Friday, October 29, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Friday, October 29th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Charlie Sheen's porn star hooker...
  • Tragically there was no meteor, but Tim Thomas and the Bs shut out the Leafs 2-0;
  • Ottawa may be de-zombifying, with a 5-3 win over the Panthers and another goal for The Artist;
  • Jaro has some sort of 150 minute shutout streak going after the Blues beat the Preds 3-0;
  • Avs win a wild one over the Flames, 6-5;
  • Here's BR's column that all you kidz were talking about yesterday. Blah blah blah we're not listening, we're in first place.
Habs head to the Island tonight. It's official, Alex Auld will start tonight and Vodkov cures the PP tomorrow. Oh, you're reminding me it's Sexy Friday? Here's more of Charlie Sheen's porn star hooker. It's SFW in that there's no nudity, it's NSFW in that it's a video of a couple of chicks making out.


moeman said...

We laff about the Bs fan but you've got to give them cred for their new instant classic "Thank You kessel!"

Anyone who takes pleasure in denigrating the leaf is OK in my book.

Keg said...

D'Agostini is on pace for 41 goals, go figure! haha

Still would never have gotten the minutes in Mtl.

Steve said...

Decisions Decisions I got $12,000, should I get two prime tickets to a Habs game or Charlie Sheens Hooker. I meant Escort.

Number31 said...

Alex Bauld!

I don't know how Jaro manages to stay awake behind that team. Trap City Bluezzzzzzzz...

Gotta say, this puck-possession Jacques Martin Hockey(tm) is at least exciting (except on the defensive end, which can be downright frightening at times).

So... Wonder if the Islanders "No Habs No" campaign worked. Probably not. Will there be more Habs fans than Islanders fans? Will there be more rats at Nassau than fans in general?

soperman said...

Is it just my imagination or does Charlie Sheen's hooker look like Jennifer Love Hewitt? Maybe he has a "thing" for her. At $12,000 a pop maybe it is JLH.

Anonymous said...

Oh my precious little boys and girls. I wish we could be together again, as we were in Paros that summer that seems so long ago, just us. No others to bother us. No nasty and boring adults with their endless questions.

Joy! I have finally found you here on the cyber world.

You were so young then, and fresh. On your adorable 'student' trip to far away places.

Now I have only my wine, and my memories of your beautiful young bodies, and the perfumes of love on our skin in the endless afternoons.

This Habs is a sporting team yes? Like football? I will watch their funny game on ice, every game, and dream that you will come back to me. I know you will, as you promised.

I will send you more money too so that you can drink your funny drinks and sniff your 'snuff' and go to Athens when you get bored of ‘Old Uncle Vassilis’ HA HA!

PS I’m only worried about this Bruins team. They allow goals like a dry nun allows penises into her woman place. NEVER!

Chester said...

Just what in the name of all thing sexy do you get for 12k ? And she's got no boobs ... I think Charlie is loosing it.

soperman said...


Just think about it, don't you wish you had $12k to waste like that?

Steve said...

I agree with the greek perv, Boston looks scary for a team with only one scoring line, with two nadda. It was fun to read about Donut Boy back in Boston, Charo hit him in the first period and he was invisible for the rest of the game. I wonder if Burke likes Mexican, cause the leafs need a NHL center. He wants to get rid of Kabrle, imagine PFK, Vodka and Kab on PP, Kab is not going to clear the net but he is world class at breakout.

kevincrumbs said...

For $12K, I'd want multiple women, although I've heard that that's more trouble than it's worth.

@moeman: B's fans are idiots. The chant should've been "Thank you, Burkie!".

moeman said...

Very true kc.

G Y F H !