Friday, October 22, 2010

Let me Grab a Chair Here While I Wait For Someone to Shoot a Puck On Me

I swear I saw him do this last night

I really don't want to do this. Not that I don't like FHF readers. I do. I like em a lot and I aim to please but what is there to say about a game I didn't  hardly watched.

We have some problems with that first line...

Yes, Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta and the Third Wheel that comes attached have as much rhythm as I did when my wife and I took salsa lessons many years back. My paralysis of the hips must be induced by Latino beats.

It kinda goes like this.

Dancing, dancing, ... Billie Jean is....twirling around, 90s running man, That girl is Poysooonn!....totally feeling it....IT'S MY PRE-RO-GA-TIIIIVE!..woooo!!! ....Ay, la vida es un carnaval... falls to the floor convulsing.

Now I'm sure Gomez can bust the shit out of the Macarena but I'm not seeing his end to end wizardry as much - and that's what matters to me.

Gio, you're going to get a bit more rope from me because you're not earning the 24 million dollars a shift your linemate is and you're my captain. I can't question your wisdom. For all I know, this comatose start may have been part of your sadistic plan to begin with.

Marty I told you you're not welcome here anymore

A couple of years ago, it appeared the tide had started to turn in the Habs' favour. We beat the Devils on the road a couple of times. Nicked them in Montreal... it looked as if the Brodeur stigma were fading. Not sure about that anymore. He ties the all-time wins record in Montreal, beats the Habs late last year in an important season ending stretch and grabs a shutout last night as if he were picking a grape off the vine.

Cammy, Cammy, It's Time to Get Out of Bed Sir

All that holiday food still feeling heavy there buddy? It's the sabbath today. Ask the Lord for help and he shall pour the nectar of prolific scoring into your soul. Or get off your ass and get to work.

Crap, this is making me upset.

I can't go on. I'm aggravated. Actually, no I'm busy as hell, watched 11 minutes of the game because I made my wife rosemary lemon chicken and refuse to play this game of deceit any longer. You, the FHF reader, deserve better.


HabsFan29 said...

I've seen HF4's rhythm. it's not pretty. like the game last night

Steve said...

Cant anyone play this game. Is there any team that is not playing like the Zamboni is laying sand. Boring fucking trap hockey. Okay the Bolts but they have a good excuse, a coach who loves hockey, not stars on ice.

A fish rots at the head, send Chocula back to Seasame Street.

moeman said...

"falls to the floor convulsing"

Mr. or Mrs. 4?

Anonymous said...

Gomez needs to be put on 2nd line. How many goals as he scored in the last 6 games? Ridicules.