Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Past Shall Soon Be Forgotten: Habs 3 - Pens 2

I counted three saves last night. I couldn't resist calling them saves of Halakian proportions.

Carey stopped a whole lotta stuff last night. Enough side to side movement to make me want to dust off my Achy Breaky Heart moves. I just don't think you understand folks.

Last spring's seven game series has turned these games into chippy, feisty and festive affairs. No doubt a rivalry was born. The Habs' 6-game win over Jagr's Pens in the late 90's didn't create a fraction of the animosity 2010's series did.

It's so intense that the Pittsburghonites booed PK every time he touched the puck. Before and after the kid took a high stick to the face. Booing PK? Now what on earth has PK done to merit that kind of treatment? If you're gonna boo, douchebags, why not boo the player who scored 43 goals against you in 7 games, one of which featuring the most compelling foot to stick special you'll ever order.

Maybe they booed PK because the fans figured the series was a done deal after the Pens took out our anchor on the blue line. Maybe the fans hadn't realized that PK would step into Markov's shoes like the Talented Mr. Ripley.

Carey was so good on this night he started to pull the converts out of hiding. The goaltending he gave us made it feel like spring all over again. Remember those insane identical pad saves Jaro made on Crosby and Malkin in the early portion of the third period of game 7? Those were so good you'd want to create a religion for them.

Well Carey came up with his own brand of doctrine yesterday.

Catching my drift here people?

I won't totally buy into the dogma yet, but I'll let the guy ringing at my bell in and listen to what he's got to say. Last year, I was making sure no one would walk in front of the door so that they wouldn't see that we were home. Now, I'm listening.

Was he ever quick in his lateral movements. That notoriously slow glove was pretty remarkable on a couple of occasions.

Look Carey, again, I won't move to Denmark with your followers and track a comet around Iceland, but you can come in and I'll make you a cup of camomile. Leave the pamphlets with me, I'll take a look at them. But you've got to do me a favour. If I'm joining your group of disciples, you have to throw a curse on the infidels that have the gall to boo one of the nicest young gentlemen this league has ever known.

I want you to make Evgeni Malkin look like Shrek.

Thank you.


GoldenGirl11 said...

Jesus Price is back! And how bout his two disciples... uh, Michael the Greater and Jeffrey son of Mel...aeus!

Sorry, best I can do coming from private hebrew school.

Number31 said...

But...he looks like that normally. Minus the green.

Price usually plays well against the Pens. The rest of the team only sometimes. But Fleury usually plays like crap against the Habs. Kovy used to haunt them (well, he haunts all his former teams usually). Now it's Cammy. That's lovely.

Mr. natural said...

Well.... one game does not a franchise savior make BUT the blog & pics are very top notch! Corey Hart should strive to reach your level of wit and excellence.

PHuck all other teams!

Anonymous said...

I thought they were booing PK because he injured Staal in the playoffs last year. Fuck the Leafs.

Orangeman said...

Yeah, he's got me listening. That game was very pleasant to see, and it's relieving he got a well deserved W out of it.

I just laughed every time they booed PK. You're booing a rookie, morons. I agree with anon, I believe it was because he injured Staal. But still. He's a rookie and you're completely ignoring the guy who almost singlehandedly put your team out last spring. But hey, maybe it was their 'destiny' to boo PK.

swarkles said...

Is that why they were booing him? I don't even remember who injured Markov but then again I'm not a dumbass Pens fan.

Anonymous said...

Thought this would make you guys happy:

Flying Toaster said...

Did anyone go over to pensblog? Did anyone read their hateful anti-Subban comments? IT MAKES NO SENSE! I honestly don't get why they hate the guy so much.

Lapierre i can understand, even though his image around the league IS a bit skewed, i atleast get it. But Subban? What did he ever do? And it's not just a "Subban sucks" kinda thing, but a full-on Matt Cooke-like hate.

WV: reamsout.... um?

Anonymous said...

hey - pens fan here. just letting everyone know that pens fans are mad at pk subban for the injury he caused staal in the playoffs. his "edward scissorfeet" twirl has been the cause of staal's lacerated tendon. he's had about 3 surgeries this summer due to infection, and he's recovering from a final surgery that apparently went well.

staal's important to the team. this has been a pretty big setback for the early season, and it only makes sense that pens fans are going to boo pk as some sort of revenge. yinzers aren't racist, they're just mad at the guy for causing the first injury in staal's career. the kid's played like 302 consecutive regular season games before this.

looks like a rivalry has been born, indeed.

B B said...

The Little Fuckity-Fuck tends to resemble a terrorist in his mug shot...

L Dude said...

Holy Fuck! I just had an epitome after reading anon's comment. Even though I know that's why they're booing him (Hey, maybe taking better post-surgical care of yourself might help there, Gronk...) Anyway, back to the booing.
The booing of Price has NOTHING to do with Halak. The fans still remember when he went all 'edward scissorsfeet' on Markov in game one last year.

Phew. Glad that's sorted.

Number31 said...

Nah. Sorry, Anon-Pens-Fan. An accident is an accident. PK's got quick feet. That's his forte. (Especially when he goes backwards he excels at the scissor-step, no pun intended). Maybe boo the doctors that can't keep Staal's foot from infection?

Don't really care for the booing, though. Don't even need an explanation. We boo Chara because he's Chara. PK gets booed? To me it means he's already made it if it's affecting an entire arena. (Used to get booed by rival CHL fans because he was awesome). No need for some cockamamie excuse though.

Beckenbauer said...

I read that Ribeiro's wife Tammy Williams is 39.
He's 29, I think. Is he into this cougar thing?


Flying Toaster said...

Booing him i get, and understand somewhat. But calling him a douche, asshole, and whatever other name you give him seems ridiculous as he's not a dirty player, and actually a really great guy. Now, MATT COOKE on the other hand!

Flying Toaster said...

Also: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Flying Toaster said...

Or as i like to call it: Cholesterol Fest!

WV: Plate - I want more turkey in my plate!

Number31 said...


L Dude said...

I was doing dishes and had another epiphany. That I wrote epitome instead of epiphany earlier. Blame the turkey and wine.

Bottom line is PFK (should we change that to Prime Time like Squid uses?) is going to be a Calder candidate in a very tough year with a great crop of rookies and he's going to haunt the pengoons (that's their fans) for years. So stuff your Summer Savory in your pipe and smoke it fuckers. I gotta go check the schedule to see when we play the pens again.

RiRi said...

I've never seen Shrek but what does that make Sid? Princess Fiona or that Puss-in-Boots thingy? I shall call him Puss-in-Skates!

soperman said...

Dudes! I can't see the first two pictures in this post. I am sure they are funny.

It's only one game, but Jesus Price looked pretty sharp!

As for PFK - I am sure it is a lot easier to "endure" Pens fans booing than your own fans booing.

Gomer teaches us all, when in doubt shoot the pucking fuck!

GoldenGirl11 said...

I thought it was just me. Blogger suggested that I kill the page. Little anger management there, Blogger? Should be fixed now.

soperman said...


It is fixed. Well worth the wait.