Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Game Day Skate Presents the Pantscast Episode 3

I swear I thought we would only ever do one Pantscast. Habs 4 and out against the Caps and by next year podcasts will have been replaced by whatever Apple tells us is the next new media. But alas, the Habs had other ideas. So it's Episode 3 starring the usual cast of drunken idiots - yours truly, HF4, and Chris Aung-Thwin of HI/O's Other Wing (with "Hurley's waitress" in a supporting role). There's lots of PK Fucking Subban, choking Bs, and the whereabouts of Pelle Lindbergh and Sean Burke. The kinks are closed to worked out, though we could all learn to talk at a level voice. I tried to help in editing, but dammit Jim, I'm a lawyer, not a sound engineer. Once again, no iTunas link; I'm just fucking lazy at this point. But hit the play button or download link with or without your Pants:

Download the mp3

Game 1 is VERY SOON PEOPLE. Holy fuck. We're totally not ready. We're working on a preview that will come later today. In the meantime, plenty of other things out on the interwebs for you to read: ESPN's Burnside preview has Flyers in 6, CNNSI's Muir preview has the Habs in 6, Gill thinks it's easy to hate the Flyers (he's got that right), our old threeway friend Kristin is confused, Number31 has a great Top 10 ways Habs can win Round 3, Ya! the Habs Rule looks back at the Habs-Flyers season series, and J.T. emphatically denies it "feels like '93."



Mr. natural said...

FHFs, Newsy Lalonde CHrist he's been dead for 40 years.

Isn't the Road Runner's 1972-'73 playoff run of 15 goals the record?

Nice Pantscast, first time I hear you guys.....GYFH GO!


Fuck the Phlyers dirty fuckin whiners, would be nice if someone could link the hatchet job (it was beautiful)Grapes did on Carcillo.

moeman said...

Enjoyed the Pants!cast pantsless with my morning coffee. BTW, was the waitress cute?

dwgs said...

@ Mr. Natural, we gotta get you up to speed on this whole intertoobs thing man. Since it's Sunday and I'm not goin' to church here's my good deed for the day,
Don Smacks Dan

Mr. natural said...


Mr. natural not to good with the interwebs, Tks.

Where's Al gore when you need him.

T minus 9:18.........

Nerves OK so far, will begin imbibing after a little yard work.


Baruch said...

Geeting antsy out here in Habsville Deutschland. Great Pantscast as always, but maybe you were too rushed at the end to mention some other Flyers we need to watch out about (in case Kirk Muller is reading this) Giroux, Carcillo and the new guy (their Subban) van Riemsdijk... The Habs need to adjust from dealing with a couple of stars to dealing with a team with a much more distributed dangerousness.

I think Chris' point is good about how the Flyers may try to shut us down and get us aggravated. It will be hard to keep disciplined if they start beating us up hard core.

Positives & Hopes: Canadiens are playing great. Markov may come back. SK may turn into our Carcillo (it was pretty amazing for me how Matt Cooke became a non-issue in the Pens series, how did they do that??) wait I'm getting less worried... Flyers have no backup goalie,
Did anyone hear Doc Emrick on Versus compare Mad Max's moves on his goal to 'the Rocket'? I thought of a new name for him if he keeps scoring "the Racket!"

I'm worried, I'm nervous, I'm excited. GYFHG!!!!!
and another thing ... Hall Gill!!!

soperman said...

Weird shit going down, dudes. The Habs-hating CBC actually ran "The Rocket" last night. Maybe everyone was out and they left George Stroumboulopolos in charge of programming.

WV - "awnflu" as in the awnflu will be the annual pandemic for 2010. Get your vaccination now!

Moey said...


As painful as it must be, they have no choice but to jump on the Habs bandwagon. It's the only Canadian team left in the playoffs.


Moey said...

I was watching the NHL network this morning, and it's like holy crap, they're talking about us. What? We're still in it?? How nice not to be on the outside looking in at this point in the season. I still don't really believe it.

Mr. natural said...

The TSN gang, the brain thrust behind most of Wendell Clark's balls in depth hockey knowledge have spoken.

Pang (in the ass), Duthie (rhymes douchie,)Big Mac (built like he had his share of them) and Anderson (Plz insert insult here_______) all were explaining why PHucking PHlyers will prevail over the blessed CH.


Biggest worries I have about Philly is A) momentum, B) they spread is around more than the Commie's "team" and even more than crybaby's "team".

Against: A) Underestimating our ability to spread it around both offensively and defensively B) Questionable goaltending and goaltending depth (or lack thereof)and C) they are pieces of shit.


Getting ready,: pants soon off, fresh undershirt (Tee not WB), booze of every kind, snacks wings etc.


Later, Mr. n.

soperman said...


Maybe, but it's creepy like when that person who hangs with your drinking buddies is really nice to you.


the Maritimer said...

All the so called "hockey experts" have been picking against the Habs since the start and they've been wrong EVERY TIME! So I hope they keep picking against them.

swarkles said...

I used to think Scott Hartnell was the ugliest guy in the league but I think Aaron Asham has taken that title.


Tyg said...

@swarkles - for me Asham only runs a close 2nd... close mind you.

Hartnell is offensive on every level. The man has clearly never grasped the concept of basic personal hygiene. He makes my eyes bleed and creeps me out.

Asham is just hard to look at by comparison.

RiRi said...

Hartnell just screams douchebag.


Kmaxx said...

I'm getting pretty pumped for this game. I've intentionally set my expectations low for Game 1 so we can see how the Habs perform after a rest. My superstition continues so I will hold on for the Open thread before giving the cheer. In the mean time, Let's hear about how badly the Flyers suck!

Not Geoff Molson said...


Wendel's Balls...Steve Simmons is that you?