Monday, May 03, 2010

The Morning Skate for Monday, May 3rd

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of a shitload of oil...
  • We see Panger's review in the posting queue so we'll be brief: Fuck. Yeah;
  • Joe Pavelski, yada yada, Sharks up 2-0; We can't believe Joe Pavelski is now yada yada worthy;
  • Shark on the ice!
  • Marco Sturm out for the playoffs;
  • God we love our PFK (lap dance to moe): "I'm not going to focus on myself right now," Subban said. "This is the playoffs and it's about the team. If they ask me to fill the water bottles, I'll fill the water bottles";
  • More from the series: EOTP game 2 recap, Pensburgh's, and Number31 recounts the robbery.
Please note TMS may appear at odd hours this week as TMS is on vacation. So he'll be drunk 24/7. Long-form vid highlights after a win? Kick it.


moeman said...

Pants! BitCHes!!

David said...

Does anyone know how the CBC announcers can talk with Crosby's dick so far down their fucking throats?

Jimmy G said...

Remember when we were all shitting on Gainey because all he did in the off-season was sign Gionta, Gill, Cammy and trade for Gomez? Should we all be writing letter of apology now? The only thing I can think to blame him for is his man-crush on Price. I don't think the team would be doing this with Kovy wearing the C...

soperman said...

Go Habs! Amazing that they could win on Sunday after play a day and a half before.

This is one amazing team. Everyone plays their role. Even the Subbanator, who could be excused for not getting it, because he is so young, says things like,

"This is the playoffs and it's about the team. If they ask me to fill the water bottles, I'll fill the water bottles"

He seems to get it now, as compared to the first year after the draft when he thought he could make the team out of junior.

dwgs said...

Kovy wearing the C!?!
Go wash your mouth out with soap young man!
wv - I hope Sidney's feeling a little bit scaert now.

Boob Gainey said...

The Penguins are sounding a lot like the Caps were after game 2. Confident bordering on arrogant.

Number31 said...

Matt Cooke, for a man who doesn't seem to care much about his actions threatening peoples careers, sure whines a lot when the tables are (accidentally) turned.

moeman said...

@David, cuz Sid's stick is lubricated with his crybaby tears.

WV = morypie

RiRi said...

"After Subban was picked 43rd overall in the 2007 NHL draft, he went up to former general manager Bob Gainey and said he was going to make the Canadiens happy they drafted him."

Could I be more in awe of him?!

Habsfan1993 said...

I'll pull a Lapierre and try to piss folks off by repeating my last post:

You guys still think you'd rather build a team around that nut-punching, goalie-whacking, stick-breaking and throwing, whiny little pussy bitch?

I'd rather go into a corner against Ovechkin, knowing that he may play on the edge, and he may try to hurt me, than against some little twerp who just may break his stick over my head for no reason other than things aren't going his way.

WV: loundro, as in, PFK says he'll do Jacques' loundro if he's asked.

moeman said...

Gonna CHime in and say that I was never part of the Gainey bashing. Yes I was sad to see Saku leave (unceremoniously) and still had a man-crush on Kovy in the early season. Nothing is won yet, the Habs are doing better than most of us expected BUT those that should be taken to task are the screaming pure wool media hacks that ripped Bob at every sick opportunity their hate could muster. These are the same jackals that now label Gainey's Habs with the 'nous' and 'on'. The Canadiens do not belong to these fucktards, especially not a snake-tongued crosseur like michel bergeron.

WV = rearera, as in will Sid's 'frustration' lead him to punCH a Hab in the rearera?

L Dude said...

FUCK CBC. I ended up watching NBC's coverage with the McSplooging and what not. Give me young Doc Emrick over Bob Cole anyday!(63 vs 77) Seventyfuckingseven! GTFO! Seriously, go. Can you not force retirement on people? Is there not somebody better suited to do play by play? How about Gilbert Gottfried or Bobcat Goldthwait? That would be an awesome play-by-play/colour combo!

Anyway, guess it's back to CBC tomorrow.

I made a mistake and switched to a clean Habs t-shirt for game 1. Put the old blue one on which I've worn since game 5 vs the Caps (only for games) for game 2 and voila! Also forgot my WODKA for game one. Hope that's not the reason for Markov's injury.

How very shocking that none of the media outlets are calling for a suspension on Adams' boarding penalty or calling out Crosby and asking why there was no penalty for his stick swinging/breaking/throwing incident. Imagine if that was a Hab, say Lapierre! They'd already have him lynched, strung-up, tarred and feathered, ready for the executioner. Ah well, it all helps with hating Cindy Crysbaby and lets us forget his 'golden goal'. Fuck him. Fuck Matt Cooke. Fuck Bill Guerin. Fuck the Crosby Broadcasting Corporation. Fuck me. Fuck you. Fuck everybody. Fuck pants.

Halak it. Halak it a lot.

Habsfan10 said...

So, some Pens fans (and Matt Fucking Cooke, of all people!) are saying PK Fucking Subban might be intentionally lifting his skate on checks and that's what cut Staal and almost cut Cooke yesterday.

What. The. Fuck.

You have to be shitting me. Christ, his back is to Staal when they collide. I know PK might be the most talented man to ever lace em up, but cmon, that would take some sort of skills. And the fact the Matt Cooke is calling out about cheap shots? Sweet fancy Moses you have to be joking. Yet the Pensblog seems to be all over it.

Le Douze said...

@sope - to be fair, in the pre-season PFK said he would do anything to make the team, even fight if he had to, and he looked good, and other young D-men were being sent straight to the NHL (Delzotto, Myers). So he had a right to be disappointed that he didn't make it - but I don't remember him complaining. And clearly he didn't sulk in 'dogtown. I don't think his attitude has changed, just his experience and maturity without the puck (which wasn't too shabby before).

@moe - yeah, I wasn't a Gainey basher either, but I sure was a Martin basher. Still not sure I was completely wrong, but a team could do worse than having Martin set up the system and do the pressers, and Capt. Kirk work the bench during the games.

@LD - I actually find Doc Emrick and Chico Resch to be one of the best play-by-play and colour combos around - Chico's a homer for his team (the Devils), but he's so good natured about it it's hard to get pissed with him, and Emrick's got a terrific turn of phrase and knows his hockey without being too obtrusive about it. And compared to the Rangers or Bruins announcers, even McSplooge and possibly Cole are a step up. The Rangers' colour guy basically has one insight to offer: "That was a good play by X, he's having a great game." After the 30th time in a game, it gets awfully old. And we know about the Bruins homers. NBC is smart to get Doc, and Eddie O. isn't too bad either. As for McSplooge and Millbury, well, it takes all kinds.

Le Douze said...

@sope - I found the quote from PFK on being cut last fall (from All Habs blog, plus reaction from the blog):

Subban said "I thought I had a great camp, both rookie and main camp. But obviously [coach Martin] really didn't get to see me in the games. I'm not too sure how much he knows about my game and how I can play but I know how I can play and I'm sure a lot of you have seen the way I can play."

While there can be some admiration for a player who isn't happy about being cut, focusing the media spotlight on your coach's decision-making isn't the way to express displeasure. It appears that Subban has an unrealistic sense of entitlement.


So maybe you have a point - not a good plan to dis the coaCH, even if you're right.

Number31 said...

I'd rather have Boucher growing him than Martin. He'd have crushed his soul by now if he went straight from camp to the big team....