Monday, May 17, 2010

The Taking of Game 1, Not 2 3: Flyers 6 - Habs 0 Game 1-Movie Review

Some of you may know this. Since last night felt a lot like the regular season, we decided we'd go back to one of our features, the game movie review combo where we split our commentary between the game and a movie we've seen recently.

The Taking of Game 1

Not a whole lot to talk about from a Montreal perspective. Philly did exactly what it needed to do in the best of worlds. Get in Halak's face, hit our smaller forwards, make PK look like a rookie and win game 1.

4 days off took Montreal out of that zone that they hadn't lived a minute without over a month's time, until they dispatched the Pens in Game 7. The team finally had a breather and it probably did them in. No groove, totally out of sync, going through the motions with the indifference shown in an exhibition game. Had Philly not scored early, one would think Montreal would have slowly gotten into a rhythm. No chance, the Habs were so soft in all aspects of the game that they made life easy for the home boys.

Anything to worry about? Sure if you consider that coming home 2-0 again puts the Habs in that insufferable must win scenario because anything but a sweep at home sends them back to Philly down 3-1. Game 2 is a must. The Habs were killed in parts of Game 2 against the Caps, in Game 3 at home, and in Game 1 in Pittsburgh. It's far from over despite the killer score. It was only Game 1, the best game to tank. It wasn't 2 or 3. Chillax kids, and shelf the bubbly Philly fans, you're not in bed with the Finals yet. And give me back my license plate.

The Movie

Seriously. How many times is Denzel Washington going to play the negotiator in a hostage suspense flic? I saw this movie 20 times before, I saw it in the Denzel Washington is a type cast hostage negotiator in Manhattan documentary on the Denzel type cast channel.

Ouf! How old was this recycled script? Good guy Negotiator who takes a bribe to feed his kids is black listed at work only to save the day with his people skills and superior intellect that only lands him a job as a subway conductor, but at least his wife loves him and can't wait for him to come home? C'mon guys, even Shrek 27 would be more innovative. At least they'd make the Donkey learn Swahili or something.

Travolta as the Bin Laden 9-11 let's make the markets tank and take a subway cart hostage so I can make a bundle of the selling ploy resulting from the instability my actions have caused? Are you shitting me? A subway hostage taking is going to make the price of gold shoot up and cause a huge incline on Wall Street. What's next? Honey we're out of garlic! Holy fuck look at what that's done to the price of copper. Fuck you to the directors, writer and actors of this shithole of a story and please mail me a refund as well as the 2 hours I'm afraid I'll never get back, The best thing about this asshole movie is that by the looks of the title, they rolled the original and both sequels all into one.


moeman said...

The original 70s version was better.

G Y F H !

GoldenGirl11 said...

I saw it in the Denzel Washington is a type cast hostage negociator in Manhattan documentary on the Denzel type cast channel.
Also called the Kevin Bacon's in that one too?? channel

Tyg said...

It's Denzel FUCKING Washington people! They don't come any cooler than that. I'd pay $14 to sit there and drool all over his fine ass any day of the week! Who cares what the movie is about? Nothing the Hollywood machine is putting out is worth 2 nickels unless it stars Denzel and/or John Travolta!

Jesus, I worry for you sometimes.

Also, love love love the Ed Norton styled Pleks! I got the serious whim whams for him too now! MEOW!

Thanks for the eye candy peeps! Off to watch a Denzel movie!

LJ said...

"And give me back my licence plate" - classic, or as the kids say, epic.

Habs will come to play tomorrow, we know it.


wv: The Habs were plopin in as many goals in game 2, as Philly in game 1.

Mr. natural said...

Habs 4 PHucktards 2, you read it here first.

@ Tyg dont be so obvious, LG77 and I are having an online thing, OK so she doesn't know yet, but hey does that make me weird?


Keep the positive vibes flowing into the great collective Karma......

Number31 said...

What moeman said. Original is way better. Gritty. Better cast. No Travolta and whatever is growing on his face. Them 70s were pretty brutal.

Oh, the original came out when the Flyers won the Stanley Cup. Fuck you, 1974.


BBRman said...

So is the comment section safe again? The last one was one racial slur away from topping even youtube's misanthropy. That's what happens when you let Plyer Phans in. I've been seeing it all over the interwebs.

I have no idea what movie you're talking about. Is it in 3D? No? Then stop wasting my time. Wait, are there naked people? No? Then stop wasting my time.

Also, I've been screaming (on the internet as well as alone in my apartment or office at 8am) I BELIEVE this whole playoff season and I finally realized that is from that Olympics song. So now it sort of feels lame, but I can't stop!


lawyergirl77 said...

Hey Mr. Natural - you were supposed to keep our thing on the DL. That whole Mr. LG77 thing, remember?

I'm fucking hurt.

(No, seriously - are the trolls gone? I can't take that shit, man... They weren't even amusing. Dude.)

Le Douze said...

@BBR - I was beginning to think that FHF had pulled a Bob G. and traded all of its comments section contributors to another blog (and not a very good one, from the tone of the comments).

Just got back from 2 weeks in England and France (hence no comments). My 11 year old wore his Habs Koivu jersey continuously, which provoked comments every day. Based on these data points I can report:
- There are four times as many Habs fans at Musee de l'Orangerie (an art museum) in Paris as at Stonehenge.
- based on the number of "Saku!" comments, Saku Koivu is well-known in London, Paris, Winchester, and Salisbury.
- all it takes to get an information-starved Sidney C. puck bunny to cry is to tell her that the Habs just won game 7 of their series.

wv: "rewoopi". Sure hope so.

lawyergirl77 said...

Le Douze - welcome back! Please tell me you have pictures of the puck bunny. Schadenfreude may be all we have left after tonight...

Mr. natural said...


What can I say I want the whole world t know of our affair. Sorry for the pain I've casued.

I now owe you at least two Mojitos.

Yeah, it was weird how those PHucktards dragged the whole dialogue down to their sub-human level.

We must endeavor to maintain our dignity and represent the class that is Montreal!


Le Douze said...

@LG - sorry, I was a polite Canadian and left her to deal with her bereavement in peace. Guess I'll never make a paparazzo. Hower,, my son and I did have a hell of a good laugh about it. (Or two, or three).