Friday, May 14, 2010

The Morning Skate for Sexy Friday, May 14th

Oh, hello there. Hope you are doing well this fine Sexy Friday morning. We know we are. No bullet points this morning. Bullets feel quick and rushed. Today feels like a day for slow reflection. Take a deep breath, catch our wind from the Pens and think about Flyers / Bs. So let's ramble on a bit, shall we?

So of course plenty of fallout, and looking back, on the Pens series. Are the Habs America's Team? My favourite story from yesterday is the one about Sid finally getting his own place. Do we think he's grown up enough? Will he still go home to get his laundry done? In the MSM, we thought Burnside had a decent series wrap up, though it's pretty much from a Pens persepctive. In the blogosphere, let's give some props to the Pensblog for manning up and writing this about the Habs:

It doesn't even shame us to say it, but we're jumping right back on board with the Canadiens the rest of the way. There's just something about a team that is playing as a team. They came into this series and made a lot of Pens fans look like assholes, us included. Have to respect it.

OK so how about those Bs and Flyers? Are the Bs epically choking? Chara says they're not panicking. Well we think they should be. So we guess the question of the day today will be "who would you rather play"? In a perfect world, FHF would give you a rundown of all the pros and cons of each opponent. Too bad this world is far from perfect. We'll let you guys argue it out. Personally, TMS prefers the Bs. We played better against the Bs this year. Simple as that. If you want to know FHF thoughts about the Flyers and Bs, you can take a look back at the History of Evil series and 10 things we hate about the Bs and 10 more things we hate about the Bs.

From the audiovisual department, if you are wondering why HF10 and TMS keep shouting "TekSaveeeee!" at FHF meetings, watch it here. And finally, with a lap dance to Orangeman, we believe that these videos are getting embarrassing already:


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! lak...
I don't give a rat's ass who we face. Neither team is up to the challenge. B's kicked our ass in 4 last year, so it could be payback time. Freaking Biron won 4 straight after letting us win the first one 2 years a go - Leighton ain't no Biron and Carcillo is a dick, we owe them a kick in the ass to.

Thank you boys, I love sexy fridays.

L Dude said...

Give those girls a cheeseburger! But just one...between the four of them.

So TSN has the West game. Does this mean Jim Hughson will do the Habs game? No more Bob cOLeD? No more Gary Galley? OH BABY! Please!

Moey said...

I prefer the B's for the same reason as TMS.

On another note, was reading the Pensblog. What's up with "dicktouchers?"

Does it mean a)gay or b)wanker


lawyergirl77 said...

Okay, while I realize that the "History" videos are getting a wee bit with the overkill... that's still my favourite one of the bunch. The joy on Gio's face... *sigh*

I'll just go daydream again. Carry on.

On a Debbie Downer note: I'm actually scared of both teams. The Bruins will be another defensive team - not sure how we'll match up against that. And if we're facing the Flyers - they'll be flying as high as us. But I think we match up better against them because they play a system that is similar to the Caps/Pens.

And booing Brière will be EPIC.

I dunno, I felt better about the first two rounds.

Please don't hurt me...

lawyergirl77 said...

Oh and total props to Pensblog for manning up. Sid could learn a thing or two from those guys... which is scary beyond all reason.

Oleg Petrov said...

We all love Gio, but backwards Gio instantly made me think of this:
Cooper's Dream

As for Bs vs. Flyers - in both cases, I'm really worried. All season long, the Habs have performed really well in situations where they were expected to lose - it's why they had a decent reg season record vs. Washington, beat the Red Wings early in the season, etc. - and crapped the bed in situations where they were expected to do better - like the last week of the season. Nobody gave them a chance vs. Washington or Pittsburgh, but going into this series against either team, they're going to be borderline favourites.

I am very afraid.

Mr. natural said...

All this talk about cheesburgers, need to get to Bofinger's, dreamed about their food last night.(Good thing this pic wasn't up before I went to bed 'cause might have dreamt about more than burgers).

As far as the TEKSAAAVVVY ads "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE"! George has finally found local employement worthy of his talent.

I prefer Boston Buffons to the Bullies, I think we would face less risk.

..and finally I want LG77 to know that I am Gio's doppelganger.

soperman said...

I think the Habs will beat either team, one in no more of a threat than the other. And both of them have eliminated the Habs in the past couple of years. So we owe some revenge to both of them.

I am just glad les boys are getting a couple of days rest and that those teams will have another night to beat the snot out of each other.


orangeman said...

I'd take the Bs because:
-They're tired and their confidence is shot even if they win. Do we want to face a team that just came back epically?

-They have tight defensive system, but they cannot score. If the Habs can beat the Pens and Caps 2-1 they can beat the Bs 1-0.

-I hate both teams, but I respect the Bs as an opponent. A bloodied, embrrassed opponent. I just hate the Phlyers.

-Briere will kill us. Let's face it.

I actually thought we did have a chance against the Caps (look it up!), though not so much against the Pens, I'll admit. But both the Bs and the Phlyers scare me because their game is completely different and in many ways similar to the Habs.

But they don't have the top scorer or the top goalie, so screw 'em. I won't wake up early to watch the whole game, but I'll see the 3rd at least. I'm predicting Philly, but I'm hoping for Bs. Either way, I hope it goes to quadruple OT. And a meteror shower wouldn't hurt.

B B said...

It is extremely difficult to remember this is the same crew from the last week of the season. Interviews sound like the leaders have the situation under control.

McGuirre was back to form yesterday on the radio. Blah-blah, there are still problems, blah-blah I want be GM, blah-blah, or at least Bertrand.

Tonight "History Will Be Made", B's and Flyers go an epic 14 OT's. Who cares, our guys roll 'em.


Habsfan10 said...

Saw a Teksavvy ad on a TTC bus this morning. BGL has gone viral.

Hate the Flyers. Hate the Bruins more. Don't want the Bruins to win another game, ever, in their history. So I guess I prefer facing the banged up, no Jeff Carter, third-string goalie starting Flyers. Also, Tuukka Rask is the next best goalie left in the playoffs, so getting him the fuck home to Finaland tonight would ease my mind a little.

Still, Habs-Broons for a shot at Stanley? Who's up for some Smashing Pumpkins?

swarkles said...

I had a cheeseburger from 5 guys yesterday, so delicious.

I think I'd rather they play Boston but I don't really care I think I just hate Boston more. I agree that they play better when they're supposed to lose and vice versa when they should win.

I would have loved to see a Moen History will be made just to see Gonchar's epic failure in slow motion

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

All of these Habs fans...rooting...for...the...Bruins?


Well, I hope we see you Sunday. HF10 will be happy to know that I have been rooting against Montreal throughout the playoffs.

Wish I could stick around and chat.

moeman said...

I have a new desktop pic. Merci GG et 29 (I'm guessin' 29s Googal searCH skillz are madder than GGs and that he lent a 'hand', ICBW & NTTIAWWT).

I agree with 10, I don't want to see the Bs win another game, after tonight.

Bring on the Broons, Habs in 4. Hello Cornelius.

As for burgers, had a nice British burg at The Royal Oak. Beef, bun, stilton, HP sause.

Go you fucking Habs!

Jaybird said...

@ Cornelius -

Damn right we want YOU! We have a history of breaking Bostonians hearts repeatedly that must be upheld!

@ Moey -
A dicktoucher is really just someone who touches dicks. Could be anyone but funner to think of it as a man who touches another mans dick. Or his own too often...which would be weird also. Its been a term for a while but popularised when Eric Cartman admitted he and his cousin touched weiners in South Park when faking he had tourettes. That's my take on it anyways.

moeman said...


Dryden, post-1971, would go on to win five more Cups and become one of the great observers of the game. In 2003 he added a chapter to his best-selling book The Game, in which he assessed the franchise and touched upon its magic.

“It has been twenty-five seasons since the Canadiens were the best team in hockey,” he wrote. “Twice in that time they won the Stanley Cup, in 1986 and 1993, but that is not the same thing. They were underdogs both times, and both times they found victory with smart, opportunistic play, good fortune, strong goaltending, and that catch-all which everyone understands and no on can explain: the ‘Canadiens mystique.’

Anonymous said...

Though not up to your photoshopping standards, my buddy just sent me this.
Thought y'all might like it.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I think I just went blind. GAH!

Damn straight. I've given Sexy Friday back to TMS as he enjoys the google search much more. Just makes me want to purge. Thank god I don't have daughters.

Wendel Clark's Balls said...

One of your own thinks you got here riding your luck.

And it's about to end.

Habsfan10 said...

@ Cornelius:

I hope the Bruins die in a fiery bus crash on the way to the rink tonight. I hope the Flyers Broad Street bully your sissy pants Broons right into the harbour near where you ungrateful colonists pitched all the tea. And, if by some hook or crook or Rask your boys survive those goons from Philly tonight, I'll be happy to see Montreal finish the job like a pack of wolves putting the death blow onto a wounded bear that just went 7 games.

I am deliriously happy to hear you have been rooting against Montreal. Despite your obvious mental issues, you understand hate. I respect that.

Hope you boys get killed tonight,


GoldenGirl11 said...

@Wendel (aka Nostradamus)
Whatever you say. We read all about what you think and that's fantastic, really. No use in arguing because we all know that bloggers control what happens in a game not the actual players. If you say it and someone wrote about it you must be right. Thank you for taking the time to enlighten us. 4, 10, 29, 33? We can close up shop now because our luck is about to change.

Now will you go away? Maybe get a job or something?

RiRi said...

I vote for Bruins. Pretty much for the reasons orangeman said.

Given the meltdown the Bruins are having, the next series should be a cakewalk for the Habs, non?

And yet, THAT is what scares me.

Habs like a challenge.

P.S. No offense to Gio but... wake me up when PFK gets his own HWBM ad.

moeman said...


"Stupid good," Gomez said, laughing, of the city's lust for all things CH. "We had a pretty good idea of that after the Washington series.

"Our fans are great. They were great even when they were hard on us. The season we had, the ups and downs, they were nervous.
They deserve this. It gets harder from here, but this is definitely where the fun starts."

Mr Trivia said...

Bruins please. They're confidence is down and they're having trouble scoring.

The Flyers are bigger and faster and hit to hurt. Imagine how pissed we'll be when Richards or Pronger gives one of our small forwards a cheap shot along the boards and takes them out for the series?

I hate Boston, but yes, bring on Boston.


soperman said...

@ Balls

I know it is a complex concept for a Leafie, but you are belittling yourself with all of this "schadenfreude". (It is a German term for shameful joy - happiness from the misfortune of others.)

Plus when the Habs are successful you will just be filled with more hate. You will convince yourself that somehow someone stole the cup for the Leafs this season. Maybe they should stop all this most goals wins the game and change it to most shots wins the game, that would fix those Habs.

Enjoy your hateful little existence, Balls.

moeman said...

This isn'y my blog.

I respect free speech.

Its Sexy Friday.

I love to laugh at the leaf.

... but ... fellow and feline FHFers,

Don't feed the troll, its what it wants.

Go you fucking playoff playing Habs!

Did I mention its Sexy Friday?

orangeman said...

Why is anyone responding to that dipshit? He's like Glenn Beck. He doesn't understand what he's talking about so he just says outrageous things to get attention. Thing is, if we just change the channel he'll go away eventually. What does it matter to us if people think winning back-to-back 7 game series is luck? No one is going to de-crazy Beck and no one's going to educate haters who don't want to understand.

Just change the channel.

soperman said...

Thanks to FHF for sexy Friday and a conference final starting on Sunday!

L Dude said...

soperman: one last thing about the leafs before we sign off on that matter. it's obviously kerry raser's fault that they missed the playoffs.


typing = no pens, no caps left either.

Mr. natural said...

HMmmmm........British Burger at the Royal Oak, the description of condiments has my mouth watering (HEY leave that one alone) but on the other hand it sounds awfully snooty.

As this is my first exposure to Sexy Friday I must voice my approval.

WTF with Wendell's balls!? Seriously this fuck is the perverbial BAG-O-HAMMERS dumb.

Ya Broons 'cause they can't score, they are beat up and will limp into the game Sunday. Momentum is huge in hockey (ask "I am coaching, I opened the gate during the entire games both #6 & #7" Boudreau)about it and they wont have it even if they win tonight.

Philly is streaking don't like that.....

soperman said...

@ LDude


WV - you can't make these things up. "scoless" as in "The Phylers or Broons will go scoless in the first four games of the eastern conference final.

Moey said...

Now that I have Friday off, I got an early start on some errands this morning. Was at the cash at the bakery and realized I was still wearing my slippers....

On the bright side, I left the oven mitts at home and I was wearing pants.


Mr. natural said...

Stanzas 1,2 and 18, C'mon I gotta get some work done!

>Once upon a Friday dreary, in did creep a fucken Leafy
>While I plodded, thinking typing, suddenly there was some yapping, yapping by some asshole bore
>"'Tis some moron" I muttered, only this and nothing more

>Ah, distinctly I remeber it was as early as December
>That each Leaf hope lay dying, rotting on the floor
>Eagerly they wished the morrow;-vainly they sought to borrow
>From the greatness of our heroes-heroes yet again once more
>Fuck the Leafs for evermore

>And the Leafs, never flitting, the asshole Clarkie still is typing
>On the great blog of HabsFansFour, full of wisdom and babes galore
>All his thoughts consumed in dreaming, dreaming of the lost success
>And my soul is truly lifted by the hatred at their fucken mess,
>Caps and Pens, Flyers and Bruins at least were in it, so I do give props to these four
>but the Leafs continue blowing and shall post season Nevermore.


Pants all the way.

Hey Clarkie this is the last time I bother with you, I am truly astounded at your utter stupidity, the other Leaf fans would pummel you for making them look so stupid.

Now back to Burgers!

Habsfan10 said...

@ Mr. Natural:

As a former Lit major and a huge Poe fan, I heartily approve. A big carafe of Amontillado to you, sir for lyrioally walling Balls into the crypt.

Moey said...

Listening to the Team 990, someone made an excellent point in an email.

The number one reason we should want to play Boston - Steve Begin.

That boy put the "B" in bonehead.

moeman said...

Nice one Mr. n.

Moey, did those errands include picking up some limes, mint, cane sugar, rum?

Mr Trivia said...


"That boy put the "B" in bonehead. ????

Normally you're bang on, especially when you wear slippers to the bakery... but what's up with that?

Begin played his heart out for the Habs. His motivation or CHaracter were never an issue.

What's your beef with him? What did he do to completely alter the word onehead?

WV: With a French accent, please: "I like to play Boston next round more than Flyers, but really, it depin on who is more bang up."

Don Cherry Can't Count said...

Definitely the Bruins... how nice will it be to see Recchi, Ryder, Begin and Julien? The only thing that worries me is that all season long the Habs have played to the level of their competition; hopefully they can get over that and knock the B's out quickly.

Also, do we get a new pantscast now? I need something to kill the time while commuting, and nothing's better than laughing like a mofo on a crowded train, freaking out everyone around you.

Anonymous said...

lets be weary of hubris here people. I know there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness but lets tread lightly. We have a good team if not great, and they are more than capable of laying waste to Bettman's giants, but as we ourselves have proven any team can win on any given night. Lets keep the good vibes/faith thing going and lets not plan the parade just yet. Both teams we might face have dangerous qualities so here is hoping they gouge each other's eyes out. Fuck the Phillys Mother fuck the Bruins oh and Fuck the Fucking queefs.

@29 Thanks for the cock stiffening ladies on this wonderful Friday.

WV= borbs.... I have to many ideas for this to just put one thing down. Also it made me giggle when I read it

b said...

Dryden entitled a chapter "Our friends, the enemy." Definitely the Bruins. It is the rivalry par excellence. It is the rivalry where the guy in the other building can sing "Oh Canada" en français. Such irony, Gill playing in front of his hometown friends, Begin the same. Dominic Moore just a ride on the T from his alma mater. Gotta happen. Then the B's gotta loose, they gotta get their butts kicked wicked bad. They got learn that frappe isn't just an extra thick milk shake.

wv= grator

It all for the grator good.

Moey said...

Mr. T,

I don't have a beef with him but Stevie had a knack for taking really bad boneheaded penalties in crucial games. Ref: April 2007, last game of the regular season fighting the leafs for a playoff spot and then again in 2008 in the fifth game against the Flyers in the playoffs. Saku tied it and Begin took a boarding penalty, much like what Sid did in game 7 and the Flyers scored.

Both momentum changers. That's all I meant by it. Hope he does the same thing if we play the B's.

moeman said...

The wild nights, the orgies, the drug taking!

too close to toronto said...

Here's my take

Mr Trivia said...


swarkles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
swarkles said...


Let's see if that works better

Mr. natural said...


Nice further referencing, but I actually like Amontillado so how 'bout the whole cask, what's this Carafe shit! There's still a lot of hockey to be play and I need all the liquor I can get!

Too bad Knucklehead's balls has probably never read anything other than the back of his breakfats cereal box.


Off in the distance the muffled sound of Sid the kid's soft tears, his face buried in a pillow, crying. HMmmmm...wonder if it's from the elimination or his boyfriend!

Mr. natural said...

F**K can't even type anymore... leaving the office, off for drinks!

That will help improve my spelling!

Noda said...

Anyone else notice the schedule for the next round on

Game 4 (for both series) will be either 3pm on Sat or 3pm on Sun depending on who wins the other series. Am i the only one pissed at that? Hockey should be played at night dammit.

moeman said...

Ode to the Bruins, featuring Tuuka 'He-Man' Rask.

Mr Trivia said...

MAB calls into french radio and host doesn't know who the fuck he's talking to...

if you don't speak french:

host: we've got...uh... marc andre bergeron on the line. hello marc andre.
MAB: hi... you know i just wanted to say how lucky we're to have halak right now...

host goes off for 5 minutes about price vs halak, blah, blah, blah.

host: so where did you watch the game from? on tv or did you go down to the bell centre?
MAB: uh well, actually yves, i was on the ice.
host: really? tabarouette!!! that's exciting! you mean you went down to pittsburgh?
MAB: well, yes, i'm number 47. sometimes i stand near the blueline taking slappers.

there's more but the audio crapped out on me. i'm still trying to listen to the rest.

Jaybird said...

To Wendel Clarks Balls:

I absolutely dismantled you yesterday...I admire your perseverance but c'mon...

I don't believe in luck. Chinese people believe in luck they have all sorts of superstitions. I believe in confidence and playing as a team like a well-oiled machine.

I have always argued goalies that you call "lucky" are lucky for a reason. When Montreal has faced Brodeur over the years we hit 10 posts every game. You call that luck, I call that the players reaction to trying to surgically pick a corner due to fear for a lack of a better word of missing. Same as shooting it directly at his logo.

Halak gets "lucky" because he is in their head. He has made them shoot somewhere at him or at post that they might have done better if they had the confidence they could beat him.

When your leafs have a winning season you can be Mr. Internet know it all. Until then cheer for the Caps or Penguins. Oh wait you tried that....

Jaybird said...

@ Trivia - lol!

Do one for Hamrlik where he gets stuck behind the net.

RicD said...


I heard that half an hour ago, pretty funny. The radio host goes on forever and ever at first not letting MAB put a word in the conversation.

As for the Bs or the longhaired bearded Phily-cheese, I'd prefer the Bs as they are the last team to have eliminated us. And they did so in 4. Ever since Gagné has come back from injury, the Phlyers have been on a good streak. And I'd hate to face a local boy who is "hot" right now.

On a side note, isn't it ironic that the 8th place team is about to face either the 6th or 7th place team?

Wendel Clark's Balls said...


You couldn't dismantle an alarm clock with a sledge hammer.

HabsFan29 said...

stop feeding the trolls people

anyone out there watching this Flyers-Bs game with me? meteor vs. quadruple OT? what do we want?

gillis said...


HabsFan29 said...

gillis you're like a week late with that one. but it's good anyway

you know a thought just struck me. had we gotten just one more point in that crappy last week of the season and the Flyers win tonight, we would have had home ice advantage in the next round. that's insane

gillis said...

damn, haha

Moey said...


I'm watching, overtime that lasts until early Sunday morning sounds about right. Boy, that was some bad anthem singing.

HabsFan29 said...

Moey yes many overtimes would be nice. with a few injuries thrown in. not that i would wish anything bad on anyone, you understand

that anthem scared me

HabsFan29 said...

Michael Ryder scores!!!


Moey said...

Woo hoo! Score another one you fucktards.

HabsFan29 said...

game over?

GoldenGirl11 said...

Power outrage with indoor hail.

HabsFan29 said...

no really, game over

gillis said...

If only the atmosphere at hockey games was like this, chants through out the game, cheer them on win or lose. Instead we hear the screams of teenage girls after goals and boos after a loss. The flares are just the icing on the cake. (I was in that section is why I'm mentioning all of this, actually, I was two feet away from the flares). Anyway, what I mean is that I'm fed up of fans at games simply reacting to what happens, I want people to cheer through out and not only help the team, but piss of the other team. Before the game even started I managed to get a TFC player to jog right up to me and flip me me and my friend off. Being a "Supporter" is one of the games inside the game and I think it actually helps the teams, unlike "OLE-ing" AFTER the team scores the goal. You see this kind of support in some places in Europe at hockey games and I think it's great. And it's fun. That's what I want the crowds at hockey games to be like, but since their not, I have to go to Impact games to join some real supporters, and trust me, even though it's soccer, it's usually a lot more fun to go to an Impact game in section 114 then to go to a habs game

HabsFan29 said...

i stand corrected. Flyers won't go away

gillis agree 100%. awesome atmosphere. but didnt the Impact lose that game? ;)

HabsFan29 said...

crazy period

both these teams are physical and determined. they both scare me

GoldenGirl11 said...

What are the chances that Lucic is committed before Sunday.

gillis said...

@29: Just wait till 2012

Moey said...

Apparantly there's some leaf fans rooting for the Habs now. They can't be real leaf fans, there is no way on God's green earth I would ever cheer for the leafs under any circumstances. I'd rather cheer for Boston.

Jaybird said...

@ 29 - Done and done.

These two teams are just smashing each other eh? How awesome is that?

You kow who I want to play? The winner of this match after 5 Overtimes with multiple IV sessions! Go Midnight!

Jaybird said...

Done and done about troll feeding I meant.

I want the members of the team we play's arms to have trackmarks like a heroin addict from the OTs it takes this game to finish.

Jaybird said...

And I'm working on google learning about voodoo. Trying to get either Savard or Richards injured tonight.

Please hockey gods: One more injury in this series.

HabsFan29 said...

Tied. unbelievable.

oh wait, review? let's see who the NHL thinks can beat the Habs

Jaybird said...

@ crumbs (If he's around)

Still want Philly? They scare me. Bring on the lowly Brrons please.

Moey said...


Just print out a picture and stick pins in their knees, ankles and shoulders. We did it at work for Ovie and Matt Cooke. Worked like a charm. Don't wish injury, that's bad karma and could bite us in the arse. Just wanna throw them off their games.

HabsFan29 said...

i really dont want the Flyers

Moey said...


I'm torn, the old saying be careful what you wish for is in the back of my mind.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Can I wish for no one to win? I really don't want to see any of those fans cheering and confident. I'm tired. I'm enjoying the rest. Hey, can we take out the stop time machine?

orangeman said...

Just tuning in here. Did the Phlyers really come back from 3-0 in this game, too?! Fuck that, Bs please. The game is tied after 2 which is great. Keep that going assholes. But in the end I want the Broons.

ezzeloharr said...

@GG: I just want everyone last one of them to be injured by the end of the game. Then there'll be no reason to be stressed.

Moey said...


Have to disagree. I'm sure the Pens were uber confident when Markov went down.

Orangeman said...

LET'S GO OVERTIME! *clap clap clap-clap-clap* LET'S GO OVERTIME!

ezzeloharr said...

Good point Moey.

Orangeman said...

I'm not taking anything for granted, but I only want one team with destiny on it's side in the Conference final. Mine.

Orangeman said...

Say what you will about VS, but at least I feel like I'm watching a Game 7, not visiting my suicida grandpa in the old folks home.

Moey said...

Was it Gomez that said he hoped they smashed the hell out of each other? Pray for overtime.

Moey said...

"Habs are at home licking their lips" or in other words, "welcome to my parlor said the spiders to the flies."

Orangeman said...

NO! Come on Broons, tie it up.

HabsFan29 said...


we're gonna play the Flyers


ezzeloharr said...

Meethinks the Broons are in trouble.

HabsFan29 said...

so the Bs are gonna blow a 3-0 lead in both the series and this game. that's some nice symmetry

Sonia said...

Wow, I would much rather face a team that's going "Whew! That was close!!" than one that's going "FUCK YAAHHH!!! WE CAME BACK FROM 0-3 BITCHES!!!!"



Orangeman said...

Wow, the Broons suck.

HabsFan29 said...

wow. im scared

Sonia said...


Orangeman said...

Whatever, we'll take on the Phlyers. The up side is Broons fans are dying right now. Blow a 3-0 lead in the series AND the game at home? It make me feel so nice.

RiRi said...

Ugh. Bruins, you suck.

Maybe this is for the best.

Habs like a challenge, right?

HabsFan29 said...

it's a 7-8 match up! that's the best we could hope for, right?

Orangeman said...

Let's just take a moment and think about all the disappointed and crushed Broons fans. Doesn't it make you all warm inside?

WV: phyph. I don't like that given the timing.

Orangeman said...

After checking the schedule this one suits me better. 3pm on Saturday though? Urgh.

Tyg said...

Weren't the Habs supposed to be all juiced up after the Caps win? They bombed the opener vs. the Pens, if I remember correctly.

Yet the Flyers are gonna win a 5th straight after a more physical series with a similar turnaround time? They don't get tired and beat up too? If that's the case, let's ship a crate of whatever they're drinking over to the Bell Centre.

GYFHG! Habs in 6 goddammit, just because I fucking say so.

Fuck the Flyers, and if the Bruins can't hold onto a 3 goal lead in a game 7 semi-final, after dropping a 3 game lead, they don't fucking deserve to skate on Bell Centre ice anyway. Fucking teddy bears.

Habsfan10 said...

Ah ahah ha ha ha haha fucking Bruins. That was a glorious collapse, entirely befitting that cursed, useless excuse for a professional franchise.

On the other hand ... now it's go time with the most wretched hive of scum and villany in the NHL. Fuck Briere, Gagne, Hartnell, that cheapshotting prick Richards, Carcillo, Pronger, their third rate third string goalie, Bobby Clarke and all their boorish, fatass Kate Smith worshipping fuckers in the stands.


David said...

The Flyers ARE scary, but on the other hand, Jaro won't let easy goals in like both Boston and Philly goalies did. That shit was weak.

Habs in 6. Book it.

Anonymous said...

Where's Cornelius this morning?

moeman said...

heh, too many me on the ice, not many Cups in the cupboard. Stoopid Broons.

moeman said...

. . .

moeman said...


“We’re a pretty humble group that way, we think we’re getting better, we think we’re improving, we don’t think we’re a great hockey team,” Cammalleri said.

“We’re working to be as good as we can and that’s what has led us to some success.”

Forward Brian Gionta said it’s up to the Canadiens to make sure the expectations are forged by the players and not from outside sources.

“We want to win, we expect ourselves to win but we know it’s going to be a tough battle and it has been for two series,” said Gionta. “It doesn’t get any easier from this point forward.”