Thursday, October 07, 2010

Under da Pre$$, sure

Um bad bad leaf
Um bum bad leaf
Um bu bu bum da leaf
Pre$$ure pushing down goes brown
Pre$$ing down on Bark! and Dou$harek

Under pressure - Pat Burns we ALL love you man!

Splits a Kabby in two
Puts Wilson on da street

Um bad bad leaf
Um bad year 43
Dee Dion sux
Dee PK sux - that's OK!
Dee PPP sux - that's OK!

It's their terror of knowing
What their team is about
Watching da leafan
Screaming 'Let me out!'

Game one today - gets me higher
Pressure on blue man group - sheeple at ACC
Da dum see bee see
Da da da ba barf

CHippin' around - kick my Pants! on the floor
These are Habs days - it never rains but it pours

Ee Gio be 'C'
Ee da ba ba Mex
Um bobo Kov
Da do da Squid
Yes tee eff ess™
PleXXXe is da SeXXXe
P F fucking fucking fucking Subban!
Squeeze da Beeg Teets
Gotta Bee Lappy …
MoeMaN ain't really me
Tommy and Jeffy on line three

GM is The CHèvre, CoaCH has bad hair
Pearn is kinda square, Kirk has da flair
Boivin's last year, not shedding a tear
Molsons da boss, still has shit beer

Hamr down, Spacek Oddity
My Boy Gorges! Gee Y O'B?
USSGill, towering the 'A'
I know Auld is bald (NTTIAWWT)
Better not CHicken the fuck out
Lars 1 in, Jaro 2 out
Mathieu DarCHe is FrenCH
Boyd'z in da hood, WTF! White out?!

Habs fans on streets - eff a da ehja da eff!

G Y F H !

Queen, in 1986, a great year!


LD said...

Shh, I'm not supposed to be hear. Just wanted to give you my props moeman! Awesome start to what will be an even more awesome year.
'My Boy Gorges'. I like it. Good article over at the Gazoo with Our Boy Gorges talking about the Culture of the Club.


LD said...

D'OH! 'here'.

soperman said...

You rock, MOEmaN! Thanks for the tribute Bianca Beauchamp!

WV - "scart" as in "Scartless" - MOEmaN's next tribute song.