Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dig this baby, Habs are on Fire - Habs 5 Isles 3

Drop a tab and crank this shit up, bitCHes...

Hey Moen, where you goin' with that stick in your hands
Hey Moen, I said where you goin' with that stick in your hands

I'm going down the ice for a shorty
You know, I caught a saucer from PleXXXe, 'cause he's the man
I'm going down the wing on the second line
You know, Jacques put Giant Mexican with another man
'Cause that line's too cool

Hey Jew, I said, I heard you shot some pucks at the net,
Shot 'em you bet
Hey Jew, I said, I heard you shot some pucks at the net,
Got a goal and assist

Yes I did, I shot 'em
You know, they caught Tits messin' round, messin' round town
Yes but that was last year
You know, they caught TFS messin' around town
But we gave him the gold
He stops 'em!

[stickhandles with teeth]

Hey Gio, I said
Where you gonna skate to now?
Where you gonna go?
Hey Gio, I said, where you gonna skate to now?
Where you gonna go?
And he said this

My goals are way down south,
Way down on Mexican's wing, but
I lead the team in shots
So soon I'm gonna break free
Ain't no one gonna blame me

P.K. playin', gonna,
Coach ain't gonna put a yoke around P, yeah
You better believe it baby

Hey moe, you better forgive me
Goodbye everybody

[stickhandles behind head]


Bill101 said...

On fire today guys! nice

inthereds said...

Wow, I don't think I can listen to the song again without the visual. Nice work with the photo-shop...

Steve said...

It good to be owned by beer
Said the Tits to the squid
There is so much turtle plecks
Cherry is in disbelief
Business men they wear my number
Cheerleaders dig my neck
We are the NHL best line, nobody gives us the bird, Pants

Every reason to get excited
Tits he kindly spoke
I go to net, I look for rebounds
Little Tits now only joke
Now the urologist and I we been through that
And that is not my fate
So lets talk about the Stanley Cup, the puck is on my plate

All around the Bell Center, in the shadow of the flower
TFS kept the view
While all the Islanders came and went
Including travers too

Outside in the cold distance
A russky mobster snarled
Two snorters less this year
And the wind began to howl
Business men there, drink my wine
Come and take cup herb

Chester said...

OK I think everbody here is loosing it.

All this without Vodkov ...

moeman said...

29, you are forgiven if you add an X to PleXXe.

Great work everyone. It's a fucking songfestival.

moeman said...

In a thinly veiled attempt at slagging Gainey, BR takes some shots at Captain Gio. In his usual lame self-defense he asks that the messenger not be blamed. Fuck you BR.

lawyergirl77 said...

BR is taking shots at MY Gio??

*sharpens pitchfork*
*lights torch*

mmkay, I'm ready - let me at him!!

(Outstanding pic GG11 and outstanding parody, Moe!!)

The weird hybrid of moe and HF29 who actually wrote the parody said...

@LG77 - thx!

moeman said...

What The weird hybrid of moe and HF29 who actually wrote the parody said... said. said...

@LG I think you'd have no problem getting acrowd of pissed off Montrealers to go after BR!
I figured all Anglos and quite a few francos too

(there is a gaping hole in my musical education as I generally have no idea of which songs are being parodied - hangs her head in shame)

hfotwc said...

I'm franco and I think that bert raymoonz is an embarrassment to the french Canadian culture and intelligence. Phuckin pequiste.

On an entertaining note, tonite is Lucic vs Komisarek for the 1st time since the Traitor got his shnuz pounded by Lunacic back when he was wearing a nice jersey.

hfotwc said...

Anonymous said...

TSN Broadcast
Suby-do? -I heard it 4 times on TSN last night- this has to die right now!
Pierre McQuire has to stop trying to impress people with his player history knowledge- it's boring
I dont care where they went to school and the names of their mothers. I am interested in who they are fucking- could he please share that!
Lastly, dont tell about Islander players hanging out behind the MTL defense waiting for a break away pass - show us- pan out for Christ sake.

moeman said...

FWIW, BR rips into Gainey, Gomez and Gio.

I sent BR an email asking why his rds cohorts denis gauthier, joel bouchard, stephane fiset, carbo and bluet can't land decent NHL jobs. I'll let you know if/when he responds.

moeman said...

Still find it hilarious that they had blob mackenzie do the Eller ripping. Keep CHipping away at what's left of your integrity blob. Man do I miss MiCHael Whalen.

orangeman is too ashamed of not knowing the answer to this to sign in said...

Wait, is Squid actually Jewish? Just cause he's short doesn't mean he's a Jew. I mean that with love. I feel like I'm way behind on things here. Which, come to think of it, may be a good thing.

moeman said...

I think O-man needs to give back that nice big TV.

LJ said...

Fuck You Graham James. FUCK.YOU.


moeman said...

Dear CHèvre,

Find a way to keep mcsplooge away from Louis Leblanc.

Thank You.


moeman, on behalf of all Habs fans

P.S. PunCH BR in the face for me. Merci.

Number31 said...

Fuck BR. HOW DARE HE TAKE SHOTS AT CAPTAIN AMERICA! I'll get him with a flaming pitchfork, the fucking phoquer.

And then I just realized what graphic you guys use for the your favourites.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Squid is actually one of the chosen people. His mother is the daughter of holocaust survivors and his dad is Italian. He is not a practicing Jew like halpern but if his mother is Jewish then he's Jewish. He calls himself a Jew-wop and rumor has it that he bought a house around the corner from me. I won't believe it until I see it but that's what I heard. He's gonna love the IGA at cavendish mall and apparently there are ufos that show up every now and again.

Orangeman said...

Thanks GG. I haven't been paying attention. Good news is that midterms are over after yesterday and work is finito after this weekend. Back to drinking at noon and following the ethnicities of hockey players. I doubt a top line hockey player could afford a house in your neighbourhood anyway. JOKING!

And videotron will be contacted on Monday to set up a visit to finally get this shit on the big screen. Which of course means they will begin to lose. Nope, haven't lost the self-pity just yet. It'll dissipate with the aforementioned lunchtime drinking, though.