Monday, May 10, 2010

The (possibly last) Game Day Skate for Monday, May 10th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of throwing a perfect game...
  • Nucks showed some life and Luongo showed he can still play goalie as they beat the Hawks 4-1 to survive to play another game;
  • In case you missed it Saturday night, congrats to the Sharks for advancing to the Western Conference Finals;
  • Ovie scored for Russia in the World Championships. That makes us laugh for some reason;
  • OK, only series that matters roundup: Spacek back but Gill out?, Moey shows some love for her heroes, Mara and Markov both skated for you dreamers, hockey invades MMA fight in Montreal, and finally Pittsburgh's MSM paper previews tonight.
Possibly for the last time, GYFH.


Number31 said...


Seriously totally not thinking that tonight might be the last game of the season.

And it's a lovely day for a hockey game.

moeman said...

Je freak. C'est CHique!

Tyg said...

LOL Moi aussi Moeman. Moi aussi!

Number 31 - wish I felt your calm cool composure this AM. Can you spare me some?

soperman said...

There is nothing like that rush of a game like tonight that means so much and they are playing so well.

And the best part - if they win, we get another game even more important on Wednesday night. The stakes just keep getting higher.

lawyergirl77 said...

Not anywhere NEAR calm today.

I'm not ready for this wild ride to be over yet!! GYFH GO!

RiRi said...


This CANNOT be the last game of the season. Please? I'M not ready to say goodbye!

I want them to leave for Pittsburgh tonight without saluting the crowd cause they JUST know they'll be back for round 3. Like they did against Washington. Pretty please?


b said...

On a more serious note, it seems the league controls uniforms now. Did the league mandate those thin spandex like stockings? Seems there have been an extraordinary number of cuts this year and I am wondering if they have abandoned those old cotton stockings that have been around forever that actually stop skates from cutting you. It would be a typical Bettman blunder to go styish at the price of safety ( and cause us to loose skillsie at an important juncture).

WV= criess
The hockey world criess out to be free of Bettman!

Habsfan10 said...


Dammit, I want this thing to go 7. I want them to steamroll the Bruins in 4. I want them overmatched and underrated versus an overwhelming favourite from out West, and I want them to beat them too. I want to be an insufferable, championship logoed clothes buying fool all summer. I want people to hate me because my team has the big prize in its trophy case, but for that to happen THEY NEED TO FUCKING WIN TONIGHT.


lawyergirl77 said...

Maybe it's a good thing that my office blocked Twitter today... 'cause if everyone is saying stuff like RiRi and HF10, I'll start to get all misty eyed again...


HabsFan29 said...

I'm strangely Zen for some reason. not sure why.

lawyergirl77 said...

HF29 - you still on vacay? If so, THAT'S why...

HabsFan29 said...

@LG - vacay over, now trying to write my thesis. emphasis on "trying". it's Day 1

lawyergirl77 said...

Day 1 of how many for the thesis?

And I'm gonna be on the ray-dee-oh again today at 4:10 live from the Bell Centre. Consider yourself served! ;)

Mr Trivia said...


Game fucking 6.
Chez nous.

Just get 'er done boys.

Darche on top line with mexican giant?
Darche with best game of his life?

JM - for the love of fuck, please give Pleks some decent time on PP.

L Dude said...

@Triv: Darche practicing on the top line, but I think we'll see the miraculous return of Gill AND Spacek to the lineup, moving MAB to 4th line duty, Moen to top line duty and Darche Vader to press box duty. That's what I think.

Also, Sergei skated with the team. Maybe he'll be a surprise insertion and get some PP time. /laughing


Boob Gainey said...

Fear not.

The Habs are unbeaten whenever I eat a Frite Alors poutine at the start of the game.

Not any poutine, but the Vladimir.

Gym to burn some calories. Followed by a visit to Frite Alors.


ezzeloharr said...

@29: Meth?

I can't decide whether or not to be excited for tonight. Probably the MSG in the ramen noodles.

Who am I kidding. GYFH! GYFP!

Chester said...

I was younger in '93. This year I am having trouble with the volume of beer that must be consumed. I have been attempting to pace myself but this is the fourth elimination game FFS. I gonna have to be wheeled into de-tox after this. However we all must sacrifice.
Go Habs !

Anonymous said...

I do not want the fucking Pens to win. I've begun to despise them. Them and their illiterate, hillbilly fan-base.

Remember when the Habs played like they had nothing to loose? I hope they have that same frame of mind tonight.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Mr Trivia said...

@LDude: If both Gill and Spatch are in the line-up, I wouldn't be surprised if Metro was out... he hasn't had much of a presence since his shoulder injury and JM hasn't been giving him a ton of TOI.

If neither Gill and Spatch suit up then I think you're right - SK74 will be paired with Hamrlik and play over 27:00.

@Boob: better order the large tonight. we're gonna need it. i'd join you but i ate frite alors last night and had enough calories for the week.

WV: ourshili is better than their shili.

Mr Trivia said...


no shit, eh? i feel like i'm a fucking keg rolling around after all the beer the habs have forced me to consume over the past month.

we make the cup finals and i'm as good as dead.

Bill 101 said...

@10 AMEN!
@Boob - takin' one for the team - nice

Go you glorieux fucking basterds!

We are, of course, history junkies. SO MAKE SOME MORE HISTORY for fuck's sakes.

Go Habs Go!!

kevincrumbs said...

Alright, if Boob is going to play the food card, so will I. Habs are 2-0 in the playoffs when I have banh mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwich) for lunch. They're delicious but I'd gladly trade them for a decent poutine out here.

Go Habs Go.

CivilizedWorm said...

I'm shitting bricks and it's no where near puck drop.

L Dude said...

After blocking 8 shots while skating on one leg plus a bloody stump:

Tomorrow's NHL 'History...' video:

What if Hal Gill was human?


Heh. Remember how much everybody hated the Hal Gill signing. And how everybody wanted his (or BG's) head early in the season.

There are plenty similar comments, here's just one:
A comment on July 1 from Robert L of EOTP:
I already didn’t like Gill. This ought to give me reason to despise him now.

Ah, we're a fickle bunch eh!? I honestly can't remember what I thought of it at the time. Probably something along the lines of "Oy."

Finally, this from Puckdaddy about Hal Gill playing or not tonight:

Our money's on him playing. Hell, it's only a leg; not like Gill uses them anyway ...


lawyergirl77 said...

Can't concentrate... my billings are shot to heck today because of these guys...

The only thing going through my mind like a mantra is "GYFH, Go! Fight!!!"

Heart already racing a thousand miles/min.

If we're feeling this way, imagine how they feel. God.

L Dude said...

29: You posted this before game 4. Not sure you want to mess with a winning tradition. Just sayin'.

dwgs said...

@LDude, thanks, I'm feeling better already.
GYMFH! said...

GYFH !!!!!
please give me a chance to watch another game before October Habs (and their ghosts and anyone else out there who'll listen).
I waited over 1/2hr for someone to get off their fucking Facebook update on the fraking dead Sea shore!!!!!!)

RiRi said...



Mr Trivia said...

4 hours to puck drop.
can't fucking take it.

all this time and stress devoted to a hockey team... there's gotta be a way to make boxes of money on these emotions...

coffee out. beer in. lots.

maybe i'll even drink warm cans of molsen ex tonight, spilling most of it on myself, just to re-create the vibe at the bell centre.

go molson ex saturated pants!

Kmaxx said...

Just slightly off topic...but I need something to distract me in the run up...I had to laugh as I was reading a Habs Inside/Out article - the little nazi censor decided to censor the name of a famous Canadien commentator who was discussing something or other relating to the glory years of the 70's...Can you guess who the mystery guest is: **** Irvin - LMFAO!


HabsFan29 said...

"Fuck" Irvin? "Slut" Irvin? I am perplexed

ezzeloharr said...

@29: "Meth" Irvin.