Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Wednesday, October 27

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of living like Charlie Sheen. You know, if you like hookers 'n blow...
  • Tronna goalie interferes their way (here's the vid) to a 3-1 win over the Panthers;
  • Kovalev comes out of his zombie coma, scores two in the Sens' 5-2 win over the Yotes;
  • Flyers take care of the Sabres 6-3;
  • Wild Battlle of Alberta last night. Oilers storm back from a 4-1 deficit in the 3rd but Alex Tanguay ends up with the shootout winner in the Flames' 5-4 win;
  • While we thought Big Tits throwing pucks to the crowd when he was named first star was cool at the time, turns out it's just a marketing thing. Meh;
  • Some good stuff in this Habs Drinking Game;
  • An artist sent us a link to his hockey exhibition, and it's pretty neat. There's a great Dryden in a Cornell jersey piece that's unfortunately been sold already, or we would have bought it to commemorate our time as a hockey blogging lawyer.
MEDIA WHORING ALERT - Yours truly will be on CJAD's The Habs Show this Sunday at 6:05 PM for almost a full half-hour. WTF can we talk about for a half hour? Help!


Le Douze said...

@29 - Just talk about something non-controversial, like about how much you like big tits. That should be good for at least half an hour.

the Maritimer said...

Just curious, that picture of Charlize Theron you posted last night...are they doing a remake of Goldfinger? Or are you practicing your photoshopping skills?

wv = That was a prehetti picture.

moeman said...

@the Maritimer,

Two things, I got/get inspired by our own Golden Gal and watCHed "The Cider House Rules" this weekend.

inthereds said...

Nice artwork on the artist's link... I think I was at a Kansas City Scout game (I got to see all the bad teams back then, Cleveland barons anyone?) when that mask (from the 3rd period) was in vogue.

Steve said...

Talk about coaching nihilism and the existential threat to winning the cup that is Chocula.

Chocula is only interested in winning, this simplistic approach blinds him to the possibility of winning with elan, with creating fire on ice, to creating a dynasty.

J.T. said...

@29: Yeah, I'm gonna be on with you. We'll find something to yak about, I'm sure!

Orangeman said...

Wow, there are missed calls and even non-calls. But what happened in Toronto was blatant ignoring of rules in order to give one team the advantage. I expect to hear some rage from Panger. What's even funnier is that TSN tries to implicate the Panther's goal as interference. Ron Wilson and the fans will be back next game whining about the refs and how everyone's against them.

As for CJAD, I agree you should just stay away from controversy. Maybe talk about how they shouldn't have traded Halak or that PK is overrated. The half hour will go flying by!

HabsFan29 said...

@JT - awesome!

I think I'll mention how we should trade Big Tits now, while his value is high

J.T. said...

@29: Okay, you go there and I'll say they should trade him and Price for Halak. It should go swimmingly.

Dainer's Hubris said...

Warning : actual suggestion devoid of sarcasm and full of serious (sorry?)

Talk about the D with Markov's return. Should veteran status entitle our over-35's to play every game, or would rotating rest days and periodically inserting Captain Picard or Rhino better serve the team in the long run (and maybe in the short term too)? 'Cause for fuck's sake, do Spacecakes and Roman ever look jowly and wheezy.

Side note : how fucking perfect is it that Stephen Walkom, former Director of Officiating, doesn't actually know what the rules are? Oh well, every little bit helps to keep the Leafs, errrr Bruins out of the lottery.

Habsfan10 said...

@ Dainer's Hubris (FANTASTIC, by the way)

Why would you want the Leafs (ahem, Bruins) out of the lottery? For one, the gnashing of teeth from Leafs fans is hilarious, the egg on Brian Burke's face is delicious, and the Bruins will find a way to mess it up anyway and will trade Seguin and whomever else off a la Joe Thornton. It's win win win.

Orangeman said...

Can we stop with this bickering and get back to putting together the huge magnet on top of the TD Banknorth Garden to attrack a meteror for Thursday night's Broons/Laffs game please?

Dainer's Hubris said...


Ach, forgot to consider the 3rd 'win'. Full marks there.
As to the 2nd 'win', you get half points. Egg on Jurke's face is very nice, but your typical Make-me-Heaves fan is just as - if not more - irritating than Jurke, and besides there are far more of them. His team will not be competitive within the time frame he allotted himself when hired.
Which brings me to your first 'win'. No points. Toronto fans deserve to suffer (for their hubris!) and it is my contention that it is far worse for them (thus good for us) to have a glimmer of hope that suddenly gets snatched away. Let them get high on their team for a few moments. When they inevitably revert to their mean, it'll hurt that much more from the bigger fall.
If I got to choose the final standings, I put them in, say, 11th in the East, 26th overall.....maybe 4 points out of the playoffs (from overachieving mind you, not that they're that close to competitiveness) - just close enough that come March they're beating their drums and talking up Kessel for the Hart and debating optimal 1st round matchups. It ain't gonna happen for them in this universe though.
(If I may take my dream scenario even further, when they're sniffing 8th place, Ron Wilson gets them all to buy into a sacrifice-for-the-team philosophy, and Phil Kessel adds a new dimension to his game, and we get to a must-win game for them to stay in the "race" vs. the Habs, and Phil the Thrill throws his body in front of a PK one-timer and HIS OTHER TESTICLE EXPLODES, thus becoming Phil the Shrill.....but I digress)
Back to the issue at hand though, tell me it's not more interesting for the disinterested observer to really see those idiots suffer from having honest-to-goodness real expectations. They can have a few October wins in my books.
Sorry for the essay, brevity has never been a strength.

Steve said...

The Highlight of the Laffs season will be new Mayor Rob Ford getting Drunk at the game and then yelling "Get a job" at homeless people on his way to his limo.