Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let the off-season begin with an open thread of love!

Oh, hello there. It's about fucking time we wake up from our end of post-season stupor, turn the lights back on and get back to "work", such as it is. We're happy you're still out there reading.

Before we move on, a quick note about the past that I'm not here to talk about. We have read all your comments on the last post and we were quite touched. We appreciate everything you've said about us and really, it made it all worthwhile. Writing (and photoshopping) is boring unless you know there's people out there enjoying what you've done. So thanks. And really, the site is about you guys too. What we write (and photoshop) is only half the fun. Reading the genius and witty comments makes it worthwhile to us. Many (if not most) sports blogs have fucking idiots for commentors. We do not. That's fucking awesome, so again, thanks.

OK forward! Uh, yeah. We'll figure out something to talk about soon. We keed. This is our annual "we're not going anywhere for the summer" post. We've got plenty of UFA and RFA Habs to talk about. I guess there is still a Stanley Cup Final to play. No doubt a Kostitsyn will get arrested soon so we'll cover that. I'm sure we'll also talk some World Cup, considering you've got 4 FHF's who are rabid English / French / Italian / Dutch supporters. It could get ugly. There will be chicks. We'll find plenty of other crap to fill the time, not to worry.

We do have some recapping of the season to do first though. By popular demand (2 people!), we'll have an end of season Pantscast in the coming days. Maybe we'll also write some shit too. You never know.

For now, open thread this baby to your heart's content. Go you fucking Bulldogs go. We love you.


Robbie said...

Dear Lawyers, I didn't get to join the love fest from yesterday so i wanted to take this opportunity to say how much i did enjoy your blog and all the comments. From Moeman's songs, to GG11 photo shop to Orengman's long distance posts. From the oven mit to the rants to the indepth evaluation from the 4 of you I got a kick out of coming here every day. OH yeah and the girls they were bonus.

I didn't get to enjoy much of the post season due to work obligations which took me out of town over the last 5 weeks but every chance i got to sneek in here and take a peek at the ongoings i did.

This playoff run was a complete bonus and there is part of me that worries that due to this run the fundamental issues which needed to be dealt with on this team may get ingnored for the ''wait and see attitude'' i hope that is not the case. I was worried by a statement i read from our new GM ''Pierre'' saying he wants the team to be among the 10 that make it each year to the playoffs. Could i just say for the record, ''FUCK YOU PIERRE'' this town and its fans have been waiting 17 soon to be 18 years for a 10 DOES NOT FUCKING DO IT! CLEAR? Ok done with the rant. Hope everyone who enjoys this blog has a great summer and i am already counting down to the start of next season.

Divorce postponed.

Number31 said...

I need a hug. The Bulldogs totally completely ran out of gas...

GoldenGirl11 said...

I turn my back for two minutes and its back to lesbians. It's going to be a long summer.

fezworth said...

RIP Bulldogs playoff run. Hamilton loses 4-2 in game 7 :-(

Chenny13 said...

Sad face. Both teams out in the Conference finals. Still though, hopefully this is an indication of things to come instead of just a wacky aberration.

And since I didn't get a chance to post my love for FHF on the last post, let me say: This is one of the finest sources of Habs related material and chatter around, and the credit goes obviously to the writers and a brilliant photoshop artist *Pauses for bows and applause*. But as HF29 said in his post, I feel at home with knowledgeable commentators who don't feel the need to just spew out bullshit over and over again. So cheers to everyone, you make reading this blog an immense pleasure!

Orangeman said...

Ok, I let the sun and patio beers get to my head yesterday. You know there's this thing called "Spring" going on? My point is I didn't mean to get all sentimental last night. Though anonymous bloggers are probably the best people to pour your heart out to while intoxicated. I haven't checked my email or phone though.

Speaking of last post;
GG11: I have a blog? I just started it for some fellow teachers during winter break when we were forced to sit around and do nothing for weeks. Msg checked though.

Baruch: Welcome to Seoul. Buy an umbrella, the summer monsoon will wet places you didn't know you had.

FHF: May I suggest as the special guest for your Pantscast Youppi!? You could ask him a question, pause in silence and then laugh or otherwise react to his 'comments'. I have seriously sat here laughing out loud thinking about this. Maybe it's the 3 hours of sleep after a weeknight of binge drinking with fellow irresponsible friends, but man that's gold.

Mr. natural said...


"Come out with your hands up, we know you're in there, these men in the white coats are here to help, do not be afraid".

moeman said...

Congrats to CoaCH BouCHer on his team on a great Dogs season.


moeman said...


"His souvenir No. 76 T-shirt was the spring’s No. 1 seller in Habsland.

“I was moved by it,” said Karl Subban, P.K.’s father. “It was unbelievable the number of people with number 76 T-shirts at the game. And then I went to a mall and there were so many people, adults and children, wearing his T-shirts. It sort of hit me then. It wasn’t at the rink. It was at a mall. I wanted to stop some of these people and say, ‘That’s my son.’ You know, I could not have predicted that P.K. would be as popular as he is. He’s lucky. But the other side of it is, there are high expectations attached to it, and he has to live up to it. And he understands that.”

Anonymous said...

Now if god can just make sure that France doesnt win anything at the world cup, at least we can have a good summer!


-avi said...

@GG I had the same reaction when I opened the page. I don't mind the scantily clad (although, my body image takes a hit every time) but the kissing women .... SIGH

@ anon excuse me? you're just pissed that the refs were blind to the hand pass. like that never happens in other sports!

True Blood S3 is starting soon. some thing to look forward to.

Habsfan10 said...

The World Cup trash talk starts right now, you bunch of diving, whiny, mainland Europe hair-gel using nancyboys.

L Dude said...

I have a lesbian couple living next door. They don't look like that.

Go Ireland! Wait. Fuck you France. Think I'll cheer for an underdog. Is Halak playing goal for Slovakia? Have they thought of changing their name to Halakia?

GoldenGirl11 said...

Halakia. I just got coffee up my nose.

Hadulf said...

Time for my lovin'...

Thanks to FHF for an amazing season and post season. Reading this blog is one of the great highlights of my everyday life. I often catch myself standing here, hitting F5 to see the latest comments. Thanks for making me laugh.

To all commentators, thank you for making me laugh as well! All the witty remarks, the jokes, the sarcasm the in depth analysis of EVERYTHING...Funny as shit!

I'll also extend my thanks to the Trolls that lurk around here, they make it worth while too. Especially those Philly Trolls, they were hilarious. Their blog sucks though.

Looking forward to UFA/RFA rants FHF, keep up the good work!

swarkles said...

I also really love this blog. And I'm all for a pantscast also.

Boob Gainey said...

Those women are not lesbians, they are bisexual.

For the world cup, Diego Maradona has pledged to run naked through the streets of Buenos Aires if his team wins. That's all I need to know to cheer for them.

Have we traded for Edmonton's 1st pick yet?

GoldenGirl11 said...

Is there a reason you'd want to see a man run naked through the streets of Buenos Aires? NTTAWWT. Don't guys usually squirm in support of other men's boys when they are, uh, compomised... or better yet, shaking like Charo during Mardi Gras?

That said, go Diego go.

dwgs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dwgs said...

be careful what you wish for said...

@GG and Boob
haven't all players of European or Latin American descent showed their boys to the owrld.
I believe only North America and Muslim countries are puritanical

I usually cheer for the underdogs or the team with the most good-looking guys.
maybe we'll get more fantastic head-butts from pissed off players

soperman said...


I did not get an internet connection at the cottage to enjoy a "Lesbian-free" summer. :o) Besides, Boob and L Dude are right. These are not real lesbians, but they play lesbians for a blog.

Boob Gainey said...

Actually I support Italy.

My second teams are Argentina and Holland, because they gave us the two most beautiful footballers ever, Marco van Basten and Diego Maradona.

Obviously, I cheer against France and Germany.

Mr Trivia said...

i love that ticket prices are going up for next year. pretty soon it'll be cheaper to buy the fucking team.

how much are warm cans of ex going to be next season? 15$?

they tease us with a cup run on the ice and then stick it right up our pocketbooks.

GoldenGirl11 said...

@Mr. Trivia
To be fair there will be payment options. $15 for a beer OR your child's kidney to be sold on the black market at a later date.

Mr Trivia said...

@GG - dang! i traded in my nephew's kidneys AND my george vezina signed, fake jersey for a canadiens trucker hat, signed by jan bulis, two weeks ago.

didn't realize "the economy" was going to improve so quickly.

GoldenGirl11 said...

@Mr. Trivia
Nephew's kidney doesn't count. They do a blood test at the cash. Best bet is to knock up your gf and save the placenta for an authentic "3rd year celebrating the 100th anniversary" t-shirt and key chain set. If you want the matching oven mits I can get you in to see DrGG and you can plan for her to deliver between the 2nd and 3rd periods DURING the "3rd year celebrating the 100th anniversary" game against the Winnipeg Coyotes. Fresh placenta has a higher value, of course. It promises to be a great night already. Intermission between the 1st and 2nd have already been reserved for Gary Bettman's stroke.

Chester said...

Wow from hockey to soccer just like that. Sorry I need more transition time, need to clog up the middle slow the play down.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Geez Chester, are you ever happy? Not enough skin, not enough hockey, too much soccer. Look up, Chest, those are lesbians. Enjoy the moment.

moeman said...

Go Swedish soccer!

Bonus WV = sprijst, as in that pic'll make you sprijst your Pants!

Random Hab Girl said...

I agree with the girls : I didn’t mind the sexy pics (and was enviously admiring the bods of those 3 hot girls with photoshoped CH tattoos..I couldn’t decide who was more beautiful), but girls pretending to be lesbians kissing…ugh
FHF : can we please have more on the Habs- anything entertaining (as always) about the post-season would feel good right now. Still need post-mortem therapy. Can’t find any good articles out there. Have people moved on already? =(
At least l’antichambre was on last night..

Love you guys
I will now try to wake myself up from my afternoon stupor and work. Bah..who wants to work. Fuck work. Let’s all take naps like we did in kindergarten.

mrtrivia said...


best (planned) use of a placenta ever.

Rumor Monger said...

Hamrlik + Halak to St Louis

Perron + 1st round pick to Tampa Bay

Lecavalier to Mtl


GoldenGirl11 said...

@Mr. Trivia
Clearly you've never been to my house for dinner.

Kmaxx said...

Took the day off but had to pop back to see if any of you guys were back at work - Very impressed! For the record, I belive the women to be actresses pretending to be lesbians - I can tell by the way they are "kissing". If these had been real lesbians, the tongue work would be more penetrating, deeper and their bodies would be clpser together.

Now as for the footie (as they call it over 'ere), there has always been a remarkable similarity for me between England and the Laffs...think about it for a sec - England last won the World Cup in 1966 - it is all anyone in England ever talks about - just like the pathetic Laffs fans - every time the World Cup rolls around everyone in England is convinced they will win - until they get blown out early - then the excuses start, wait 'till next time, we was robbed, Hand of God, Penalty miss, Beckham kicking like a girl, Gazza crying like a girl...blah blah blah!

So for those reasons I, a Habs Fan living in the UK will be cheering on...SPAIN! Cesc Fabregas, Carlos Puyol, Andres Iniesta, David Villa, Xavi and Fernando Torres - now that's a fuckin' shit load of talent


ezzeloharr said...

@GG: Gross.

@All Soccer Fans: I have yet to be entertained for an entire soccer game in my entire life, except when my little sister is playing. Is this normal?

wv: I revel much more in hockey than in soccer.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Wait till you see it live and up close as it exits a vagina post childbirth. That'll kill your appetite completely.

There, ladies, have I sufficiently balanced the whole lesbian thing for today?

swarkles said...

What's this crazy talk I hear about an outdoor game against Calgary? And the Pens and Caps are going to do one too but no one is one bit surprised. I know one game next season I won't be watching.

Number31 said...

Yes. In Calgary. Mcmahon Stadium. In February. Probably will be -20 in the sun unless a Chinook blows in. Turtlenecks for all!

This needs to be done in Molson Stadium... What a view from up there. Gorgeous stadium. Would be a Hallmark moment.

Steve said...

Send the tits brothers to Edmonton or Winnipeg. Send the urologist to the KHL for a case of empty s. Gomez can play in the Mex league we want a Sombrero and a shooter bandoleer.

The MSM says we cant afford Moore, the Harvard boy scored some key goals pay him.