Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Midnight Skate for Tuesday, May 11th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Elisha Cuthbert in a bikini...
  • OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG. We are headed to a Game 7 after the Habs take care of the Pens 4-3. Props to Mad Max for a huge effort on the eventual game-winner. Props to the whole Max-Dominitrix-Pyatt line frankly. Props to Squid who with 2G is now your runaway playoff goal leader. And props to Jaro 2.0 who CHipped in with a vertigoal in his return. No props to Sid who despite finally scoring a goal is the whiniest little pissiest bitch ever. More later today;
  • Good on the Flyers for not rolling over when they were down 3-0. They win their second straight, a Boucher-Leighton combined 4-0 shutout, after Boucher got injured getting crushed by his own D. Ahh, the life of a Flyers goalie;
  • Tavares had 2 in Canada's 6-1 win over Latvia;
  • Curtis Sanford's shutout sends Hamilton to the AHL Conference Final;
  • The Ice Edge / Glendale deal may be in trouble. But this whole process has gone so smoothly!
We could not be happier to post these long-from video highlights after a win.


Orangeman said...

I am seriously on my way to the doctor for a check up on a heart problem I've had over the last couple of months. I hope I don't break his machines. Maybe it's the medication, but I'm still dizzy and numb. Can't wait to call in sick for game 7.

ezzeloharr said...

Don't die, Orange.

I'm not sure there's much more to say.


Orangeman said...

It's really not that serious, it's more of a blood issue from a stomach virus a while back. Just a hint, if you ever come to Asia watch what you eat.

I just watched the highlights. I....I think I'm crying.

HabsFan29 said...

god I love Asian street meat. but SO dangerous

I have now watched highlights 4 times.

RiRi said...

Good to know I'm not the only one still up and mesmerized by the highlights!

RiRi said...

I'm also trying to resist a strong urge to visit Pensblog...


HabsFan29 said...

RiRi i was over at PB. they are having some internal squabbles in the comments. it's schadenfreuderiffic

RiRi said...

@29 - heh. Good ol' schadenfreude!

After those PB douches started taking shots at PFK, I bolted.

Flying Toaster said...

Can anybody find a video link to the standing-O?

HabsFan29 said...

@FT - here is a fan-recorded one from Youtube. turn your volume down

Flying Toaster said...

Awesome! I was at work for the whole game so i'm really curious to see what the players' reaction everyone is talking about looked like >.<

WV: Why doesn't Gill come with a spareti leg?

Flying Toaster said...

And maybe that cammalleri throwing bottlecap on Jaro 2.0s head too >.<

Howard said...

I was lucky to be a part of the NOISE at the Bell Centre tonight and the ovation during the timeout was spine tingling and thunderous! Instead of pants I think we should just wear those towels like loincloth! Anyone going to the game on Wednesday?

wv hamplac Don Cherry trying to pronounce Hammer's name!

kevincrumbs said...

Forgot this in TMS: "Props to JM for nailing Chicken's but to the bench". I either didn't see him outside of the 1st period or he was so invisible that I had no idea he was playing.

chris nilan said...

5 on 5 goals in this series 11-5 habs.


orangeman said...

I make the mistake of skimming through the Pensblog comments. The racism doesn't surprise me, but the complete lack of understanding of what a hockey fan is does. They complain that Hab fans cheer when they enter the offensive zone, shoot, kill a penalty, etc., and boo when they are knocked down, take a penalty or get scored on. Like, really, I get that most of them don't understand hockey, but how can you completely miss the point of being a fan OF ANYTHING. And this is exactly how it is at their home games, near silence.

Also, listening to Pens fans complain about the officiating is like listening to Bill Gates complain about me finding a loonie in the gutter. "Everyone we play complains about the refs!" Remember, the only constant in that thought is YOU (the Penguins).

Hypnotoad said...

I only read a little on pens blogs and I must say that between their discussions about how they could add Pleks as their "high scoring winger" this offseason and them complaining about how every announcer in the world (and especially the hnic crew) is biased in favor of the habs, I have trouble taking most of those people seriously.

Fine, you don't know a lot about hockey, I don't claim expert knowledge myself. You don't know what being a fan is like, it's getting weird. But being unable to understand human speech? Are you real people? Are the Pittsburgh Penguins and their "fans" just a huge practical joke being played on us? Is this world real? I'm starting to doubt everything my flawed senses are reporting.

The Penguins aren't real! grotoms(wv, seriously)aren't real!
The habs must win to prevent reality from collapsing into this crazy parallel universe.


or maybe it's really just a big joke. anyway go pants!

moeman said...

Sans Pants!

swarkles said...

Whenever the Pens lose the comments at Pens Blog go like this: habs suck, refs are biased, habs suck, something racist about pk, habs suck and then they usually end with "i'm so pumped for next game you know the pens will kick their ass" or something of the sort. And there's usually a few pictures meant to inspire or ridicule thrown in along the way

Moey said...

Mark Twain says it best:

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

moeman said...

Says it all.

Two Captains.

One a man, leading his team.

One a boy, protected by the ref.

Go you fucking Habs!

Baroque said...

Mark twain was brilliant. Your team is so much fun to watch.

Game Seven is going to be a-fucking-mazing. Go Montreal.

moeman said...

“I don’t think we’ve got under their skin,” said Montreal blueliner P.K. Subban. “They’ve been in this situation before many times. I know I haven’t.” ~ PFK

moeman said...

Sidney, was it a particular incident that angered you at the end of the game? Crosby: “No, I mean, no ... it’s just Plekanec. It’s better to get that stuff out of the way anyway. We’ve got hockey to play in Game 7.” ~ Flightless and classless kid

moeman said...

BTW, anyone have cbc/hnic hilites of Laps' goal? Word is bob cold called it Gio to Squid!

Baroque said...

I have to share my mom's reactions while we were wathing the game (usually I don't watch anymore hockey after the Red Wings are eliminated, but I keep tabs on the scores) but I flipped over when she whooped after the Habs scored their 4th goal, and we watched until the end. (We are both Wings fans, although she grew up a Chicago fan, but have both always had a soft spot for Montreal and were pulling for an Original Six Final Four. //sigh)

Anyway, after she saw Crosby griping at an official, she said "that Crosby is a bit of a crybaby, isn't he? Maybe he missed his nap."

After Pittsburgh scored their 3rd goal, after "damn" he next words were "well, at least it wasn't Crosby. Now just hang on Montreal for another minute!"

And Subban looks like a kid (she's 64, everyone looks like a kid to her now), but she is impressed as hell with his talent - and she's seen some pretty talented defensemen over her time watching hockey. :)

She also chuckled that when the names of the three stars were read out, not one of them was French - she saw it as a wonderful reflection of the variety of talent on the team.

Wv: hodzolo Can you imagine hodzolo all the msm folks will be crying if Montreal can pull this off?

Go Habs Go! (From me and my mom.) :)

HabsFan29 said...

just checking to make sure we still won

Number31 said...



Oh CBC news I hate how you report our games... I still don't like the term "Cinderella". Remember, this team did have a legitimate and once comfy spot at 6th before I dunno falling asleep to 8th.

Alright Morgueloo I dare you to match that crowd. Ha...

David said...

I don't think I could hate Crosby more. What a whiny little fucking bitch. I bet he's shitting in his pants at the prospect of facing Halak in a game 7.

Go. Habs. Go.

RiRi said...

I keep reading stuff about other teams waiting for the Habs to end their playoff run to interview Muller...

Just the thought of losing him AND Boucher is enough to keep me up at night. Cause we all know Muller and Pearn are the real brains behind this operation! Chocula might have perfected the art of crossing his arms, squinting and staring at his feet but we can all see Muller is doing A LOT of the coaching.


boob gainey said...

Maybe if Mrs Lemieux didn't make him breakfast every morning he'd be more of a man.

Mr Trivia said...


i'm still feeling like a wizard.
these fucking habs are magic.

wv: pk subban is charismatic and gragrus during interviews.

Mr Trivia said...


"but nathalie, i wanted pancakes!"

Jaybird said...

Troy Crosby: Now Sidney who do you want today to drive you to Mellon and tie your skates...Daddy or Mario?

Sidney: Daddy was mean to me! I WANT MARIO! HUmph.

L Dude said...

According to Eliot Friedman, after his interview with Squid, Mr. Beliveau walks by and says
"This is too much for my heart."

You and me both, Mr. Beliveau, you and me both!

I just want to give a big YEEFUCKINHAW!

dwgs said...

wv - grrity

That is all.

L Dude said...

Max is The French Taunter(FT) Just check out the face!

SS: Hello? ......Hello?!

FT: Hello? Who is it?

SS: It Is Sidney the Spoiled (SS) and these are my knights of the round arena, whose castle is this?

FT: This is the castle of my master, Du Club de hockey Canadien of lalamba!

SS: Go and tell your master that we have been charged by Bettman,
with a sacred quest. If you will let us win without trouble tonight, he can join us in our quest for the holy grail.

FT: Well, i'll ask him but i dont think he will be very keen!
Uh, he's already got 24 you see!

SS: WHAT!?! He says they already got 24!

SS: Are you sure he's got 24?

FT: Oh yes they are very nice! (whispering to teammates) uh i told them we already got 24! hehe
(snickers behind wall)

SS: Well, uh, can we come up and have a look?

FT: OF COURSE not! You are english Type!

SS: Well what are you then!?

FT: I'm french! Why do you think i have this outragious accent you silly penguin!

SS: What are you doing here?

FT: Mind your own buisness!

SS: If you are will not show us the grail, we shall have to take your castle by force!

FT: You dont frighten us you English pig dogs!

FT: Go and boil your bottoms! Son of a silly person!

FT: I'll blow my nose at you, so called spoiled penguin! You and all your silly English cunnnnnnnnnigits!

FT: TTHPPBPBB!!(making fart nosies with tongue)

SS: What a strange person.....

SS: Now look her my good man..

FT: I dont wanna talk to you no more you empty headed animal foot
trough water! I'll fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and you father smelt of eldiberry!!!!

Matt Cooke: Is there someone else up there we can talk to?

FT: NO! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

Now I have to watch the real thing:


Sonia said...

Python + Habs = It... it's just so right.

lawyergirl77 said...

OMG LDUDE - so. much. win!!! I love eet!!!!!!!!!