win... I'm happy.

Nadine said...

Guys, thanks for the link in the post this game. So sorry I couldn't stop by for the game tonight. (I really wanted're all so entertaining.)

But, at least my guys came through with the win for the Habs tonight.

See you next time around!

chris nilan said...

well i'm gonna start voting again for the all star teams... not cause the habs are hot as hell but i'll be fucked if 6 penguins are gonna be starting the all star game in montreal.

Slalom Frog said...

Nice to see that the Habs finally figuered out what they were supposed to do with that 24 square foot metal frame. Nice to see Doom back on the ice. Seemed like the team had a little more edge to them, maybe it was related to his play? Gui played a decent game, a little job insecurity never hurts that!