Sunday, May 09, 2010

Not What We Had In Mind: Game 5 Review Pens 2 -Habs 1

Ok, what now.

Habs play 3 even periods. No crazy shot totals in one direction or the other. They actually out chance the Pens, but no finish. The Pens played a solid game 5 and did what they had to do. But you would have expected a furious storming out of the gates. That never happened. The whole game was played at this even, steady pace.

Opportunism won this one with Pittsburgh managing to solve Halak with 2 screened shots from the point. He was excellent again throughout the game as was Fleury.

Hal Gill may become the next addition to the Habs now just ridiculous list of injuries this season. His leg was sliced in half with everything under the knee laying severed on the ice, while Gill skated away on one leg with a blood spraying stump. Our shot-blocking monster may now be gone and that makes Game 6 all the more daunting.

There's nothing to suggest the Habs can't win at home tomorrow to force a deciding game. Problem is there's also nothing to suggest the Pens can't end it at the Bell Centre either.

We're thinking Cinderella's in a bit of a bind here.


Number31 said...

Gill says, "It's just a cut". He hopes to play Monday.

If not, he'll tie Gio's hockey stick to his stump and play like a pirate. Yarrr!

Tyg said...

If Pleks would bring that killer look and instinct to the ice, we wouldn't be having this conversation this morning. Habs got fired up - finally - with what... 2 mins left to go in the 3rd? They need to try that shit early on in the 1st instead. Also, try screening Fleury like the Pens screened Halak. In fact, Halak himself made that comment this very morning, echoed by Squid, so all hope is not yet lost.

Habs will bring it in game 6, like they did vs. Wash, when they played a solid 60. If nothing else they've served notice this year, which is truly fucking awesome.

Latest I read was Gill saying "it's just a cut" on twitter, and returning to Montreal. Spacek is quoted as talking to a fan, and saying he will play on Monday.

It ain't fucking midnight yet, you diving birdies.

HabsFan29 said...

series not over
series not over
series not over

if we keep saying it, it's true.

I think Gill could play on a bloody stump.

finally Happy Mom's day to all the FHFMoms out there! you do a great job keeping us kidz in line

moeman said...

Go you fucking Habs!

Tyg said...

Jesus H. Christ! Mara and Markov both skating around the ice this morning!


lawyergirl77 said...

Is that Sergei driving the coach??

GG, seriously - hilarious!!

The fact that Yukon Cornelius might be back in our lineup gives me hope, but only if Gill is good to go. I've had MORE THAN ENOUGH of the urologist on D, thankyouverramuch.

Moey said...

Without Gill or Spacek/Markov we're done like dinner. Watch for some miraculous recoveries between now and tomorrow night. Oh Lord, hear our prayers......

Number31 said...

I discovered I have more gray hairs on my head. I blame Bergeron on D.

That's "D" for "DISASTER".

Just shoot the fucking puck, Slippy. Don't care if you hit a leg, an arm, or the glass anymore. You're guaranteed to break something.

Moey said...

In all fairness, Bergeron didn't ask for 20 minutes of ice time. It's not his fault so why crap all over him?

kevincrumbs said...

I agree with Moey. I feel like I've been laying off the Urologist a lot more than I sued to. Sure, I still point out his terrible mistakes but no longer threaten him with bodily harm.

It would really, really help if Pleks could find his scoring touch again. It would also really, really help his wallet if he could find his scoring touch again.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Sergei has finally found his role with the team. Wodka pumpkin coach driver.

Happy mother's day all.

soperman said...

This is no time to be shitting on any of our players. If anything, by now, we should realize that each one has a role to play. If the urologist isn't playing 20 Markov minutes it is not for trying. Even our newest hero, the Subbanator, said that it was all about the team and he would fill the water bottles if that is what they wanted him to do. Everyone that is playing, gets it.

They may not win the series but it won't be for lack of trying. And I personally think they have a good chance of taking the next two.

Go Pants.

orangeman said...

I still believe, but I don't want to get too cocky. I'm optimistically pessimistic like I was against the Caps. Let's remember besides empty netters 4 games have been by 1 goal and one by 2. The guys haven't just hung in there, they've played just as well as the defending champs without their top D. And let's not forget the questionable officiating. This team has responded to adversity and whatever happens tomorrow I am so enamoured by what they've done this spring. Their detractors can blame lucky bounces or chocking opposing superstars all they want, but no one lucks into a series win over the President trophy winners and a deadlock against the defending champs.

Go Habs Go!

Number31 said...

I love this.

Anonymous said...

No one comments on Lapierre's bs while on the bench...the guy is a disgrace to the habs. Sure he got an important goal for them on thurs night...he's a fourth liner who should work his ass off, stay out of the box, and sit on the bench and show some fucking sportsmanship!

soperman said...

Hello? LaPierre's bs? Aren't you aware virtually every team has a player in that role. It is called an agitator. And Max Laps is very good at it.

If you clicked on 31's link above you would be able to see it again in all of its glory. And the link name represents the feelings of many Habs fans. "I LOVE THIS".

Get yourself a screen name, Anonymous, "Pollyanna" would fit nicely.