Friday, May 28, 2010

It's sorta almost kinda official: party at Panger's February 20, 2011

The NHL has confirmed that the the league "hopes to play an outdoor regular season game in Canada next season and will be discussing the plan with the Competition Committee in June." It will be a "Heritage Classic" and have the Habs play the Flames at McMahon, as per the artist's rendering above.

FHF pre-game festivities begin at 9 AM at Panger's. I've been told it's BYOB, but he will be supplying mixers and washroom facilities. Please wipe your feet before entering the house.


Mr. natural said...


What's the address?

Dress code? Pants optional?

If no pants, do I need underwear?

Snacks? Can I operate the BAR-B-Q?

BYOH? Or will he have a selection of hookers from which to choose?

Who's in charge of music?

So many questions, so little time.

I'm very excited, getting a little sensation down there...


SarahMc33 said...

I am sooooooo in if pants are optional!!!

HFF33 aka Panger said...

Address is South West Calgary. Just ask for Panger, they know me.

I'm working on Mrs. Panger for the pantsless option. I don't know what her problem is since every day when I get back from work I invoke the pantsless option (yes it will be akward when we have kids), but I share too much...

Otherwise I've got a great BBQ, extra beds, couch and floor space, and I love to drink...among other things. BYOB/M/P

I will very definitely be in charge of music. I take requests, though. LG77, "Baby Got Back" is already t'd up.

I would prefer Montreal hookers, though. I'll consider that your cover charge.

Now I hope they don't buy out Hamr just so he and Squid can run roughshod over their old teammates.

Mr. natural said...


OK, I'll work on the "entertainment".

LG77 is always a step ahead...

That would truly suck huge balls, Squid getting revenge from Calgary....I'm sad

SarahMc33 said...

How many 30 racks can I bring across the border?

Mr. natural said...


apologies for my lack of intertubes savvy, LG77 usually bails me out.

Just wanted you to see that my friends and I are all ready to locomote it to Calgary.

See you in Feb!

moeman said...


moeman said...

PinCH me bitCHes!

... cuz I hear that TQS110% is airing it's last fucking show of fucking dirty fucking stinking fucking xenophobic cum fucking racist fucking episodes!!! Go fuck yourself Pagé and Perron and all your disgusting fucking friends.

Anonymous said...

And they're pitting the Pens against the Caps? Ahhhh....Bettman couldn't get them to match up at the ECF so he MADE it happen, didn't he.

Sad ass.

soperman said...

@ panger

You must know my buddy who lives in Southwest Calgary 'cause their can't be more than a few hundred (thousand) people who live there.

Can I park my RV on your lawn? :o)

I am hoping for a chinook and a good old-fashioned road hockey game. Caaaaaar!

Mr. natural said...


It's been hectic. Just got off the phone with the real Geoff Molson and a truck will deliver directly to Panger's prior to the puck dropping. Driver is to turn left at South West Calgary and ask for "directions to Panger's".

Still negotiating with the escort services (hey Panger you might have to dip into the provincial tar sands money pit and spring for a few bucks here, these chicks want some real money to go to Calgary in February!).

Got some good business contacts in china and if all goes well (let's keep our fingers crossed)350 Lanny McDonald knock off mustaches should be delivered a week before the game, sweet!

That's it for now Skype is screaming at me, I think it's Zhao Changwu in Xi'An, they want to charge extra, too much material per 'stach.

Later I will let you know as arrangements are finalized.

It's gonna be EPIC!

B B said...

Do I need a passport for anything west of Thunder Bay? Will there be an optional day trip to Dog River?

soperman said...

@ BB

Yes to all of those things and when you see the Rocky Mountains from Panger's back deck, you can actually walk to them in about an hour. :o)

HFF33 aka Panger said...

You can see the Rockies from my place.

I don't have a lawn (sorry).

I know how to get to Dog River from here.

Ed Stelmach has cut off Ralph Klien's tar sands cheques. He's gonna lose the next election.

No passports needed, but you might need a cowboy-to-English dictionary.

I love the Lanny Mustache idea!!!

Doogie2K said...

As a Hitmen season-ticket holder, I got lumped in with the Flames mini-pack holders for playoff tickets: maybe I'll get lumped in with them for this, too? Hopefully?

My other option: my aunt and uncle have Stamps season-tickets. I wonder who gets priority first?