Thursday, May 06, 2010

The late night Game Day Skate for Thursday, May 6th

Bullet points for what you missed while wondering what vacation has done to HF29's Circadian rhythms...
  • Bs continue their romp through the Eastern Conference, now up 3-0 on Philly;
  • Hey, we jut finished watching a West coast game! Hawks 5, Nucks 2, Hawks up 2-1 in the series. Dustin Byfuglien was the offensive hero. Should we know who that is?
  • Around Habs-Pens: Jordan Staal is already practicing in full equipment, Number31 rehashes Game 3 (we enjoyed her use of the term "whiny little twerp"), Dennis Kane hands out evaluations for our Habs so far, there's a MA Fleury "History will be made" vid already (THERE IS ONLY ONE FLOWER GODDAMMIT), and an interview with Geno.
Good morning Paris! Good afternoon Korea! See you all later for Habs-Pens Game 4, whatever "later" is for you. Around here, it's still last night, so that means FHF After Dark. FHF After Dark needs a gimmick. An old school random hot chick! That'll get our spirits up going into game 4. Google, do it! Go no pants.


Grrrreg said...

Ahaha, I was still fully asleep when that "good morning Paris!" was written. Good Morning Montreal!

Go Habs go.

orangeman said...

I'm not wearing pants!

L Dude said...

Woohoo! A sexy Thursday pic. It's like she's looking right at ME! And, no, I don't care if they're fake.
In fact, can 46DD borrow those puppies?

I'm at work, so I have pants on. But I'm imagining everybody else pantsless. Sometimes that's OK, sometimes, not so much.


wv: Hopefully Squid and Max don't fire another dingr tonight.

Number31 said...

"What if Flower didn't come up roses"?!

Are they going to make one after every game now?

I prefer the fan-made funny ones.

boob gainey said...

What if Cindy wasn't a punk ass bitch?

moeman said...

Je suis Pants!

Docciavelli said...

Guy LaFleur was a weed (kidding!).

But seriously, calling Crosby, "Cindy" is right out of the Philly playbook. Great company you have there. Now stick your fingers down your throat and vomit on a 10-year-old.

At least make a joke about punching someone in the nuts from behind. It could be a bit more original and somewhat funny.

Good god I love reading FHF, but it's a totally different game when you guys are playing the Pens. I figured I dusted up a shitstorm in the last comment thread. Sorry for that HF10, but if there's one thing I can't stand, it's bitching about some Bettman officiating conspiracy costing someone's team the game and series. It just sounds way too much like the Wings bullshit we've heard beginning June 1 last year. I'll give you credit for the disclaimer at the end of the post yesterday, though.

On a serious note, I'll be shocked if this Game 4 isn't a one-goal affair either way. Montreal showed in Games 2 and 3 that the Pens won't just walk away from them, and who knows whether the Fleury that showed up in Game 3 is the same one we see tonight? Jaro's solid play is almost a given at this point.

Okay, job away. =]

lawyergirl77 said...

Just popping by to say that I have had the week from HELL and that in order to avoid a full on meltdown... welll....


Carry on...

Tyg said...

I really hate that there's never any naked hot guys on this site, when it's a hockey site. I'd prefer hot naked hockey guys, preferably without pants. It's total BS discrimination here for us hetero females.

Calling anyone but Guy LaFleur "Flower" ought to be punishable by horsewhipping. Write your local MPs, people!

HabsFan29 said...

@Tyg - you haven't been here long enough. we've had many a topless man around here

lawyergirl77 said...

Tyg - when the topless men start getting posts, it's a bad, bad sign... Bring on the laaaadiiiies!

Tyg said...

Carey TFS Price? That's the best you've got around here? OMG.... off to surf some actual internet porn that's watchable. Thanks for the effort though.

@LG - A worse sign than the Habs home ice record in the playoffs the past couple of seasons? Fucking Habs had better fix that shit tonight.


habsss said...

@ Docciavelli, it's never fun when someone makes fun of your team is it?

If you can't handle it then why are you here? Isn't it an accepted fact that Crosby is a whiny bitch? I'll admit I was cheering for him in the Olympics but that's all over now.

Also I think they are making videos after every game.

Hadulf said...


I hear ya. Was cheering for Crosby at the Olypmics too, but that wasn't "his" house. So he couldn't whine and bitch at the refs, not on an international level.

He's in his house now. Let the bitchin' continue!


Habsfan10 said...

GO YOU FU -- oh my, Abigail Clancy is hot.

Where was I? Who cares. Abigail Clancy ... yowza. How she is with that gangly, robot-dancing beanpole Peter Crouch is beyond me.

orangeman said...


1) Stick my fingers down my throat and puke on a 10 year old? Did you follow me to work today?

2) Gee, every team that plays against the Pens claims bias. But I guess if there's nothing wrong with you then there must be something wrong with the universe.*

3) I don't think the officiating has been terribly lopsided, but it's just the way Crosby and even Malkin are treated out there. How can a guy instigate a scrum by slashing a guy and another guy drop his gloves and jersey another guy and both end up without a penalty? Offsetting minors, fine, but the two stars of the Pens get off scott free while "randomly" our best D guy is taken off? Come on. But that didn't lose the game for the Habs of course. It's just frustrating to witness.

4) I agree that it's lame to call Sidney Cindy. I think it's pretty insulting to women suggesting that they're crybabies and/or delicate. Having said that, I believe Crosby hasn't displayed a whole lot of dignity this series so far, and yes I hold him up to a higher standard because he's a captain and because I know he'll be the face of my Country's hockey team for years to come. I hope it's just his age because no one is going to put up with this routine when he's 30.

5) Comparing us to Philly fans?! Thems be fightin' words!

*Star Trek TNG quote!

Boob Gainey said...


I don't think most people really believe there is a conspiracy. It's just a humorous way to let off steam.

On the other hand it is very likely that the league prefers to see US teams in the playoffs. They know the Canadian market is solid, and want to expand the fan base south of the border. Even if they do nothing to help US based teams, the appearance of impartiality is difficult to maintain.

And as far as Cindy is concerned, so what if the Flyers call him that? Flyers fans aren't all bad. They hate the Bruins for one thing.

Habsfan10 said...

My mistake. Research tells me that's not Abigail Clancy (who is damn hot) but Gemma Atkinson (also, very very hot, also dates many soccer players). Damn UK lingerie models all look alike.

Still can't see the whole gangly robot-dancer's appeal.

MixinMike said...

Hey Doccia-wanker! Get your ass back in your Pens blogs. Late little fuckers you are that started to watch hockey as soon as Crosby hit the ice a couple of years ago. You knew nothing about hockey before that and were banking on sorry-asses like the Pirates and the Steelers to bring some recognition to your town. A blue-collar town like yours...

Get the fuck outta here!