Thursday, October 07, 2010

THE GAME DAY SKATE FUCK YEAH for Thursday, October 7th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of throwing a no-hitter in the playoffs...
  • Maybe the Habs should reconsider their policy of dragging the team to the middle of nowhere before the season starts, if the players are gonna get sick. Carey Price has the flu and is questionable for tonight. Meh;
  • Habs make their final cuts, and as predicted they include Ryan White. Fuck. Also Curtis Sanford, Ben Maxwell, Alex Henry and Swiss Mister II;
  • No doubt you were waiting with baited breath for TSN's "expert" predictions. Habs in 9th. At least they put the Leafs where they belong;
  • Pat Burns appeared in public yesterday, frail yet joking about his death, God love him;
  • Sheldon Souray got assigned to Hershey in the AHL somehow.
Hockey! For realz! Tonight! We're so excited we couldn't sleep. We've got all sorts of stuff lined up for today including some of the surprises we promised. So stick around. It's not like you have anything else to do.


J.T. said...

I'll be needing three of those free gifts, please. And make them not all the same, if you can.

L Dude said...

I gotta be careful. Big brother's been watching my internet habits at work. Mostly sports. Very little porn. Anyway, I'll need to keep my posting to the evenings and weekends, when I actually don't spend much time on the PC. So, in case that doesn't change and you don't hear from me often, I just wanted to say GYFHG!!!1!1!


More strippers please.

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

Hey everyone, I've been away an awful long time. In fact, I haven't missed a post, I just haven't commented in forever.

Anyways, the point of this is that I just moved to Montreal about a month ago, and since my move budget didn't include a big-screen TV, I'm looking for suggestions on where to watch the game in town.

I know that this has been discussed here ad nauseum, but since I wasn't a local I never actually wrote anything down. I also know that, being opening night, most of the best places will be packed. Just so you know, I'm definitely also up for an awesome hole in the wall.

I don't have a car, so it will have to limited to the NDG/Downtown/Plateau area.

Thanks in advance! Feels good to be "back". GYFHG!

Steve said...

Steve said: I may have my ID back.

I dont have cable so I hope its streaming somewhere, how do you say la but in Swahili?

What I am looking for,

Gravol and Big Tits fight
Commie and Phoofer looking for their car keys at the same time
Lego Pleks and Tits double digit points

PFK skating through the laffs at will


HabsFan29 said...

@Gate - any bar in the city has the game on. literally.

@ L Dude - you need a new job. it's obvious

Steve said...

Credit due to the cheese, dumping commie and souray before their expiry date.

the Maritimer said...

Wadda ya mean I got nothing better to do today? The gauntlet has already been thrown down by my Leafs fan buddies...several taunting emails already this morning. We've got a private poolroom booked for tonight (I won it at a golf tournament) with equal parts Habs and Laffs fans. I've got to go get my black '04 Mustang GT washed so I can arrive in style! Now, should I wear my red or white jersey tonight?

wv = porsh, I couldn't afford one of those.

dwgs said...

@Gate, In NDG try the Old Orchard on Monkland or (if you're brave enough) Maz at Sherbrooke and Marcil / Oxford.
Downtown I'd go to Hurleys sports room, maybe Brutopia or Old Orchard de la Montagne.
Plateau, either Barfly (St. Laurent just above Duluth) or Chez Serge (further up St. Laurent @ 5301 St. Laurent)

soperman said...

I have to teach before the game. Anyone who wears a Laffs jersey will fail the course.

Anonymous said...

@ gate: chez normand has to be one of the best places to watch a habs game in this city (on mt. royal a few blocks west of papineau). the place fills up right before the puck drops and the owner keeps a pretty tight watch over the number of customers he lets in to make sure everyone in the bar has a decent view. if not for the season opener, then check this place out at some point over the next month.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...


The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

Awesome, thanks guys. I'm going to try either Old Orchard or Chez Normand. If any of you are there, I'll probably be the only guy there with brown hair and a red beard. First drink's on me!