Friday, October 15, 2010

Silent Treatment Ends At 2 AM: Bolts 4 - Habs 3 (OT)

That's how fast our leads evaporated last night. How quickly the 3-2 turned into a 4-3.

I'm very upset. I don't even feel like talking but the silent treatment is punishing. It's very passive aggressive, this I know. It's so much easier to say I'm so angry with you as opposed to saying Habs, you hurt me.

Don't talk to me about the refs. Don't tell me about the non calls. That won't make things better. I want to know why the Habs were compelled to wet the bed in Jamaican speed fashion.

Was team chemistry crushed by the team captain's total flubbing of Max Lapirerre's name?

Eh le numro karanté, Max Laperriere....

Le numro trentaoun Parey Crice...

Le numro ven deu sixkatrois, Josh Jordan.

Le numro ounz, Scott Aguilera de la Maria da Souza de l'Asuncion!

Ay Papi.

Bravo to Carey who showed Usainly quick reflexes against the Bolts. More Halakian saves were made. Applause was offered.

The refs, sponsored by MIRA again, made mistakes. Boos were heard. Bottles were thrown.

Usain that the Habs were up 2-0 early and 3-2 very late and still lost? Yes that's what I'm sayin. Were the Habs ineffective in stopping the Bolts from crashing Carey's crease? Why yes, yes they were.

Did PK put up a stinker? Jamaican me crazy with those end to end rushes, PK. Calm down little guy, you don't need to do it all.

Too many penalties against a potent power play? Thanks for bringing that up.

Now let's play the Lightning round of word association.

Stamkos - lethal.

Lecavalier - fading.

Gagné - invisible.

St-Louis - inspiring.

Downie - undermyskin

Boucher - why must Jacques Martin exist? Lotsa words associating there, sorry.

Pleks - thank you for staying in the shit storm this city can be and playing your pants off after signing a lucrative contract. What?! I make up the rules.

Usain - I try to be


Mr. natural said...

> Corey Hart was superb. 3 of those goals no one would have stopped.
> Offense was there, Pleks looked super,
> some guy who could play hockey was wearing Big Tits' sweater.
> Max(-imum pain in oppositions ass) did what is expected of him and more.
> Many other encouraging signs of life up front.

> CHicken,
> the refs,
> PK PHucken' Subban trying to win the game by himself, but man he can skate.Slow down and think son!
> Our defense scrambling around like the kids that play in between the periods as soon as the pressure in our own zone is ratcheted up. You don't have to back all the way into Corey Hart and then collectively lay down on the ice.

> The language of Moliere will never sound the same after that massacre!! WHat were they thinking?
> The PHucken'Laffs! Are you kidding me? No worries, they have the same depth that my 3.0"penis delves to when I over arch my back.

Was there anything in the Journal about Giant's foray into phonetics?

Orangeman said...

TSN is already declaring the Laffs Eastern champs pretty much. "the Toronto Maple Leafs are in first place in the Eastern Conference!!" "they've scored twice as many goals as they've allowed, their penalty killing is at 90%!!" Apparently eyebrows are being raised across the league because the Laffs are now the team to beat.

I love it! I can't wait for the panic and humiliation that is coming.

HabsFan29 said...

Le numro ounz, Scott Aguilera de la Maria da Souza de l'Asuncion!

ooh that's good