Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, Cinco de Mayo

Bullet points for after your nightmares about rampaging crocodiles in Hamilton (somebody protect Guy Boucher!)
  • Yep, Markov officially out with torn ACL. Well, that ain't good, and EOTP shows us why;
  • Dammit, last night didn't go as planned for anyone wearing a CH;
  • Sharks top Wings in OT, take 3-0 stranglehold after coming back from a two goal deficit in the last 13 minutes. Not even the massive chokeage of Joe Thornton can screw this up, right?
  • As if Detroit fans aren't depressed enough, Michigan legend and voice of the Detroit Tigers Ernie Harwell passes away at age 92;
  • Some random Stanley Cup winner and Olympic Gold Medalist picked after Andrei Kostitsyn back in 2003 has two goals and an assist to lead Canada over Germany in exhibition action at World Championships;
More talk later, after we finish our angry missive to the NHL officials union.


orangeman said...

Why hello there. I'm drunk. Yes it's Wednesday, but it's a holiday here. Children's day. Like they need another. God I hate children, like a lawyer hates the law. Can I get an Amen? *wink to GG11*

Spent the day defending the Habs so I'm all riled up.

End of the day, 2-1 Pitts, last game was 1-0 (+EN), shots 23-18 or some such (I'm good with numbers, not so much people, hence being home alone right now).

I'm tired of Pens 'fans', you cheered Crosby when he was on Team Canada, but you boo him now! Yeah, cause I'm a hockey fan who follows my team even when they don't have a superstar on the roster, so I know how it goes.

In closing, GO HABS GO!!!

Baruch said...

Hey O-man I sympathize, also because I lived in Korea for 3 years and know what it's like to watch hockey in the mornings.

I have another superstition which I have to mention in the hope it will be groundless. Last night's exploding Bell center was hilarious, but I have noticed that each time the game-day graphic features images of the opposing team (people or logos) which are bigger than those of the Habs we lose. just saying... always stick a monstrous out of scale Hab in there just to be sure! I know GG this is serious artistic constraint, but I had to mention it, now let the responsibility be yours!

and lastly, JM KM PP please! no more MAB except on PP glue him to the bench he can't play! haven't you seen?

WV: plysse Plysse no more MAB on even strength! I know Hamrlik's old but he can handle it.

Number31 said...

With Markov's leg-bender torn, I think I see now why the Habs were drafting/signing a lot of younger puck-moving defencemen...

RiRi said...

Now we know what happens when Squid doesn't score...

I wonder if Matt Cooke finds it suspicious that Malkin scored the Penguins' only goal when he should have been in the box for dropping his gloves with Gio...

Fuck the Pens.

lawyergirl77 said...

I don't trust myself to say anything that doesn't involve multiple creative uses of swear words in English and French.

It's too early for me to get my rant on.

So I will leave you with my rant in a nutshell:


The Universe is unjust when fucking Fleury has a shutout, but Jaro does not.

boob gainey said...

What was the Gill penalty for? Checking Sidney Crosby?

The problem is if the Pens make it to the next round we kind of have to cheer for them.

lawyergirl77 said...

@Boob - yes for your first question. While I'll admit he was holding him, I still can't believe THAT was a penalty, but that the Pens get away with integrating INTERFERENCE - presumably still an illegal move according to the NHL "Rule Book" - as part of their standard plays.

This isn't new. Mr. LG77 and I ('cause we're geeks) broke down the Pens plays vs. the Wings last year and they were doing the same damned thing. Well, correction, they changed their plays in game 3 of their series against the Wings (and the Caps) in order to use these plays.

I think they got TWO penalties, total, for interference.

The fuck??

That's what frustrates me. Cheaters are rewarded with Stanley Cup rings.

lawyergirl77 said...

Oh and as for the having to cheer for the Pens?

Hell no.

I'll be firmly on Team Meteor for the Conference Final if the Pens advance.

Jaybird said...

Why did we look so out of gas last night? Frustrating. I don't have anything else to say about it really. I forgot to give my GO HABS/PANTS comment before the game. Mistake will not be made again.

Tyg said...

I underestimated Sidney Crosby's whining talent to get our 2 best PKers in the box simultaneously to allow them to score a PP goal. What are the chances he can do it again next 2 games? I say pretty high. I really wish Hal wouldn't hold him, but would just slam him around and around again and again. Hell, if you're going to take penalties anyway, at least make it fun for yourself and your teammates while you get shafted by the refs - the same refs that "randomly" chose Gorges for the box instead of Hamr.

Pens got lucky, Habs didn't. Pens got favored by the refs, Habs didn't. Pens took advantage of their break to score, Habs didn't. Game could have gone either way. Still sucks ass though, cause the Habs retreated when they knew better. 18 shots on goal is a joke.

I will slit my own throat before I ever root for that pissy ant crybaby's team. Wah wah wah... yeah, there's an idol to aspire to. When I used to whine as a child my parents would send me to my room. He gets a Stanley Cup. You'd think the refs would get enough of the nagging at home.

Jesus Christ. I'd sooner root for the Booins than the Pens.

Boob Gainey said...

I understand we're playing the Pens so we hate them, don't get me wrong.

But cheering for the Bruins?

Neanderthal fans, Milan Lucic, Zdeno Chara?

Mike Milbury and Don Cherry orgasming on live TV if the Bruins make it to the finals?

Let's not go overboard.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I'm with ya. At least as a teacher you can quit your job. As a parent not so much.

Last night I watched Patrick on Lansberg. Gave me goosebumps when they showed Roy hoisting the cup and yelling "I'M GOING TO DISNEY'S LAND!!".

L Dude said...

Nay shall I root for the bears of Boston, nor shall I root for the flightless birds of Armpittsburgh. Furthmore, should the Flyers of Philadelphia happenchance to overcome thine defecit and succeed against the aforementioned bears, nay shall I root for them either.
So, let it be written, if the hockey puppets therein controlled by the hand of the weasly little New York lawyer make it so that the Canadiens of Montreal shall proceed no further, then no option shall I have than to cheer for (insert team name here), the winners of the Conference of the West.

So say I.


Tyg said...

Actually I root for the Habs and no one else. I just really hate Sid, and have since he was in the QMJHL, cause no one shut the fuck up about him then either. I live in Halifax, so there's no other player in the NHL around here, you know? I've always hated him, and the Pens, because of that. When he came home for the parade with his cup and started to cry and all, I had to do a lot of gagging and hibernate for days. Would rather not do it again this year, or ever again in my lifetime actually.

Yeah, I hate the Bruins and the Flyers (other than their fans who the hell doesn't) but if they knock off the Pens, I'm willing to tolerate them for about 5 whole seconds. Best I can do.

If the Pens knock off the Habs this round, all I care is that I don't have to put up with that pissant again this summer. Hence the Booins over the Pens. It's not like I LIKE the Booins for fuck's sake. Oy.

RiRi said...

When will Halak get to go to Disney's Land? Sigh.

Imagine the Jaro post possibilities. I can't even begin to think about the awesome pics GG would photoshop!

Oh and if Crysby and Co. knock out the Habs, it's Sharks all the way for me. Those little chokers are due. Heh, who am I kidding?

And if I have to witness a repeat performance of that "whiny little bitch" hoisting the Cup again, so help me.

Don said...

Fuck the Pens, I'll never root for those bunch of assholes. If these pricks make it past us, I will root for the 'Nucks or Hawks, Never for the Pens and NEVER for the Broons!!! Fuck that shit....

Cindy Crybaby needs to get leveled! Pounded! Send in The Slicer!!!! Sweet Jebus I wish we had some players with big bodies and balls of steel....

Seriously, this is the team we are supposed to fear?

This series ain't over by a long shot. The Sens folded like a house of cards in a fart storm....not us.

Anonymous said...

can we have a 10 things i hate about the pens playoff edition. This loss really stung and i need some clever ranting/venting/profanities to help get ready for the next game.

Steve said...

Gary Bettman deserves a carbon fiber enema. He should not be allowed in the house, its an insult. One more bad call and its going to be the Richard Riot Act part II