Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The (possibly last) late night Game Day Skate for Wednesday, May 12th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Alessandra Ambrosio working out...
  • Bettman has avoided his nightmare of an all-Canadian final as the Hawks knock off the Nucks with a 5-1 win;
  • Brian Boucher will be out for at least a month with a sprained MCL;
  • In other Boucher news, Guy Boucher may be courted by the BJ's. Ah, from the glamour of Hamilton to the glamour of Columbus;
  • NHL schedule... with Winnipeg?
  • At the Worlds, Russia and Sweden advance to Round 2 while Norway(!) beat the Czechs;
  • MEDIA WHORING ALERT: No oven mitt's this time, but our own HF4 we think will be on CBC's The Current this morning. We have no idea when;
  • And the only news that matters: JM says Gill will be a game-time decision, some great Habs quotes in this TSN article, Pittsburgh MSM likes Sid (can you believe it?), EOTP delivers a mea culpa, and finally here's another Habs History Will Be Made vid. We love Max and all, but these are getting ridiculous. He scored a goal. Not sure what's historic about that:

GAME FUCKING SEVEN TONIGHT BITCHES!!!!! Can you fucking believe it? No you can't. Seriously, who fucking believed in mid-April that we'd be playing a Game 7 in the second round. So many emotions to sort out today. But before we get to that, late night means random hot chick. Do your thing Google, and GYFH.


orangeman said...

While pictures of dancing Lappys and fist pumping Squids dance in your heads I sit here biting my nails till they bleed. On the plus side, Operation Call in Sick Tomorrow has been initiated. Unfortunately, all that fake coughing seems to have led to actual real coughing. And a headache. Or is it the stress? I DON'T KNOW!!

Frankly, I don't know if I can handle many more elimination games. First the Juniors (D'oh!), then the Olympics (Yay!) then 3 against the Habs (Huh? Wha? FUCK YEAH!) and then yesterday (EAT IT!). Oh what am I saying, it's like hardcore S&M to me. It looks painful but it's ever so enjoyable.

Ok, going to have a few beers to calm down here. Hopefully they will help me fall asleep soon. Sleep is where I'm a wizard! And where the Habs win every single time (with my help on D...even in my dreams I'm just a top 4 D-man).



soperman said...

@ Orangeman

My boss is a Leafs fan and she told me my ass would me toast if I called in sick today. So once again FHF is my best source of At Work, Daytime, Soft-Core Porn.

Keep up the good work.

WV - "Skableta" as in "My boss is a skableta who probably does not read FHF."

Moey said...

Well you know, even if they don't win tonight we shouldn't get too depressed, they've given it everything they have and then some.

Fuck that. Just win.

L Dude said...

Habs: Let's win this one for the Prefontaine family.


lawyergirl77 said...

Moey - I'm with you both on the "Wow, we should be so proud of how far they come" and the "FUCK THAT - HOCKEY NIGHT NEVER ENDS, BITCHES" brigades.

It's fucking confusing.

And L Dude - you're absolutely right (and I had just posted this to Twitter). In case out Sainte Flannelle doesn't have enough pride - win this one for the Préfontaines, guys!

moeman said...

Life can be totally weird sometimes.


Go Habs!

David said...

Sid the Bitch and the Pens, like Ovie and the Caps before them, are soiling themselves right now at the thought of being eliminated by the 8 seed on their rink. All the pressure is on them. They are nervous. Habs are having fun and are ready to make history. They can't lose. They won't.


wv: devel. I think the Habs made a deal with him before the playoffs.

HabsFan29 said...

4 is on the CBC right now

HabsFan29 said...

AND it's over. it was just a sound bite. but a brilliant one 4!

Number31 said...

Another lovely day for a hockey game.

I wonder if the guys know the Bell Centre is sold out today, even though they're not even playing there... Can we bottle that cheer and filter it through to the Morgueloo?


Orangeman said...

I'm drunk!

In more important news, does the expression "No expectations, no disappointments" mean anything to you?

I expect nothing, yet I want it all. It's one game. It's putting a piece of rubber in a specified area surrounded by mesh more often than the opponent. Yet it's so much more. This isn't just a game. This isn't just a hockey team. This isn't just a series.

(there should be music cueing now, perhaps something by Queen or Arcade Fire)


*puts beer down*
*re-reads post*
*nods in a 'fuck yeah' manner*

okie dokie. Time for bed. See y'all in a few.

Howard said...

Am going to the Bell Centre tonight to watch the game. Should be quite an experience! GYFHG!!!

Mr Trivia said...

@LDude - good dedication for the game. Such a crazy story.

Howard said...

wv fecowp: fecowp you fecowpin Penguins!

Habsfan10 said...

Having a hard time believing the Habs and their fans would go through all the shit of the last two years (drug rumours, gangsters, bizarro free-agent spending, petulant Russians, goalie controversies, lousy regular seasons, injuries, management changes) and get to two game 7's as a gutsy, overmatched and referee baited underdog to lose. I choose to believe there is more. A win tonight. A mugging of the Bruins or Flyers. An original 6 matchup with the Hawks or the Rivet bowl with San Jose. I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IT IS NOT OVER! GO YOU FUCKING PANTS WIZARDY SUBBANS GO!

GoldenGirl11 said...

You kind of sound like Jerry

Go Kenny!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Stop downloading pictures of my bod on the internet!

Habsfan1993 said...

Wanna know what's historic about Lappy's goal? Watch him holding his head in his hands. Cause that's when he realizes he had been momentarily possessed by the spirit of The Rocket.

That's right: Maurice Richard came down from the rafters and possessed Lapierre's body and scored that goal. Lappy is clutching his head from the confusion, pain, and wonderment.

Fuck yeah.

moeman said...

10, Rivet is a Sabre.

Sonia said...

In other Boucher news, Guy Boucher may be courted by the BJ's. Ah, from the glamour of Hamilton to the glamour of Columbus

What a man won’t do for a BJ…

@Soperman – Your boss is not allowed to discriminate against you for your religion.

soperman said...

@ Sonia

That is what makes her a "skableta"

E said...

I played around with some page that generates Barack Obama posters, thought all the fans of PFK would appreciate this.

GoldenGirl11 said...

LOVE THAT!!! What's the site?